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Guilty By Association: Brandon Straka Censored!

Guilty By Association

Earlier today, the WalkAway founder announced he received a 30-day suspension.  What is his crime you ask?  He is guilty by association.

Confused?  So were we.

Brandon’s crime was not violating Facebook’s terms of service.  He didn’t post nudity, violence or make a threat.  No, what he did was far worse.


For the LiveFeed Video Interview with Brandon Straka and David Harris Jr click here.


He posted an interview he did with social media’s Public Enemy Number One: Alex Jones.

Yes, that was his crime.  His association with someone they have determined is offensive and dangerous, was all it took for Zuck’s liberal army of keyboard warriors to act. His punishment, exile.


Better take some time and think about what you’ve done, Brandon.

Later, the conservative site Red Pill Pundit dared to post an article about the suspension. Within a matter of minutes, their site was bombarded with thousands of IP requests per second.  This attack is coming from two locations in California according to the owner of the site, Anthony Montz.  As of the publishing of this article, the site was still down.  All hands on deck to get it back up.

The RPP is guilty of association with Brandon.  Brandon is guilty of association with Jones.  They are all being targeted by the same people.  The violent, intolerant and hateful left.  Their worst enemy is free speech and they are doing everything they can to shut it down.

Suspicious Timing

This campaign is in the midst of a PR hurricane in an effort to promote and build their official walk on Washington, DC.  The march, set to take place on October 26-28th is meant to serve as one last big push before the midterms.

Obviously, the timing of the march was intentional to monopolize as much media attention before what is largely considered the most important election in our lifetime.  Both sides are gearing up and putting as much effort into this election as any in history.  We all know what is at stake.

Each seat Republicans lose in the House of Representatives and the Senate is one step closer to the liberal madness that is quickly swallowing our Republic.  The progress of our President will come to a screeching halt if the Democrats regain the house.  They have already promised to impeach if they are successful.

The efforts of the liberal media who obviously have the support of the social media titans have increased their efforts in recent weeks with the banning of a number of popular conservative voices. This was literally within days of Jack Dorsey testifying before Congress that they don’t ban people for political opinions.  In addition to that, we discovered Google used its influence to aid the Clinton campaign during the 2016 election.

As the resentment for the left grows, so does the WalkAway campaign.  The timing and length of this suspension lead us all to believe that it wasn’t about a simple association.

A Lesson In Censorship

Obviously, this suspension should be a lesson to us all.   Associate with the wrong people and you too will be subjected to punishment.

Every day, the social media platforms move closer to the Orwellian prediction of a dystopian world.  The thought police of the internet are quickly establishing a new set of rules for what they will allow and what they will not.

Is this what we can expect from now on?   To agree with their enemy makes you their enemy.  To disagree with them makes you their enemy.  If you are the enemy, silencing you is the only option.

They know your associations.  These platforms track your engagement, the pages you like, the friends you have and from there it is easy to determine where someone falls on the ideology spectrum.  Their technology can recognize faces, read text on images and within posts, read links and connect them back to their source.

Is that source a threat to them?  Since Brandon dared to share the infamous website of public enemy number one, he gave the algorithm everything it needed to pounce.

A Slippery Slope

In the giant database of information, they hold the key.  Since they know our associations, what is stopping them from connecting all the dots of their users and censoring them?  In reality, at this point, there is nothing stopping them.

Ultimately, we all need to leave these platforms and find a better way to be heard.  The liberal bias runs rampant within the companies themselves.  It should come as no surprise that conservatives are feeling the wrath of well funded and powerful Democrats.

If we allow this to continue, we are all going to be criminals.  Our association with one another will be the only crime they need to silence and retaliate.  Let’s stop this fascist practice so that the only lesson in censorship that we need, is that it no longer exists.



Brandon Straka Announces Educational Video Series ‘The Hard Truth’ to Launch Soon!

Brandon Straka, the founder of the #WalkAway Campaign, has been working hard, fast, and continuously since the original video he posted which started the whole process went viral and sparked the hashtag that has now put him on the point of the organization that has blossomed as a result of that video’s acceptance. He’s traveling all over the USA appealing to Democrats, reasoning with them to get them to recognize that the so-called Party Of The People is not the party of JFK.

He shows them the facts of Democrat manipulation and abuse of minorities for the sake of votes, and uses every opportunity to educate them and reveal the lies they’ve swallowed “just because Daddy voted Democrat.” If his message is received as intended, many people see the truth of the matter that Democrats only want the power, prestige, and money that results from the position they seek, and their policies are nothing more than empty promises which are ignored once the election is clinched.

His latest project is an educational video series, and I think we can expect more great things to follow.

From RPP:

#WalkAway is launching a brand new educational video series called ‘The Hard Truth’. Check out the trailer to this much anticipated new project from #WalkAway.
Founder of the WalkAway Campaign – Brandon Straka says that the series will be (re)educating people on many different topics, hoping to expand people’s minds & perspectives. “We will address liberal bias & slant head on.”

