This post continues our series of #WalkAway Campaign accounts with Rob Smith, who is a “Veteran, Speaker, Political Commentator and Strategist” (description taken from the front page of his website, The Smith Standard).

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‘Am I supposed to be afraid to have different ideas?’ Black, gay Army vet ‘comes out’ as conservative because he’s sick of the left’s ‘outrage culture’ – after Kanye West was lampooned for supporting Trump.

Today, July 13, 2018 we have him being interviewed by David J. Harris Jr.

Background from Rob’s site, The Smith Standard:

A decorated Iraq War Veteran, Rob Smith served for five years in the United States Army, including two tours in the Middle East. During Operation Iraqi Freedom he was awarded the Army Commendation Medal and the Combat Infantry Badge.

A former activist in the movement to repeal the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ law which barred open service by LGBT soldiers, he was recently the subject of a Daily Mail profile in which he ‘came out’ as a conservative Republican in response to the ‘outrage culture’ of the left.

As a political commentator, he has been seen on NBC News, CNN, Huffpost Live, Arise Television, HLN, BoldTV, and more. A sought-after keynote speaker represented by Chartwell Speakers, he has spoken about politics and current events at Yale University, Google, Deutsche Bank, Vanderbilt University, and dozens of other colleges, universities, and companies across America.

As Founder and CEO of The Smith Standard, he offers speaking, political consulting, and communications services for Republican and conservative candidates who want to get their message out to Black millennial voters.

He holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University and lives in New York City.

Rob is a real Conservative patriot. You can follow him at his website, The Smith Standard, on Facebook, and Twitter.

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