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Muellers Hunt it Over! Chick-fil-a Banned, Hillary and More!

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Hello friends and family from around the country and around the world. Tgi F, T, g, I. F, Are you kidding me folks? David, Jay Harris to you here in the studio on this Friday, this good a Friday that we are in right now. I’ve got some news today to share with you and I’ve just, I gotta be honest with you. I have just dealing with some stuff. This FB platform, I am telling you I had a video going crazy. Absolutely crazy. Many of you probably have seen it and maybe maybe you shared it or you need to share it again. I shared it again an hour ago. It was removed off my page. Are you kidding me? Why don’t they, why do they want the truth to be silent? That’s why I wrote my book. Why I couldn’t stay silent. Why do they want to silence the truth? I was in that whole, my head today has been just, I am just, it seems to be never ending.

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It seems to never end. The stuff that they will do and that can and they can do and that they get away with. When it comes to people that are just tried to bring the truth, it gets infuriating. It gets so infuriating. I had to ask myself was, I didn’t going to go live today, but I can’t let them win. If I don’t go live and I don’t bring you guys by show, then they win. If I stop, then they win. If I shut down, then they win and I will not shut down. I will not be silent. I will not let them bully me into a place where I feel like I can’t do anything. You know? So much of the left wants to say, you know, they want to treat you like a victim. They want your vote. They want to make all minorities victims.

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It’s really sad though when there are actual victims, people that can’t do anything about it, can’t make the change. It’s Lids, literally a David and Goliath scenario where it looks insurmountable, insurmountable. It looks like there’s no possible way to get it to stop. Will it stop? I hope so. Will my good friend Jason fic and his suit that he’s bringing against FB help it stop. I hope so, but until then, you know what helps bring a smile on my face is seeing you guys out there. You guys and gals out there, my dms over there on youtube help keeping it classy. All of you guys on Facebook, they come in and watch me every day and when I, when I’m, when I’m, when I’m in town and uh, that’s why I keep pushing and that’s why I keep going is because you guys are here and you liked the way that I bring the news and so I will not be silent, but I just got to, I had to set the tone. If I’m a little bit off today, if I’m a little bit, seems like I’m a little beside myself today. It’s because I just shared with you I the video again, if you haven’t seen it yet and if he did, if you didn’t share it, even if you shared it yesterday, please go share it again if you didn’t see it. When I get off of this show, it’s the last video that I loaded, it disappeared, had a quarter million views gone, disappeared.

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I now have to keep records. I got to keep screenshots because there’s no proof in ever existed.

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this is gone.

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Like it never even happened. So now I have to keep proof, screenshots and copies of every single stinking thing that I do to try to be able to have some proof when it comes back to, well, how do you know? Or how can you prove,

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ah, another reason why I take my butt to the gym, it is another reason why I have to exert some energy. I have to exert some of the stuff that I deal with and that’s just one piece. When you think about what I know, all of us, and I’m not trying to be a whiny baby today, I’m just trying to share with you a little bit about what’s going on and what I hope is going to stop. I know we all have stuff we deal with. It just sucks when it seems like and against like life. I’m always looking at, I’m always looking at this right here. I’m always trying to do this right here. Keep calm. It’s a reminder for me. These should be in my store if you want one. It’s a reminder for me, keep calm, trust God, because I don’t, I know there’s nobody bigger than my papa.

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He can cause all things to work together in my life and I believe and I declare he’ll do the same for you if you have faith in him. You got to have faith in him and you don’t have faith by worrying, talking to a bunch of doubt. You know it’s different. I think Sharon information, I’m sharing information with you, but some people, and I’m born on a tangent, but maybe somebody needs to hear this. We can’t have a lifestyle and it ha in the habit of murmuring and complaining when you do nothing but murmur and complain and that’s a lifestyle and it’s a normalcy for you. I don’t think you’re going to get out of the situation you’re in. I really don’t. So I’ll share information, but I’m quick to just say, you know what? I put it on Papa. I put it on him.

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I said, you know what? I just believe in that promise that you gave to me. All things will work together for good because I do love him and I believe, and I have faith in him, so little bit off topic, but between that and my uncorked t that keeps me going and it helps me get in the gym so I can lift some weights and exert some energy. I’m here and because of you guys as well. Thank you all so much. I really appreciate you guys coming on my show and checking this brother out. So I’m going to hop into the news folks. The Mueller probe is over. What does he have a show for it? A big Mat. Fat Zero. A doughnut hole. Not A, there’s not one shred of proof or evidence against our president. Donald Trump colluded with the Russians. It was all a snow screen job to just try to cover up as much stuff as they could cover up because Hillary didn’t get in office.

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And of course the Democrats, they’re going to continue to try to say, well, there’s still something there. We’re still gonna find something. It’s funny, you know, all the time, I remember hearing this as a kid. Every time he got one finger point at yourself, you can finish a statement. You’ve got three pointing back at you. Every time he pointed the finger at somebody else, you’ve got three pointing back at you. That is the CMO for the Democrats. All they know how to do is point, point, point, point, point, point. Most of their fingers are pointed right at themselves. They’re trying to hide their own disgraceful Nis. The shame, the real shame of it all is for them trying to do what they tried to do to us. The American people, it’s not even there. We’re just trying to get over on Donald Trump. They’re trying to get over on the American people now that want to lower the voting age to 16 they want to strip the electoral college, which has been fine for 240 years.