The videos will feature Tracy Diaz, Scott PreslerZach HingDaniel Morchy, and Brandon Straka.


Source: The Red Pill Pundit

Liberal bias is a tough bird to conquer. Much of liberalism’s power comes from its proponents’ skilfull use of manipulation by emotion. Conservatives, on the other hand, lean much more towards logic and reason (that’s not to say there isn’t any emotion) and base their platforms on facts, not feelings.

Kudos to Brandon for this new venture! We look forward to seeing more of the project.



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[Video] At Daytime Emmys, #WalkAway’s Brandon Straka Stuns Hollywood Reporter

All of us here have been supporters of Brandon Straka’s from his earliest days as the founder of #WalkAway. His involvement with us here at has blossomed, as both Brandon and David have similar missions. They both had a Red Pill moment that spurred each of them to record a video in which they poured out their hearts, sharing a spontaneous expression of things they saw in today’s politics, and both had a big surprise when their messages went viral, resonating across the internet. Both men are in hot pursuit of lifelong Democrats who have voted (D) without question “just because mama did it.”

Brandon’s most recent encounter was in Hollywood where he spoke to reporters covering the Daytime Emmys in Pasadena, CA. It went very well!

This from TGP:

#WalkAway founder Brandon Straka stunned a pair of Hollywood reporters at the Daytime Emmys in Pasadena, California.

Straka approached the two on-camera red carpet reporters and explained what the #WalkAway campaign is to the Daytime Emmys’ liberal audience:

So I started something called the #WalkAway campaign as a former liberal and a former Democrat. It’s a social-political movement encouraging people to #WalkAway from the Democratic Party. As we know in Hollywood, this is a very liberal place, a very liberal point of view, so I wanted to come today to represent a different point of view that you don’t often get, which is you don’t have to be a Democrat and you do not have to be a liberal.

Conservative commentator David J. Harris Jr. tweeted the video and said the following:

They weren’t prepared for this from my brother @usminority [Brandon Straka] at the red carpet event in Hollywood! Got ‘em! #walkaway

Brandon Straka is the founder of the #WalkAway campaign, which is dedicated to former members of the Democratic Party who have ‘walked away’ from the party.

The #WalkAway campaign is dedicated to ‘debunking liberal media lies.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

#WalkAway’s mission is very complimentary to our mission here. How each man spreads the message is somewhat different, but the reach is expanding daily. We believe that no stone must be left unturned. Other conservative organizations such as Turning Point USA and BLEXIT are active in this effort to spread the word that Democrat policies are bad for Americans, and particularly for those who get labeled as minorities.

Democrats have been playing social and ethnic groups against each other for decades, and by doing so, have weakened the country by creating tensions that divide Americans rather than unite them. They have made themselves out to be the party of great solutions – as long as they are elected to the positions of power – but they have yet to produce a single beneficial plan that truly frees Americans.

They’ve succeeded in enslaving hundreds of thousands of people with programs such as Welfare, and everyone I’ve mentioned here is working full time to bring the message that you DON’T have to vote Democrat.

Examine the facts, and make an intelligent choice. Above all, recognize that the current mainstream media is nothing more than a propaganda mouthpiece for the Democrat party. The big picture revealed is one in which Democrats are working full time to usher in socialism and a one-world government. If that foothold is allowed, America is doomed to extinction.



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My book is here!  And I personally handed a copy to our President at the White House!!! I hope you enjoy it !

BOOK – Why I Couldn't Stay Silent

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Brandon Straka: #WalkAway Movement Surging on Democrats Action on Kavanaugh

Brandon Straka, founder of the #WalkAway movement says that the abhorrent actions by the Democrats in the Senate has led to a surge in new members who are walking away from the Democratic party. Straka founded the movement after he was refused service at an office supply store. He says that was when he realized that Democrats were just using minorities and gays to further their political agenda and weren’t truly interested in advancing their causes. (Straka is gay)

From The Daily Signal 

Today, many former leftists are taking their first steps on their own road to Damascus, and the right is not doing nearly enough to capitalize on this unprecedented mass exit from the left.

It all began just a few short weeks ago when gay New York hairdresser Brandon Straka posted a hard-hitting video explaining why he is no longer a Democrat or a liberal. Since then, his #WalkAway Campaign Facebook group has attracted more than 172,000 members. A multitude of videos from other WalkAways have been posted online.

Make no mistake, the left has been greatly rattled by all this. The left’s treatment of the #WalkAway Campaign mirrors the way it reacted to the Tea Party movement. First, it ignored it, hoping it would go away. Then it moved on to minimizing and attempting ridicule, which it has done with #WalkAway. Steven Colbert and others claimed that the #WalkAway Campaign is just run by Russian bots.

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