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Collusion for Hillary Exposed! The MSM Bias, The Dems Choose illegals Again and President Trump!

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Hello family and friends that time. Once again on today. What is today is Wednesday. Today is Hump Day. How are y’all doing out there that day on this? He, somebody had to remind me was Wednesday. I have been nonstop on the go folks, but it feels so good to be back. Came back last a yesterday and uh, I’ll be here again until Tuesday when I head to New York to go to Harlem where my brother, my very good friend Brandon struck or the walkaway campaign has been hitting the streets. I’ve got some video to show you folks. He’s hitting the streets in Harlem. He’s talking to people down there that are the Democrat Paul there. They’re the Democrat community. Uh, I’ll let the, I’ll let the clip speak for themself folks, but they’re interested in here what this brother has to say. So I’m really excited about that.

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Tuesday we fly out. I’ll do what I can to come to you guys live during that, uh, that week. But I, my wife and I, my bride and I will be spending next week in New York. Who Do we have out there? I can say hello to you really quickly while I talk about you guys. Uncorked I’m telling you this drink I wouldn’t get through the day without this drink that I created. The super fruits and herbs in this are amazing. Go to uncork, Use the code, David, that’s me. And you’ll save 20% on your whole order. I know you’re going to live how you feel. We’ve got a multivitamin I take every single day. If you’re over 40, you should absolutely be taking it. Uh, let me see what we got in here. I see a lift. I see James started right off with a super chat over there.

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Thanks brother Pete. I see that over there. I see Youtube, I see Facebook and I see periscope and Twitter as well. Michelle Rose over there on periscope and Twitter. Thank you guys so much for chiming in. I’ve got some news for you today folks. We have been waiting for over two years now to find out about the supposed collusion between our president, Donald Trump and Russia. And, and guess what we just learned there was collusion that was trying to happen on behalf of you crane, but it wasn’t for Donald Trump. It was for Hillary. We’ve known all along folks this whole, which has been trying to hide stuff, but it is coming out. And uh, now we’ve got, there’s proof that the Ukraine tried to, tried to help Hillary Clinton talk about your collusion folks. Ukraine government interfered in the 2016 election to help Hillary Clinton. The whole video is amazing folks.

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You got to watch it and get off after this show. Watch a video. So much corruption surrounding the 2016 presidential election and investigations have only focused on one person, Donald Trump. Well, Ukrainian press, prosecutor general, uh, in an interview with the hills, John Solomon on Wednesdays said that he started an investigation into the alleged attempts by Ukrainian government officials to interfere in the U s elections. You got to watch the video for yourself. It’s right here. I’ll let you go watch it after the show. But folks, it just, it’s more and more proof. There was no collusion with Russia and Donald Trump. If anything, they were trying to help Hillary. You remember the big Ole fat speaking fee that Bill Clinton got half a million dollars to show up all around the same time Hillary was selling off 20% of our country’s uranium to Russia. But Oh, let’s paint it on Donald Trump.

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Let’s paint him as the bad guy. I, I, I tell you, God, I literally want to be living underneath the rock. You have to want to be clueless. You have to want to not really know what’s going on or you’re so emotionally just stirred up over all of the vile, all the negativity. 93% of mainstream media is negative towards our president. And I got to tell you, it’s going to get worse as Fox News continues to do what they do. I was talking with a good friend of mine of the blaze and I am really thankful that we have the blaze network. I’m telling you that you got to pay attention to that. Uh, and uh, and who knows what’s to come for them. But, uh, and for me. So we’ve got Ukrainian collusion and now we find out as well that the cool, yes, there was a coup to try to take down.

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Our president didn’t just include people in our government, but it also included ambassadors, our own ambassadors. Folks, are you stinking kidding me? Mark Meadows said the COO plot against Trump included u s ambassadors, Hannity and Mark Meadows, Gregg Jarrett and Sarah Carter on his program to discuss the deep state’s coup against president Trump. Uh, it was during the segment that rubber representative Mark Meadows dropped a nuclear bomb when he revealed that the plot included several us ambassadors as well as we all knew, the FBI, the DOJ, and the Obama administration. Meadow says, if we declassify and release the documents that he’s seen, the American people would see the entire Russia collusion investigation is nothing more than a hoax. We must get all of these documents released, otherwise the deep state will be emboldened to try to do it again. Folks, we’ve got us. We’ve got to start a Hashtag or keep it going.