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Thank you for those super chats over there on Youtube. It’s been fine for 240 years until Hillary lost the election. Now it’s time to change it. You know, the absolute debacle for America. If we were to get rid of the Electoral College, I’m about 12 states that have the majority electoral votes, would be able to pretty much dictate the rest of the country’s future is the and all the, all the campaigns, all the campaigning would be just done on those states. 12 to 15 states. It’d be done on those big states, which are mostly blue already and they leave the rest of the country to the wasteland. They wouldn’t even, nobody would campaign out there. Nobody would talk out there. They wouldn’t care when I own a what the rest of the country had to say. That’s one of the other reasons why we love and support our president, Donald Trump. He went everywhere. He went places. People said you’re not going to win that. And he went there and he won it.

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So the Mueller, which hunt is over, it’s my mic hot. I’m hot. I’m telling you. I haven’t been steaming. I’ve been steaming today. Boy, I’ve been steaming and it takes a lot to get this brother and I’m telling you, I was talking to my daughter yesterday and she’s like, you know, I rarely see you upset Dad. I’m like, because I try not to let things get to me. It’s all don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s all, it all will work out in the end. I firmly, I stake my life on that, but sometimes every once in a while, boy, it’s like my friend Eric Boeing, if you saw the video, Eric Bolling lost his son to a fentanyl all laced. Uh, was he taken like Xanax or something? He was taken for anxiety, but it was laced with fentanyl. Loses his son in college and Eric is at the Trump tower, the Trump hotel in Washington DC and has somebody walk up to him and say, your son committed suicide because he was ashamed of you. Are you sticking kidding me? What kind of hate? It’s so vital and it’s always come from the left. I couldn’t even imagine saying something like that to anybody that lost their child. Trying to throw guilt and shame on somebody. Over the death of their child.

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He lost it. I texted him, I told him, I said, I wish I was with you brother. I might’ve lost it for him. It’s disgusting and it continues to come from the left. Are there Americans out there that are seeing this, that are witnessing what’s going on and are, are there democrats and are just finally saying, you know what, it’s getting pretty disgusting what these Democrats in his liberals continued to do. They want to give illegals the out the right to vote, which diminishes every one of our voices. Our vote doesn’t count as much. If we have illegal aliens voting in our elections, then our votes, our votes don’t count as much as they did before. They want to give them access to social security benefits that Americans had been paying into for decades. Some of us, which is already close to broke,

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I a person has to want, it really seems like a person has to want to not know the truth or there are so emotionally charged and stirred up with hatred and all this negative emotion that they don’t want to know the truth and they just continue down the path that they’re on. Otherwise, there is so much evidence out there, and again it goes back to who you’re listening to. If you’ll listen to the mainstream media, you won’t get any of this. I’ve been in the studio recording my audio book for this, which you can get the book right now on a David Harris Jr com. I’m recording the audio book and I was just reminded just today I was going through the 18 I need to add to the chapter 18 scandals. Barack continues to say he’s scandal free. 18 scandals just reminded me all over again what the emo of these Democrats is. Do whatever they want, lie about it, pass the buck, blame it on somebody else, get the media to cover it up and then just keep on going. That’s, that’s gotta be why so many Americans still have their heads stuck in the sand because they’re listening to the mainstream media. Get this book and give it to somebody. Hope they read it, challenge them. Say, Hey, I know you’re gonna agree with everything that’s in here, but I’d really like to get your take on it. Challenged them to do it. Our people grown enough to research and listen to another side and then still make up their own minds. That’s what we got to hope and better hope takes place.

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and we got to hope that some things change with our mainstream media. Let me get over here to this Mueller thing. Mueller’s witch hunt is over. Report has been sent to the attorney general, our new attorney general bar, almost after two years, $30 million. That’s taxpayer dollars, folks. That’s our money. 30 million taxpayer dollars for a witch hunt over nothing.

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Unbelievable bar will decide whether to release it to the public or not. Protocol for the FBI. And the DOJ says nothing disparaging can be put into the report for anyone who has not been indicted. But I have no trust in Mueller or a second clown and command the recently departed Andrew Wiseman. This also means Mueller has indicted everyone he intends to, so that leaves just Roger Stone. Full report is there. You can see all of it. Share that mess out of it basically again, which has proven to be nothing but just that. A witch hunt, which proves Donald Trump, right? Proves all those that support him. Right there was zero there. But how many liberals have been just charging and biting, chomping at the bit, waiting for this Mueller probe to end. Soon as they’d have their proof, what are they going to do now? No proof. Now they have to hold on that. Oh, maybe something was left out. Maybe now after two years and $30 million, they’re gonna find something else out somewhere else. Get Real and wake up.

