On Sunday, police shot and killed 17 year old Charles Smith. Like many other cases such as the Michael Brown shooting, people began concocting stories that Smith was unarmed and was the victim of a police execution. Remember “Hands up…Don’t shoot”? To counter the rumors being spread about the shooting in Little Rock, police showed Smith’s family the video and then released it to the public to prove that Smith not only had a gun but that he fired a shot at the police and was shot as he cocked the gun a second time.

Threats had been sent to the police and they withheld the names of the officers for their safety. A lawyer for Smith’s family, Willard Proctor Jr said that police showed the video to the family on Wednesday and although it showed Smith with a gun and firing it at police, Proctor said:

“We’re not at a point where we can make any conclusions.”

I would ask Proctor what other possibility could there be after seeing that Smith shot first and was about to shoot again? I would be willing to bet that someone or someones will try to make the case that the police really didn’t need to shoot Smith and that they should not have fired their guns. Any takers? Who ar you going to believe, your lying eyes or the race mongers? No one can dispute that there police shootings that are totally unnecessary. Some because an officer made a mistake, some because the officers were scared for their lives and some that are brutal murders by rogue cops

But every time you try to make a shooting a racist event when it is purely self defense, you make people skeptical the next time when someone gets shot. When people are programmed not to believe shootings are unnecessary, it prevents them from seeing the bad shootings because of the credibility in other cases.

Here is the video. WARNING: This video is very graphic and may upset some viewers. Use discretion before watching.

It is difficult to see everything in the video since it’s moving so fast, so here is a still frame that clearly shows Snith holding a gun.

Police have released a dramatic dashcam video showing a 17-year-old pull a gun (circled) and fire it during a traffic stop before officers fired back, killing him 

From The Daily Mail

He said that once a complete set of video footage is released, there could be an opportunity to look into ‘what, if anything, could have been done differently.’

Davis said the officers involved did not have body cameras. 

He said the names of the officers involved could be released after a plan is in place to protect them, since the agency has received threats.

‘Misinformation gets out that says … the subject wasn’t armed, the subject didn’t shoot,’ Davis said. 

‘He was armed and we, in fact, had to take action because of that. I want people to see what happened.’

Each police shooting must ber evaluated on it’s own merits and the best course of action is to remain neutral until prove has been presented one way or another but that’s difficult to do when the mainstream press ties every police shooting to racism.


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