00:07 Oh man sometimes you just gotta you got to keep calm. You get to keep calm.

00:16 Because you know what. There’s a heck of a lot to actually. Be excited about. Even in the face of all this chaos that’s going on right now. There is a rearranging a reordering if you will taking place in our country people. There is an absolute rearranging. Taking place in our country can you even believe what is coming out. Hey Karen Hey Angie.

00:43 Hey Jennifer. Victor. Glad you guys are on here. Catch me live. Welcome welcome welcome. I just cannot even believe Hey omar. Jennifer Graves. It is. Believable to me. But it is believable and it’s all good stuff. It is absolutely good stuff to see that. The fake walls that have been holding up.

01:09 These liberals that are in office that are in high levels of authority.

01:14 Unbelievable absolutely unbelievable. But so believable. You know what I mean. So believable Hey Jennifer.

01:24 Hey I’m glad you made it onto Sarena. I’m enjoying my uncorked tea right here. And we’ve got to do this people we’ve got to do this. We’ve got to keep calm. And trust God you know. I absolutely believe that there is a shifting taking place because of who is in office right now. Because of who’s at the head of our country because of who is the commander in chief in our country. You have to know. That the head of any corporation the head of any company dictates really the spiritual tone the undertone. And the pace for the entire organization. And because we have a man in office that I absolutely believe is humble. Before God and is trying to live a pure life. I think that the skeletons are coming out of the closet. I mean to hear that Matt Lauer. I watched the video where he was interviewing Bill O’Reilly.

02:21 To hear that Matt Lauer to see him just given it to Bill O’Reilly. He was giving it to him. He was he was like it must have been pretty bad for them to just fire you Bill. It must be pretty bad for them to just let you go. And he kept on poking and to then find out this whole time that he had a secret buzzer underneath his desk where he could lock women in. And this is still all allegedly but it’s coming out from several different sources that he had a secret buzzer underneath his desk where he can lock women in and expose himself to them. That’s Harvey Weinstein. And this is Matt Lauer. I mean the House is getting clean people the House the media mountain if you will Hollywood is being exposed. The heads of these corporations and these agencies are being exposed are being outed and then even those that are behind the scenes Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing sheep’s clothing that are seemingly you know playing the innocent card.

03:20 They’re being outed. I mean from from. To hear and to see an end and look at what’s happening. The swamp is being drained. And then how about this. I love that Donald Trump is so on point. He is so on point with what’s going on in our country. And he said he’s sent it people. He said it. He said though the storm is coming. How many times did he say that. He was like what storm what storm. He is so prophetic when it comes to things that he says and talks about and then they seem to happen then it seems to come to light. But he said months ago he said the storm is coming.

03:59 The storm is brewing the storm is coming. And it is here. It is here folks. So while we get to do this right here we get to keep calm and trust God. We have to see and believe. Can you imagine what’s going to happen what our what our country is going to look like in a few years. The skeletons are coming out of the closet. The swamp of Hollywood of the media Mountain is being drained. The elevation for women. The though the restoration. I mean the strength that’s happening and taking place because of the woman. Because of women and their role and their their their role that they’re playing and media. You know what. It is amazing to get to see their day of retribution just to hear Katie curator’s talk about how Matt used to pinch or on the butt all the time.

04:54 Apparently she even she even said that one of her interviews. This guy was interviewing her and he said out of all the things that you love about your relationship. What’s one thing you wish you could change about your relationship with Matt. You know with how you guys connect and she said I wish you’d stop pinch me on the butt so much and she probably was saying it. Trying to get it out there unless somebody know my wife and I were talking about this last night. And she probably did bring it to the higher ups and they probably said you know they probably didn’t do anything about it. I’m so thankful that women are coming out they’re being stood up for those people that have been in power in positions of abuse of authority and abusing their authority or being outed.

05:34 But can you see what is taking place. Friends can you feel what’s taking place for this to be happening in our country. It’s an amazing amazing thing. And then here we’ve got. Yeah. Yeah this is going to be in the news. This is coming out as well. Joe Scarborough do you know the details of the Joe Scarborough incident. I mean it’s not even an incident. It’s a it’s a death. I was reading this.