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And smell the socialist agenda that is trying to take over this country before it’s too late. Then we got Chick-Filet, Chick-Filet good old chick filet. We don’t have one in my hometown. I like eating it when I go through other cities. How many you guys are locked. They’re like chick filet. Well, here’s even more respite, more reason to support your local Chick-Filet. If you have one. San Antonio Council has banned Chick-Filet from the San Antonio Airport because they’re Christians. Are you kidding me? Why is this not all over every mainstream media? It’s the same bias against Christians. I guarantee you, if chick fil a was owned by Muslims, it’d be all hell breaking loose. It’d be all over. Every network, everywhere across the country nonstop than a restaurant was bad because of their Muslim faith. Chick fil a, they do a lot for so many people. Sure. They believe in the sanctity of marriage between a mother, a husband and a wife, but that doesn’t mean they bash anybody. If you want to break down the religious differences, the Quran says, throw the gaze off of buildings. I was just watching the video. I didn’t have time to get it tuned up in here. No, don’t know what country it was. Obviously an Islamic ran country and a woman is inside of a store and she’s not wearing her her a job and a man calls the cops on her,

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says she’s breaking Sharia law. She’s breaking her job, la, he’s calling the police on a woman. Talk about oppressing women.

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and yet we’ve got liberals that are pushing and siding with this same agenda and our country.

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I told you I’m on one today folks, I just can’t even help it. I cannot even help it. Chick fil a band from the airport, City Council San Antonio signed off on a deal for food services at the airport that deals specifically specifies that Chick-Filet cannot be opened in the food court. They are the only restaurant being banned. Click on it. The founder, Dan Cathy, a very religious man, has strong feelings on gay marriage and they’ve been ostracized for that, but chick-fil-a has donated one point $8 million to groups that fight discrimination against gays and does not refuse service to anyone based on their sexual preferences. If this was a Muslim store and they were told they couldn’t have a, a restaurant inside of a, an airport or anywhere in this country, it’d be all over the news. Why is there a continued bias against Christians? Maybe cause it’s the one faith where we actually want freedom for people. We want people to experience freedom and that means the freedom from the government as well. It’s not tied in.

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I, I had the, I had the post this as Mohammed. I was again just being on one. Mohammed arrested for welfare fraud, food stamp fraud. I just, I just left it at that. I don’t know how many of you saw that when I shared it and caught the and cop. Maybe my laughter demeanor, but it was right in the middle of me dealing with his other crap again, please go watch the video I posted an hour ago or so. It’s got my good friend Brandon struck at two black ladies from Harlem and they are breaking down the history. They’re breaking down the history of the Democrat and the Republican where they’re supposed to switch happen. And this woman says she was alive. She was 13 years old when LGB Lbj was having marches and she remembers exactly what they were doing. They would take the republican tickets out of black Americans hands that were voting and they’d shove two Republican tickets in the ballot box.

Speaker 1: (17:34)
That same kind of fraud that they do today. They were doing it back then and it was racist then. It’s racist now, except now. They don’t care what color you are. They just don’t want you voting for conservative values. Amazing video gone. He disappeared. No track, no trace. So if you saw it yesterday, shared it last night, had a quarter of a million views gone, no proof. Please go watch it again. Please go share it again. Let’s get the word out there. So Mohammed arrested with one point $2 million in food stamp fraud in Louisiana. I wonder if his faithful come into it. I didn’t see it. We don’t post it if we don’t know for sure. Otherwise I, hell yeah, I would have posted this. I would’ve posted the crap this guy have this faith cause they don’t like to do that. They like to just say, oh it’s some guy.

Speaker 1: (18:26)
Well wallflower caught welfare costs taxpayers billions of dollars a year. It’s a no brainer to recognize the fact that many people have situations that require a helping hand, but for as many people who need the help, there are also those who have no qualms about defrauding the system. One such man is a convenience store owner in Louisiana. He was caught in the act by authorities who followed up on a tip that he was buying snap benefits from customers. 1.2 million or throw authorities arrested Mohammed. I Bet July 25 of Alexandria, another one bites the dust and you know what? Anybody that’s doing fraud, it doesn’t matter where they’re at or who they are, what faith are part of everybody that’s doing some fraud should be caught and held liable. I wonder if this guy’s here illegally. Let’s find that out. Right? Let’s find out if the stinker is even here legally.

Speaker 1: (19:20)
Probably not, but we’ll find out. We got more lies being poked in everything. Pretty much everything AOC says, comes back to be Bull Stein, shut the front door. I remember the first time I heard that I thought something else was about to come out of my brother’s wife’s mouth and I couldn’t believe it. She said that, oh, I was like, ah, that’s a good one because if you know me too, I keep it pretty clean and classy. But uh, anyway, I told you I’m in a mood today. Professor pokes whole and AOC, it’s big all lie. This professor, so AOC tried to come out and say, oh, she took a, uh, uh, she was, she tries to claim she was looked upon as slightly retarded or mentally challenged. I have, my brother is mentally challenged in school because she spoke Spanish. I find that hard to believe as all the other reasons to think that she is a dunce.