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Release the documents. We, the American people deserve to know the truth. Why is it the Democrats, the Doj, all these corrupt individuals and organizations want to keep the American people from knowing and seeing the truth. I think when we know and see the truth a whole heck of a lot more of us and less and less there again, and I’m thinking about this video that I’m going to show you, people are so just stirred up about Donald Trump that they don’t even really want to recognize the truth when it slaps him in the face. And then I got another video. I didn’t load it, but I’ll, I’ll, I’ll show you. You have to stay tuned for that video. Uh, but uh, more another gym from AOC, Alexandria Casia Cortez folks. I think the people are really waking up to understand who they voted for and who they elected.

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I think the Democrat Party and Democrats across the country are waking up to say, you know what, how did this woman get into office? And the Justice Democrats that put her there, they want to do it all over the country. They used AOC as a marker, as a Guinea pig, if you will. They found a bartender that didn’t know crap about politics that didn’t have one iota of Iq common sense have to do with the government, uh, Congress, how it all works or operates or anything so that she had to be forced to be dependent on them feeding her information. And we see this and recognize this every time she gets into a one on one with somebody, she has no idea what she’s talking about. So now she comes out and she’s absolutely, she’s actually blaming, she’s blaming her own her own people in New York for the Amazon deal there.

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She’s claiming them. And then she also came out in this article, shows that she’s now actually saying that illegal aliens folks, this is the Democrat emo, illegal aliens are her constituents. What is this woman’s smoking? I have no clue. It’s not good though. Another AOC, Jim illegal aliens residing in my district are Mike constituents that she’s basically giving the big middle finger to American citizens. A few days ago, AOC as commerce secretary Wilbur Ross about his plan to add, add a citizenship, quite a question to the 2020 census. During that session, she made a comment that point squarely into the real reason why so many Democrats are against the building of a barrier. At our southern border, she called illegal aliens. Her constituents, folks wake up and smell the stench that’s coming off the Democrat Party and platform. If there are Democrats that aren’t so left of left, they better wake up and walk away to themselves.

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They’ve had our blacks. It get the heck out of dodge because that party is imploding and it’s individuals like AOC that continued to prove all of us. Absolutely right, so here’s where she blame. Here’s where she blamed a New York. She blamed New York on the loss of Amazon, Amazon campus. It’s, you just can’t make this stuff up, folks. You really can’t. A poll was taken recently on the loss of the Amazon campus, and it’s 25,000, 25,000 high paying jobs to see you when you are blamed for the last 67 respondents say losing Amazon was a disaster. A 38% put the blame squarely on exactly Alexandria Ocozzio Cortez. Uh, that’s more than a than even Kool moe got her, her, her success rating, her a favor. Ability rating is taking faster than a, I won’t say that, but it’s taken pretty stinking fast, folks. Americans are waking up.

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So finally the Democrats have actually done something about it. The board of, uh, Justice Democrats has d listed her from the board. Who I, I don’t know why this is so funny. I knew she tend this tour itself, right? I mean, they did it. They put her up there, they’ve propped her up there to try to be a speaking tool, uh, speaking about peace them and try to say, here’s what we’re going to do and how they don’t want to have nothing to do with her, isn’t it? It is kind of funny. I think it’s pretty stinking funny. Ooh, hold on a minute. Like are you kidding me?

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Hold on. He’s said buy up cork tee right here man. Oh Man. What is not funny is what has been revealed that almost a million. We knew it had to be a lot. I reported on all the cases. Every time there was a, an exposure of a, of illegals that were voting in our, uh, in our elections this last election that I tried to expose it. Now it comes out that close to 1 million illegal aliens are a suspected, have, have voted in the 2016 election. This is coming from Tom fit and who is getting a lot more information than anybody else in the government right now. Thank you Tom. Fitting for what you’re doing. 900,000 illegal aliens voted in 2018 says judicial watch. If you’ve seen that picture, undocumented is just another name for Democrat. One of the biggest concerns for all of us conservatives and for America is voter fraud.

