00:07 Did you miss me. Hey I think that’s what the song say. I don’t know.

00:17 It’s a workout song. I mean I’m in the mood today. It’s Monday. TGR And folks TGIF M. David J. Here is Julia here. Coming to you live from northern California. Do we have any other fellow deplorable is in the house. Hey Tamla Hey Susan. Hey Michael. I’m mixed up so my Cordukes guys are going to have it. Hey Jennifer Foxworth say hi to my mom and Chad bless you guys. Are we doing well today. I’ve got exciting. This is for Snoop Dog. How many you guys have seen the video snoop dog out there talking crap about our president. Have you seen it. It’s gone viral. This video. Why is it that all these celebrities think it’s their duty to hop on the. Anti Trump.

01:04 Anti present anti President anti U.S.A. bandwagon because that’s really what it is. That’s really what it is folks. Let’s call it exactly what it is. It’s an anti USA training is what they’re doing. Who wants to listen to these celebrities anyway especially when they got a rap sheet like Snoop Dog. I mean come on this man is not this man is not a role model by any means any stretch of the imagination. Any possible idea or terminology is this man’s Snoop Dog which his real name is actually I put it in the heading. His real name is Calvin. Please share this. Please share this. Let’s hope that Calvin sees as Calvin his brother right here is calling you out. CALVIN You are a player hater. Calvin your fake. CALVIN You need to shut your mouth. We don’t want to hear what you have to say we don’t want to listen to you.

02:00 We don’t want to listen to your music we don’t want to listen to your rhymes that we definitely don’t want to hear your political ideology or your political viewpoint because none of it matters. Calvin Calvin and Cardoza Braudis Jr. about the only thing that me and his brother share is Junior and maybe the skin color of our of the color of our skin the tint which you know went too many people are being identified by their skin color.

02:26 You know there was a man with a dark skin color that was supposed to bring hope and change and all we did was hope for his change. That’s all we did. We hoped for a change of who was in control and who lead in this country because that man did not bring hope and change if he brought it. He brought massive massive division and that’s exactly what you’re doing. Calvin with your little rant against our president Donald Trump. So this brother right here from California northern part of California. This brother right here wants to let everybody know a little bit please share this because people need to understand really understand exactly who Calvin AKA Snoop Dog is. This brother holds the dubious distinction of having being nominated 17 times by the Grammys and never winning one.

03:12 That’s right. Never winning one. You know what Trump is winning. The United States is winning. We are winning again. Internationally we’re we’re we’re winning again.

03:23 Nationally unemployment is at a 17 year low. Calvin. Can you say low a 17 year low unemployment is low. Jobs are high. He’s created massive jobs. That’s called winning. That’s called winning something that you have not done. Your criminal history started Kalvin back in 1993 when you were arrested for allegedly murder.

03:47 Connected to connected to the murder of somebody a rival gang member who was shot by your bodyguard. How do you feel about the Second Amendment Kalvin. Do you think the second amendment is actually good. You think the people should have the right to bear arms because your bodyguard sure do. And you’ve been you’ve been you’ve got to face charges because of it. So again when we’re trying to listen to your political viewpoint Talvin aka a snoop dog or what you think about our president. We should also understand that your arrests. Include charges of firearm Pichet possession felony drug possession. And trespassing. What the heck were you trespassing. Why in the world were you Snoop Dog trespassing. What were you doing. You were probably high spoken And Reiffel Suomen at Sheba you’re probably high when you made the video that you made where you were bashing Trump.

04:39 I’m sure you were smoking weed in that video. So we’re supposed to listen to somebody that has been has made millions unfortunately off of the lack of understanding of people to actually realize that hey this guy may be able to spit some lyrics but there’s no content behind it. I’m so tired of people especially our young people spending money for no content for nonsense. It’s literally nonsense. People are spending their money on nonsense.

05:06 We shouldn’t be spending our money that you shouldn’t be spending their money on nonsense. That lack of a lack of moral of any moral fabric whatsoever. There’s actually a picture going around on mine where you Snoop Dogg Calvin you were actually walking two females with on a leash. What the heck is that. How in the world are you going to talk to anybody about anything political or your view or your viewpoint. When you’re walking with women on a leash like dogs Snoop Dogg AKA Snoop Dog your real name is Calvin.

05:40 Calling you out you are a fake you’re a phony you are an elite that made a bunch of money off of the backs of young Americans that really didn’t know any different. They liked the beat. And because of that they were duped by a man named Snoop Snoop was arrested. A couple of times later in life for various reasons weapon possession disturbing the peace trespassing and again.

06:06 Drug abuse. So again why should we listen to you Calvin when you want to talk crap about our president. You even got yourself banned from countries like the UK and Australia. You’re banned in those countries you can’t even step foot in there again. You know what I wish Donald Trump was do something like that. I wish Donald Trump and say you know what some of these people like Miley Cyrus you want to keep talking trash talk crap when you want to threaten that you’re going to go leave this country. Do it do it. I think you even did snoop dog cow then you threatened to leave the United States if Trump won. Well he won. Get out. Go. Go see if these other countries that will have you. Is better for you. You’ll you’ll be reminded very quick how much you love this country.

06:53 In 2003 Snoop Dog AKA Snoop whose real name is Calvin was named an affidavit that the makers of one of those wild TV show. Lured to underage girls to take their tops off marijuana and ecstasy. Yeah this is a role model we should be listened to. This is a person that we should be listening to in any way shape or form one reason whether it be to listen to somebody that’s caught up in stuff like this March of 2017 here’s where you topped it off for all of us American loving the poor bulls. Here’s where you top that off. You even spoke. I know you spoke negatively about Hillary Clinton when she said that that black folks were predators. You spoke negatively but now you want to come out. You actually even used to have you have pressed up pro Trump stuff in your songs.