Speaker 1: (20:17)
She just gives us plenty of those. She says her opinion changed when their opinion change when she took a high stakes test in which she finished in the 99th percentile. But Diane Ravitch, a professor at New York University and former US assistant secretary of education and a huge AOC fan exploded the myth by pointing out that a high stakes test do not go by percentiles, but rather on a scale of one, two, three, four hilarious. These democrats, they’ll say anything that sounds good and hope that people believe it. The problem is too many people are believing it. I’m thankful when we got people that come up and even this woman, she’s like, I actually like AOC. She a huge AOC fan, but she’s like, but that ain’t accurate. She wasn’t in the 99th percentile. There were no percentiles. She ain’t got a one, two, three or a four period.

Speaker 1: (21:19)
Just goes to show you. There are some liberals out there that are not willing to cover up other people’s lives when they see it. Apparently there’s still some integrity in some liberals out there. That’s nice to know because it makes you have to wonder with all the stuff we continually see in here like this, more of Hillary’s emails have been released. I know. I know. Every time I post something, everybody. So many of you you’re like, but when is she gonna go to jail? Or I know the other side, you’re like, you lost hope you’ve lost. You’re just like, you’re tired of hearing it. You’re tired of waiting for it. But you know what? I heard this once and I absolutely believe it. Good things come to those who wait.

Speaker 1: (22:09)
We are waiting. How many other people out there are waiting for justice? The fall on Hillary Clinton’s head? Boy Do we want justice to fall on Hillary Clinton’s head. So these 33,000 emails that she deleted, she thought she was done with this. She said there was nothing in there, whether it was classified, she had them scrubbed. Bleachbit did everything you could do to try to just delete all the evidence. And she did so far get away with it. Well these new emails that had been recovered prove she had a highly sensitive material in these emails. Share this everywhere. American needs to know who was the secretary of state underneath Obama. Cause you know if she was doing it, we know Obama was doing it. He was complicit. He had his own fake email account just like she did and all of them did. They were trans. They were transferring emails and send the emails back to each other on this other server and they probably all had secret servers.

Speaker 1: (23:08)
You know, Obama had a secret server, I guarantee you he had a secret server. I don’t have any proof, but I’d still guarantee you that he had a secret sneak in server. I’ll tell you that much latest released Hillary emails contains a high level diplomacy discussions in third those 33,000 emails she tried to destroy, claiming they were not work related, only discussing Yola classes and Chelsea’s wedding plans. Some of them have been released with five being highly classified. There were six, 756 pages totaling 72,000 documents and naturally Hillary lied and they were work related and coincidentally would have been humiliating, had the deep state not sat on them for years that’s been their plant or wait us out so that we lose hope. Before he was nominated by president Trump, former and new agey bill bar called for an investigation into Hillary. And the Clinton Foundation. Now he’s in position to do something about it. What will he do folks? That is the exciting part about this stuff coming up. Stomach, this stuff coming out now.

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The new agey he was asking already about the Hillary emails. He was asking about the Hillary Foundation before he became the AG sessions. Didn’t do squat. He was a deep state operative that sat on his hands and made sure that he didn’t push anything along that was going to damage the deep state in anybody. A part of it. Part of their global cabal is what really what really what it is. It’s exactly what it is. Now we’ve got an age in there that actually wants to know. Let’s hope and pray and believe that he’s going to do something about it. I’m thankful. I hope you share it. Let me show you the article, the top of the article again, latest emails released by a religious released. Hillary emails contains high level diplomacy. Folks share the mess out of that article and Tag Hillary Clinton. Share it on Twitter. Tag Hillary in it. Make sure she, she sees this mess. I just hope she sees this myth while she’s sitting, not in first class, like that picture video. Oh, her and bill sitting in coach coach. I remember they weren’t sitting on a private jet was the point. Maybe they were in first class, but they weren’t on a private jet. They were like just traveling like everybody else trying to act like nothing was going on. And Bill was reading a book about a young girl that was taken and it’s traffic or something. Figures.

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Man, I, I, if I really went off, I could go on. If I really went off, I could go off, but I try to keep it not so crazy because some of the stuff is just stinking crazy. Just go do your own research.

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Speaker 1: (25:50)
go look at the Clinton body count list. Goldman under the go. Look at the Clinton crime syndicate. Clinton, Cra, what’s the sticking name? You guys know it. Somebody posted, there’s amazing information out there and it’s been compiled on the Clintons for 30 years of their dirt and she was that close. She was that close to getting in the White House to be in the most powerful woman in the world.

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Speaker 1: (26:13)
Because people didn’t know their facts because we chose to not do our own research. Do Your own research. Stop listening to the mainstream media. Listen to independence journalists like myself and go check everything I say to

Speaker 1: (26:30)
you. Make that a habit. Research what’s been researched. Research where it comes in, research what you find out, but be your own determining factor of why you believe what you believe. Not because of somebody else and somebody else’s information or some show or some network or some political party. Don’t do that. That’s being a sheep. That’s being a robot. That’s been a boring. If you see again that video, but Brandon and those two black ladies from Harlem, peg you crafting with Jen, that’s being a board. Somebody that conforms, no mind, mindless, just doing what they say to do. Just saying what they tell you. Just believe in it and going along with it and not even questioning it. That’s ludicrous. That’s, that’s selling out.