06:02 A 29 year old 28 year old woman’s body was found in his office when he was a U.S. representative in 2011. Yeah before Joe got on TV and commentating you know like he is right now. He was a U.S. representative and in 2001. The body of a 28 year old woman was found in his office in his office. And it was ruled an accidental death. It was ruled that she had a cardiac arrhythmia which caused her to fall down and hit her head on her desk.

06:37 And that’s what killed her. Are

06:39 you serious. You’re kidding me right. Blunt force trauma to the head. But we’re going to rule an accident because she had a heart attack and fell down and hit her head. Here’s where it gets even murkier folks. This is what’s coming out. This is what’s going to come out and you got to see from behind the scenes the swamp is being drained underneath the watch of Donald Trump. This would not have been happening if it was Obama in office. I don’t think this would have been happening. I don’t think the people would have came out and felt the courage to come out. I believe that there is a strength that is ensuing from the American people and we feel that strength because of who is in office right now because of who our commander in chief is. I absolutely believe that.

07:19 So here’s where it gets really sticky. The body of that 28 year old woman. Was not exposed taking care of normally like it should have been. It was discovered in a storage unit in Pensacola Florida and it was the storage unit that was rented by the doctor that performed the autopsy. Yeah. Now this came out this actually came out in 2012 and it was brushed underneath the carpet. Nobody was even talking about it. Hey Alabama girl it was brushed underneath the carpet. She was found in a storage unit 11 years later that the doctor that performed the autopsy on this woman the doctor rented the storage unit people. The doctor rented a storage unit. He’s now facing felony charge of improper storage of hazardous waste a dead body. But Joe’s got to. He’s facing this now. So you’ve got Matt Laurer met Laurel it had to step down.

08:21 That he got fired scuse me for Harvey Weinstein type activity. The swamp is being drained absolutely being drained. Then you got McCain. Have you heard about this yet. This is all still coming out Senator McCain. I mean that guy is a is a rhino. GOP. He needs to be out. He’s not he should even be considered a Republican by any stretch of the imagination. Nora especially because of his war history and what he did in Vietnam the guy’s a traitor. It’s crazy to me that these people have been in such powers of influence and authority in our country. It’s absolutely insane to me. They’ve been in such powers and positions of authority in our country for so long. For so long they’ve been in power positions of power and authority in our country.

09:08 And it is all getting shaken Tibet’s it’s getting shaken and then that shaking the people that need to get out of those positions are getting out there getting outed. What’s done in darkness is going to be exposed it’s being exposed and they are. They are absolutely going to be replaced hopefully believably we’re going to be replaced by. Well what’s going to happen is the tone. In the work environment for the woman is never going to be the same. Though the strength that women feel right now because of all this that’s happening. There’s no way a guy is going to feel like he has the right or the power of the power or position to even do something like he used to used to could do and get away with. He’s not going to have the ability to do that.

09:58 The workplace for the woman. Is being enhanced and taken to a new level of strength for you women strength for you strength and power. You know if you have the opportunity and the privilege to be at home with your kids and you didn’t have to experience living in a you know working in a work environment where maybe you had to deal with that. Thank God for that. Bless you. If you have kids and you are working and you had to deal with that you know what. I’m so thankful that I believe that the. That the work environment has changed and that you women should not have to even fear. Hopefully you have more courage now and faith than fearing than fearing any man doing something inappropriate to you because of all this stuff coming out. That is the. That is what’s changed though with McCain.

10:48 It’s coming out now past several weeks have been ridden with the sex scandals Harvey Weinstein now Franklin Al Franken. Matt Lauer now it now appears John McCain is the latest to join the ranks of sexual perverts. Yep there is a lady that’s coming out that is talking about her improper relationship that she had that he had with her.

11:14 While he was married.