07:45 So what is it with you jumping on the bandwagon. Calvin What is it with you jumping on the hate Trump bandwagon. You fake your phony. And then in March you come out with a song and then that song in that video. I may be able to queue it up.

08:03 In this video. You actually depict shooting Donald Trump. Let me see if I can cue this up because this is just ridiculous. This

08:13 needs an all out boycott. This

08:15 right here needs an absolute ALL OUT BOY FROM YOU WE TURN MY LINE off here and check this out folks.

08:26 Yep look at that. Oh wow.

08:29 Oh you’re a bad man. Look at you. Look at us.

08:34 You are so down with with politics and policies. I bet you I guarantee you Calvin you can’t even name any of Donald Trump’s policies or plans for making America great again. I bet you Calvin. You can’t even name anything positive that Barack Obama did but I bet you you’re all up on his little T.T. as far as just loving him because of the color of his skin. You know what. How how how shallow Is that how shallow have we become that we have to promote people because of the color of their skin or we have to side with people because of the color of their skin or we have to reject people. You know that’s taking it back to the dark ages. That’s taken way way back. And there’s too many black folks out there doing that right now. You know my last my video I did about a week ago on Lavar ball Calvin.

09:26 Maybe you’ve seen it. I don’t know. It’s had five hundred or so thousand views and it’s going crazy on YouTube I don’t even see it a lot. I’m not on youtube as much but it’s going crazy. But you should see people you should see the responses and the comments that I get. Check me out. David Harris Jr on YouTube. Check out some of the comments over there. I get comments from black folks just like you Calvin just like you got your head stuck so far up a black but that you can’t see the truth in front of you. It’s all racial to you even though you’re the cops. There’s definitely some things that they’ve done there’s bad apples out there there’s bad cops out there just like there’s bad people everywhere but when the cops are responsible for CYP for 16 shootings and which some of those were deaths and yes some of those were not justified.

10:17 I’m going to give you that but 16 compared to six thousand sixteen compared to six thousand and all the black folks out there want to call me names. That’s where I get all the while I get all of the racism from black folks. That’s why I get it from I get racism from black people that have their heads shoved up somewhere they cannot see the truth. I’m thankful that there are black folks out there that do see the truth. I’m thankful for the community of people that see truth no matter what color it is. And that’s where we have to get to. I asked my researcher I said Jennifer find me some stuff find me anything positive on on Snoop Dogg because Calvin you are you could do something great with what you’ve been given you’ve been given a platform you’ve been given money which is power but you’re using it the wrong way.

11:09 What do you want to be known as Calvin do you want to be known as the guy that had a video where he was shooting the president of the United States basically anti-American. Do you want to be known as that guy. Or do you want your legacy to end. Do you want your legacy to be only about smoking weed getting high and walking girls around on leashes. Calvin. Is that what you want your legacy to be known for. Because at the rate you’re going that’s all it is right now it’s a disgrace. Absolutely disgraceful. And then for you to come out and rant like we should listen to you and what you have to say like anybody should listen to you and what you have to say about our president that is making America great again that’s bringing people together.

11:51 Let’s bring in money into the economy that is doing so much more for racial relations and bringing people together especially in inner city than Barack Obama ever did for you to come out and belatedly over and over again bash the president. What is that. Are you falling off when you’re just looking for a reaction. You’ve obviously fallen out if you fell off a long time ago. But why can’t you just see that you could actually do a lot more positive with your influence than doing something negative. The man is already the president of the United States. That’s not going to change.

12:24 And if he was to get impeached which he’s not. But for all you left leaning liberals that have your head so far stuck somewhere that you can’t see the truth for you guys to think for any way shape or form that Donald Trump will get impeached. Guess what. You’d have Mike Pence as the president of the United States. They’re not going to go impeach the whole his whole cabinet. So you know what. We have somebody that has strategically put the right people in place at the head of this country to make America greater than it’s ever been before. You’ve coached for the Snoop Youth Football League. I know you’ve held a chair you’ve held charity basketball games for schools you’ve raised money for Save a Life Foundation. You’ve done some positive stuff Snoop Dog you’ve you’ve done stuff for Habitat for Humanity Make a Wish Mission Australia probably to get back in Australia because they kicked your butt out and probably rightfully so.

13:18 But you’ve done some good stuff Save a Life Foundation Save the Music Foundation Shriners Hospital for Children. You’ve done some good stuff. You’ve done some good stuff. Calvin. Calvin you have done some good stuff. Can you stop with the negative. Can you stop with the hate because that’s all it is. You’re pushing hate. You’re trying to get famous more you’re trying to stay in the spotlight because of hate. Why don’t you choose to do something good. Why don’t you choose love. Why don’t you choose to use your platform and instead speak in negativity speak Unity Unity speak a unity and share with people so you know what the man. Donald Trump he’s already the president.

14:02 So since he’s the president of our country I don’t want him to fail. I want him to do a great job. I want him to do better than I thought he could ever do or I thought he would ever do. I want him to do an amazing job because the man is the president of the United States. And if you’re in this country Calvin which you are and so is your family and so are your kids. You should want the president the United States no matter who you voted for to be successful in helping our country. And if you’re not well then you shouldn’t be in our country. So ladies and gentlemen that’s my message to Calvin. That’s my message to Mr. Calvin corridos are brought us Jr. if you like this message please share this message share.

14:46 Check out my website on wellness dot com that’s a company I’m the founder of everything is 20 percent off today. This is how I’m able to come to you live as often as I do as I have the freedom to do that because I didn’t launch my own company of course as dotcom 20 years off today. Share this message and I’ll see you again tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. Pacific time. God bless you.


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