Speaker 1: (27:18)
That’s shameful. This is also shameful and it’s why we need the wall every single time I see an article like this, I think about how much blood is on every Democrat, politicians hands than is pushing for open borders. Another family has been torn apart over the loss of their loved one, at the hands of an illegal alien. They shouldn’t have even been in our country. And Democrats keep pushing for not only open borders, but give them all the, let them vote. Let them get social security, give there. Even they even say they’re more American than us. Do your research. Pelosi said it, AOC said it, most of us, there are more American than us. It’s a slap in the face folks, and this is just disgraceful. Illegal alien kills deputy and wounds police officer in sanctuary, Washington. After a call came in about road rage, a sheriff’s deputy and a police officer stopped. An illegal immigrant won. I’m not gonna say the rest of his name. He opened fire striking the police officer, Benito Chavez and the leg fracturing his femur and killing Deputy Ryan Thompson. Del Toro was also killed in the shootout. Chavez was only on the force for two months before he was shot. They’ll, Toro was in the county on a temporary visa and he just never left. The Democrats have an ever increasing amount of blood on their hands for open borders, for all the policies and the refusal to protect American citizens. When is enough? A stinking nef.

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Speaker 1: (29:13)
I’ve heard it said before I actually heard it. I spoke at a build a wall rally in Washington d C and I got to talk to several angel parents, parents that have lost their children and I talked to one gentleman who had lost his daughter and he said, you know, and he again, he’s not advocating for violence. He just understands because he’s been on the other side of it. Until you’re on that side of losing a loved one, it’s bad enough to lose a loved one. It’s bad enough to lose a one in an accident. It lose a loved one in a car accident, boating, any kind of accident. It’s bad enough to lose a loved one, let alone losing, losing them unexpectedly from an accident, but then add insult to injury and let it be that they’re gone because of some of that shouldn’t even be in our country and you’ve got Democrats wanting to allow them to stay in our country and African for more to come in. He said, I really don’t think people like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine waters, AOC, a booker, Cory booker, Kamala Harris, any of them are going to get it.

Speaker 2: (30:14)

Speaker 1: (30:15)
Unless it happens to them.

Speaker 2: (30:17)

Speaker 1: (30:17)
and I’m not advocating for that, but I understand what he means. How could you advocate for allowing these people to come into our country, break the law, and come into our country at will when they continue to just tear families apart, research it for yourself. The crimes committed by illegal aliens is far at far as higher and outnumbers high, greater, higher percentage then then legal immigrants or American citizens that should tell you something. If they’re willing to break the law to get into our country, why should they care about any of our other laws? Why should they care? They want the free stuff. It’s like fricking Disneyland. They get in and everything is free while the rest of us have to pay to get in anywhere. Everything costs money. It’s a double standard and it’s one that’s just absolutely despicable and unfortunately we keep on losing good American people in the process.

Speaker 1: (31:24)
Now we got this New Zealand thing, New Zealand I talked to, I talked to Doctor Rodney Howard Brown who gave me the CD, the audio book to listen to. I don’t have it here actually I think I do. No, it’s at home. The killing of Uncle Sam. You’ve got to get the book or read the or listened to the audio book, the killing of Uncle Sam. I’m, I’m getting into this. He outlines for 200 years how governments have used, used false flags. Look up what a false flag is. It’s a covert operation to try to get the people to move in a direction that they wouldn’t move ordinarily without some kind of incident, a false flag. He said, the New Zealand is a false flag. And if we, if we look and pay attention to what is taking place over there, now they’re stripping away the guns. They’re banning guns. They’re asking all people to where had jobs in honor of Muslims, they’re there.

Speaker 1: (32:22)
They’re instituting a, they’re broadcasting a call, a prayer for Muslims. I find out hair. I’d pull it out. Are you kidding me? They would never do that for Christians. We want everybody to go to church on Sunday because this church was shot up. There was churches that were shot up last year. I don’t remember the news or the media saying everybody, please go to church. We know you don’t believe. Maybe you’re not, we don’t care if you’re a but go to some church to show your support for these Christians and just got slaughtered in this church house. We don’t, that doesn’t happen here. Well, they’re pushing the heck out of it over there, stripping the guns, forcing their religion, and it’s a religion that does not conform with the constitution of the United States.

Speaker 2: (33:09)

Speaker 1: (33:09)
so now there’s Muslim call to prayer broadcasts in New Zealand. Asks women to wear had jobs. Are you stinking kidding me? In New Zealand there’ll be broadcasting the prayer, the call to prayer and women are being asked to cover their heads. If I was over there, I would say, no. My woman’s not wearing my wife, my bride. She’s not wearing no hijab on her head to honor some belief that we don’t believe in. How come people over there are doing that? I’d be going crazy.

Speaker 2: (33:42)

Speaker 1: (33:42)
there’d be riots, but it’s slow. Perpetual do you get in, you get enough people in power, you’re get the people on the police and then you take over. You push your agenda and you can’t do anything else about it. I don’t see how people don’t see that.