11:16 There is stuff coming out about the people that are in positions a female lobbyist had been turning up with him in fundraisers visiting his offices accompanying him on a corporate on his client corporate jet. This is like the stuff we see in the movies people these Hollys people in high positions of power. All this money and all this authority and abusing it. Abusing it. It is coming out. There’s got to be guys that know that they’ve got dirt that are just shaking in their boots shaking in their boots.

11:48 Yes. That’s the latest on McCain that that my sources are saying is coming out this female lobbyist had been hanging out with him going on his private jet private jet at a female. You know what if I’m ever on a private jet and I have my own private jet. Maybe one day. It’s going to be my wife or it’s going to be a whole bunch of guys but there’s going to be a lot of witnesses because I don’t ever want to put myself in any kind of position or place where I could even remotely be even threatened by some kind of accusation that says you know what. He was somewhere where he was all by himself with a female.

12:20 None of that or not this brother. Not me not going to happen. So.

12:26 Repeatedly confronting him several people involved in the campaign said on the condition of anonymity.

12:34 But this is just the beginning folks. It is absolutely just beginning. You know what research McCain’s story doesn’t add up. His BMW story where he was captured. I mean that’s all just a bunch of garbage. Absolutely. A mess. So what else is happening Matt Lorot Laurel has been taken down. I mean that was Harvey Weinstein stuff. You got. Joe Scarborough that’s going to be facing some pretty severe stuff right now.

13:02 Just the feeling of what is taking place in our company and our country.

13:05 If you voted for Donald Trump if you didn’t vote for Donald Trump you know what. The Dow just broke 24000 up if you didn’t vote for Donald Trump and you have a 401k any kind of pension or retirement plan. You should be shouting at the rooftops. You should be thanking everybody that didn’t vote for Donald Trump that he is in office because he’s doing exactly what he said he was going to do. America is winning. We’re winning internationally. We’ve got Obama. That is now on the heels of Trump going around to Asia these companies countries that Trump just went to to try to play President. Will you just stop Obama would you just please stop go sit down somewhere. Why are you trying that. You can’t add anything. You had your eight years of running around other countries and bowing to them and apologizing to them on our behalf.

13:58 I’m sorry because America I’m sorry that America this stop just get out and stop. Get out of the way you do to Hillary. Hillary is now Bashan again she’s blaming Russia. Hillary will you please just stop. Can we all just accept the fact that Donald Trump is president and that we are winning. Americans are winning. The Dow is breaking through the roof and he’s still just getting started. It has been two months. I don’t know. I’m excited. I’m so excited. And I’m telling you you got to do this. You’ve got to keep calm. Trust God. Drink your uncork tea. Feel good.

14:37 Know that good things are happening. Know that. Know that. Yeah I saw that about Billy Graham. He absolutely had that exact same Matrah when it came to traveling and I’m just thankful I’m so thankful that what is taking place is taking place. I absolutely believe that it is. It is because of the commander in chief. And I absolutely believe that he’s still just getting started. Donald Trump is still just getting started. We the American people still have work to do.

15:06 We have work to do in 2018. This is helping all of it. How could Democrats continue to support. How could the American people that have that have sided as a Democrat continue to vote for Democrats and liberals with all of this disgusting behavior and garbage coming out all this nonsense coming out. How how how could they continue to do that. We as Americans we need to rally together and we need to appreciate exactly what’s happening in our country. We need to appreciate the fact that we are winning that our dollar is increasing in value that jobs and more jobs are coming back to this country and we need to be thankful that Hillary is not in office. Thank you. And thank you for voting and putting our man Donald Trump in office. So God bless you. I’ll be back tomorrow Friday 4:00 p.m. It’s time to be excited.

15:57 And again remember what’s happening behind the scenes. We have to be thankful that this is taking place. We have to understand appreciate why it’s taking place. Thank you so much for hopping on here. Join me tomorrow 4:00 p.m. Check out my page David Harris Jr. dot com and give us a liking give us a share if you appreciate what I’m sharing today. God bless you we’ll talk to you tomorrow. Bye bye.


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