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Speaker 1: (34:00)
I’m either completely delusional myself

Speaker 1: (34:04)
or those that don’t think I’m right are delusional, which is it, which it’s one of us and I don’t think I’m delusional. I think I have a pretty good radar on things. The killing of Uncle Sam talks about exactly what’s going on in New Zealand and that’s exactly what I think they’ve been trying to do in this country for a while. Especially now that Donald Trump is our commander in chief. They want to, they want to push. They want to bring everything home. The globalists. It’s like every movie that we’ve ever seen where there is somebody trying to take over the world. Do we think that’s just in art and entertainment? Doesn’t entertainment and art depict life? It’s happened throughout history. It’s still tried to happen. Just because we live in our own world, we got to take care of our family. Our responsibilities we live in our world. Doesn’t mean there’s not a global picture with people that are global elites that are actually trying to take over the world. History is full of them. People that wanted to dominate the entire world. It didn’t just stop.

Speaker 2: (35:11)

Speaker 1: (35:11)
it’s still happening and Donald Trump is the wrecking ball to that machine. Angela Merkel even admitted Donald Trump has been the worst thing for the global agenda. That’s why he’s so hated and getting all of us Americans, so riled up over each other that we’re tearing each other apart. I saw a video that just was highlighting all the assaults. I shared an article, I’ll find it and share it again over three or 400 assaults on conservatives for supporting Donald Trump. Even the one I just shared where the guy had a Maga hat in his truck and came out in his truck, tires were slashed. What the Hell is wrong with people that there are so emotionally charged over politics that they’d slashed somebody’s tires, they socks somebody in the face at that university. They go up to Eric Bolling and, and and say that vile, disgusting stuff. Blame his, his son’s death on him and his politics. The hatred is just, it is disgusting. It is so disgusting. But we can’t overcome hate with hate. Only love can do that. So if I was with Eric Bolling, I would’ve gave that guy said loving, I want to give some good all love man. Come here, let me give you a hug. Thank you for that. Over there are youtube. So we’ve got some more news reps, meadows and Jordan ask attorney general bar for the update on the Mccabe investigation. They’re tired of waiting. Mccabe is dirty. It came out that he couldn’t be trusted

Speaker 1: (37:09)
and now we’ve got meadows and Jordan asking bar what is going on. They want the truth. Meadows and Jordan have sent a letter to recently appointed bill barr asking for an update on the became investigation and prosecution for perjury and associated charges. Just before he was fired, Doj ige, Michael Horowitz wrote a scathing report and called McCabe. Less than candid McKay was then referred to a grand jury jury on a criminal referral. Nothing seems to have been done and meadows and Jordan wants to know why will bar finally step up and do something. I really hope that we’ve got the right attorney general that’s now an office that is able to bring some truth and some justice to something that’s absolutely been void of it and I’m going to do something on the fly. It’s Friday. It is Friday. I just had this article come across my desk.

Speaker 1: (38:06)
I’m going to take a look at it and then I’m going to show you and I’ve got to remind you please after this broadcast scroll, go to if you’re on youtube, if you’re on Twitter, please go to my Facebook page. Scroll down to the, the video I posted with Brandon struck a two black ladies, older black ladies in Harlem. Watch the video and I believe, I know you’re going to love the content. Please share the mess. I had everybody that’s watching this right now to go share this video. After what was done, it disappeared on me. It was growing. They look great. They’re trying to shut the truth up. They don’t want these black ladies. They know their history. They absolutely know their history and they are breaking down the Democrat Party and how the blacks back in the sixties and seventies they break it down. They break down. I don’t even want to, I don’t want to spoil it.

Speaker 1: (38:54)
I don’t want to spoil it. Go Watch it for yourself. Go check it out. I can’t get to this thing. How come I can’t get to this thing? That’s all good. Dms over there. All my super chats over there. Youtube. Thank you so much. I know, I see. I’m getting throttled here. Facebook’s follow me. Their Twitter, periscope. Thank you guys so much. Please go watch that video of Brandon struck. I’m in Harlem next week. I’m heading out on Tuesday for the event on Wednesday night. It is a free open event for a document IOL at the, uh, Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem. You can have, you can register and get your free tickets if you’re in the area. And if you know any liberals in the area, if you’ve walked away yourself, if you uh, know somebody in the area, Goto walkaway, forward slash events and registered to get your ticket for next Wednesday.

Speaker 1: (39:40)
That’s the other thing I was supposed to have Brandon struck on my show today. I called him right before I went live and I said, uh, are you on my show today? Brand? Are you ready? I could tell he was kind of distraught, so get this. This is the left. This is the left Brandon, who’s openly gay. I love him, period. I love him. I love him, period. I loved people. He’s openly gay. I have a good friend of his, I’m a black man. I Lama dark skinned. Did, uh, um, I’m a part of the black community. I was, I always want to say black man because my dad was black. My mom was white. I’m in the middle. I’ve never been looked at as a white kid. I’ve dealt with racism because I’m dark skinned and whatever. A lot of people don’t even know that, but I love this guy.

Speaker 1: (40:24)
All right. He’s gay. He’s been a part of the member. He’s been a member of the LGBT community for a long time. I don’t know when he came out of this. I think it was right after high school or something. He wants to have a town hall meeting at an Lgbt town hall. This town hall is actually for the LGBT community. He’s reserved it. He started, uh, uh, up a flyer for it and event for it. And then he finds out today that they canceled his event. The town hall, the LGBT talent hall, cancelled his event. Guess why? Because they’re calling him a Nazi. Oh racist. I’m like, Brandon, you want me to just come show up and back you up? I mean, come on here. Yeah, yeah. I’m not a Nazi. Hopefully they can realize that you’re not a Nazi when we’re like really good friends.

Speaker 1: (41:15)
So he was distraught. He’s dealing with that on Twitter. It’s a mess. That is the tactics. The continue tactics of the left lie. Blame somebody else for the most vital thing. It’s just like the Guy Claiborne. I was on Fox business on Tuesday. I’m be on there again on Monday night. I’m trying to, I’m trying to even out what they’re doing with, with uh, Paul Ryan and the Donna Brazil. I’m trying to add some good stuff to that crap. Okay. So don’t, don’t shout me down because I’m going on Fox business news on Monday night. But uh, it’s exactly the same thing that Cliburn did.

Speaker 2: (41:48)

Speaker 1: (41:48)
He wants to, he wants to,

Speaker 2: (41:51)

Speaker 1: (41:51)
Correlate and compare Trump to Hitler. A man that committed mass genocide, millions of people died.

Speaker 2: (42:00)

Speaker 1: (42:00)
And he’s so reckless that he’s going to compare Trump that’s never murdered anybody.

Speaker 2: (42:06)

Speaker 1: (42:07)
To a genocidal maniac.

Speaker 1: (42:10)
That is the tactics of the left. Folks. Lie. Blame the other person for the most vile, despicable, disgusting thing possible and hope everybody buys into that Bs. That’s what they do. So Brandon is dealing with that right now. I’ll be out there with him next week. It’s going to be amazing. Walkaway forward slash events to get tickets for that. If you’re in the Harlem area, if you’ve walked away, if you’re a minority, if you’re part of the minority community, if you’ve walked away and you’re in the Harlem area or you can be there, it’s within driving distance. I would love to see you. I’ll be there next Wednesday night for that and we’ll find out about the rest of it. So get my book. If you haven’t got it, David Harris Jr com, there’s an option for you to click down and I’ll sign it. Personalize it for you.

Speaker 1: (42:55)
Got a bunch of books going out today. Please go scroll down both of my Facebook page. Scroll down and watch that video with Brandon and those two black ladies. Breaking off some historic truth about why they’re not on the Democrat plantation and share the mess out of that and let’s hope to beat the crap or whatever. Why were they heck they did that to me, guys, thank you so much. Are you kidding me? Marsha Patterson. Thank you. Jolly pope. Thank you, Barb Harris. Negra, Ruthie, Pamela over on Facebook. You guys are all amazing. I absolutely, you know what? I feel so much better. I really did not want to come live today, but I said I can’t let them win. I can not let them win and I can’t let them silence me. I guess that again, I guess that’s why I wrote the book. Why couldn’t stay?

Speaker 1: (43:35)
I guess I have to live it out. Why I couldn’t stay silent. Number two. No, I’m not doing that, but thank you guys so much for your support. I truly appreciate and love you guys. You’re like my extended family. I can’t wait to see some of you guys next week and if you haven’t got your tickets to DC, get your tickets. We’re going to have a blast. It’s going to be amazing. We’re going to be a Donald Trump’s hotel. Uh, April 13th, Goto deplorables, the number for Donald J That’s deplorables. The number for Donald J get your tickets. Alexander Davis is amazing. He’s going to be there, Dylan Wheeler, but I’m going to be there. It’s going to have it. We’re going to have a fun time. We got a lot of surprise stuff coming up. It’s going to be an amazing night and I would love to see you. I’d love to meet you. I’d love for you to be there. So get your tickets there. Deplorables for a Donald J God bless you guys. I think I saw another, a super chat. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you, Monica. Joanne, Linda, Laurie. Thank you a Lucy. Uh, you guys are all amazing. Please go watch that brand and struck video. Please share it and have a great rest of your night and a great weekend. God bless you. Bye Bye.

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Daily Show – Feb 4th, 2019 Episode

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Social and Political

[VIDEO] Stacey Abrams Slam: The Georgia Fetal Heartbeat Bill Is ‘Evil’

We here on this page are very strongly pro-life, and I think it’s safe to say that preserving the lives of unborn children and abolishing the practice of abortion is at the very top of our priorities. We strongly believe that a new life begins at the instant of conception, and that to deliberately take steps to kill that unborn infant is without a doubt, infanticide.

Failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has other ideas, and she aired some of those opinions with Joy Reid on MSNBC’s AM Joy.

From Breitbart:

Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” 2018 Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said the Georgia “fetal heartbeat” bill that would ban abortion as soon as a doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat was “evil.”

While discussing a potential filming boycott in Georgia if the bill becomes law, Abrams said, “We have to be a state that is not only friendly to businesses we have to be friendly to the women who work in businesses. You should not have to worry about your ability to controlling your bodily autonomy because the governor has pushed such an abominable and evil bill that is so restrictive. It’s not only bad for morality and our humanity, it’s bad for business.”

Source: Breitbart News

Stacey sounds to me like someone who should go to see the movie Unplanned. It might serve to open her eyes to the reality of abortion’s horrors. Protecting the lives of our unborn should be at the top of the priority list. It’s not about a business decision, and it’s certainly not about the woman’s rights exclusively.

When that child was conceived, from that moment on it is a completely separate individual person with totally unique characteristics shared with no other person on the planet. Killing babies willy-nilly as we have been puts us on a destructive path that ultimately will result in our demise.



To try Amazing and All Natural supplements that our founder David J Harris Jr had developed, click here!

My book is here!  And I personally handed a copy to our President at the White House!!! I hope you enjoy it !

BOOK – Why I Couldn't Stay Silent

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Gaza Children Trained as Terrorists

Gaza, a strip of land on the beautiful Mediterranean, was once considered southern Israel. It is now Palestinian Arab controlled and run by a designated terrorist organization. Arab children as young as five years old are trained in terror.  They are taught their life goal is to “kill the Jews.”

In this article, I will share with you the history of how we got to this point and the dangers Israel faces today.

Thanks to “Israel Unwired” for the below video.


A Year of Terror

Since 2018 the governing body of the Gaza strip, Hamas, has directed its citizens to riot at the Israel border fence. Tires are burned to create a thick black smokescreen. The smoke ensures the Israeli army can not see who is throwing bombs at them, or at whom they are returning fire.

30,000 Palestinians attempted to breach security fence at Gaza/Israel border. Women and children used as Human Shields.






Thousands of Gaza citizens are sent to to the Israel border to riot. The Hamas terrorists throw stones and explosives at Israeli soldiers on the other side.

The masses try to breach the border fence. When Israel responds to prevent the breaking the barrier or are forced to fire as grenades and explosives are hurled at them, citizens can be wounded or killed.

This week, the sixth Gaza citizen killed amid the riots was a 13-year-old boy.

Unfortunately, allowing women and children harmed in the riots is a goal of Hamas. They know the world will attack Israel politically if Hamas can get children to be the casualty.

The world media and the UN will condemn Israel for the killing of a child. The anti-Israel UN will not look at the truth. They will not recognize that Hamas purposefully sends children out to attack the Israel Defense Forces with the expectation that a child may die. Hamas knows that this will bring vilification upon Israel.

Women and children used as human shields is a war crime, yet Hamas is not held accountable on the world stage.

The United States Congress recognizes this war crime perpetrated by Hamas. 

On December 21, 2018, the “Sanctioning the Use of Civilians as Defenseless Shields Act” became law. It recognizes the terror organizations Hamas and Hezbollah use of civilians for human shields and imposes sanctions on any member of the groups including not allowing them to enter the United States.

The Truth About Gaza

In 2001 there were 40 bombings in Israel, killing 63 and injuring hundreds more. Hamas, based in the Gaza Strip, claimed responsibility for most of them.

The over 80 car bombs and bus bombs were finally stopped by a security border between Gaza and Israel.  Israel completely withdrew every Jewish family and resident from the area. The Palestinians were given the land.

Israel withdrew from Gaza, only to have terror continue – 

In 2005, in a “Land for Peace” deal, Israel GAVE the Palestinians 100% control of Gaza.

Israel forcibly removed every Jewish family from their homes in Gaza, literally pulling them out of their generational homes against their will.

Neighbors that lived side by side for generations were separated and scattered to far ends of Israel, destroying their lives. The Israeli government did this to their Jewish people to give Palestinians a strip of land they could call their own. The Palestinians could now govern themselves. Israel did this to try to get peace.

The Palestinians in Gaza were now self-governed. In 2006 they elected the terrorist organization Hamas as their governing body, rather than the Palestinian Authority which governs Judea and Samaria, also known as the “West Bank.”

Israel left an infrastructure of buildings and greenhouses in Gaza to give the Palestinian people a start at building a viable food source and productive environment for their community. Gaza could have been, should have been, developed into a thriving resort by the sea.

Instead, the Palestinians of Gaza elected a terrorist organization bent on eliminating Israel as their leaders. They then proceeded to send thousands of rockets and terrorists into Israel. They forced Israel to build a security fence to stop unbridled terrorism.

By giving the land, giving the Palestinians a chance to build a peaceful society side by side with Israel, Israel got in return a terrorist neighborhood bent on bombing and killing them.

When the terrorism got stronger, Israel had to retaliate to protect her citizens. The United Nations and the anti-Israel forces screamed: “look at Israel, they are killing the Palestinians.”

The below map shows Gaza today in the Southwest corner of Israel, alongside the Mediterranean Sea, also bordering Egypt. The ranges of rockets currently located in Gaza, operated by Hamas displays the danger Israel faces.


My book is here! And I personally handed a copy to our President at the White House!!! I hope you enjoy it !

BOOK – Why I Couldn't Stay Silent

Thank you for writing the foreword for it!!!

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