Speaker 1: (10:08)
In 2020. Democrats are getting more brazen in many cases such as Broward County. They don’t, they don’t even try to hide it. Tom Finn estimates that 900,000 illegals voted in 2018 with as many close elections as there were 900,000 votes definitely swung election to the Democrats favor. You got to read that. Hopefully a shared the article. This is why the Democrats don’t want the wall. This is why they understand that these Democrats are voting, these illegals, these illegal undocumented are voting and they’re voting for the freebies, and it was just a couple of days ago that I shared where there was a factory where they were churning out fake id cards to illegal aliens. They had done it 10,000 plus times. They were just churning these things out. It’s like where did they find this stuff? Well, word probably travels fast. You get into the country. Then you talked to this Amere and he talks to Jose and then he’s going to connect you with this guy.

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He’s going to give you a fake id and you’re going to get all of the freebies that all the Democrats want to pass out to you. So who are you going to vote for? You’re going to vote Democrat. That is exactly the plan of the Democrats and that’s why they don’t want a wall. I don’t have this cute up, but I was excited to see that the Pentagon said they found 12.5 billion, 12 point $8 billion that can be used to build the wall. There is no further reason, no further discussion of why we shouldn’t have a wall. We need a wall. Americans need a wall. Build a stinking wall. That’s what you’ve got on the conservative side and that’s what every, every American should really understand. That with a flood of illegals means you’re going to have a lot less opportunity for jobs, less opportunity for growth, less opportunity for expansion, especially if you’re in the lower income bracket.

Speaker 1: (11:54)
Now you’ve got this Democrat want to be hopeful presidential candidate for 2020 that’s blatantly come out and she’s absolutely just saying, not only do we want illegals here, but we want to give illegal social security benefits. Are you kidding me? How many Americans have paid into social security, social security for decades and that’s supposed to be there for them when they retire? It’s already broke. It already has problems and this Democrat wants to then add illegals to the roster of who gets benefits. It’s disgusting. 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful wants to expand social security benefits to illegal immigrants. Folks, you cannot make this stuff up. Immigration or more precisely illegal immigrations were the hottest topics. Democrats continue to be outed for their boosting. This woman’s specifically just says, you watch the video. First, we need comprehensive immigration reform. If you’re in this country now, you must have the right to pay into social security, pay your taxes, pay at a local school system, and have the pathway to citizenship.

Speaker 1: (12:57)
That must happen. Immigration is not a security issue. It’s an economic and humanitarian and a family issue and there’s no such thing as an illegal human. That’s what all these Democrats want to say, and she goes on to talk about the benefits that they should get. Folks, the Democrats don’t have a leg to stand on for the 2020 election. The only way, the only way that the Democrats could get any candidate to come anywhere close to competing with Donald Trump and the PR in the, in the presidential election race of 2020 is voter fraud. And that is why they are so against the wall. They know that’s their only shot. They have no platform to run on their expanding partial birth abortion. They’re talking about infanticide. It’s got people, I’m gonna show you this clip now I’m going to Harlem next week. My brother, my good brother Brandon struck love that guy. He’s doing an amazing job hitting the streets. He’s not trying to call in all the conservatives. He’s out there hitting the streets of Harlem and talking to these people and saying, don’t you think we could do better? Watch this clip. It’s a clip, a short clip. Uh, the whole segment is on youtube on, they’ll walk away campaign on Youtube, check out this clip

Speaker 2: (14:05)
in New York City. More black babies are boarded than born alive and the Democrats are pushing for more lenient abortion policies. They actually, until the baby gets full term. So does, yeah, that’s right. Yeah, I’m definitely against that. I feel like that’s not, that’s not that she isn’t, that’s not right at all. Especially because they’re already full term. So I was already against the abortion segment anyway because it’s wrong. Would you be interested in seeing our movie on March 27th? It’s Wednesday. It’s completely for free. We’re going to have a panel after the movie discussed. That’s, I’m Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s God niece. Uh, this is a good friend of mine, David Harris, Jr. These are, these are people who have either walked away from the Democratic Party or they’ve always been conservative. What we really want to do is just have a discussion because 90% of black people are voting Democrat and it’s really wreaked havoc, I think on black neighborhoods and black lives. And I just think that we can do better. Yeah, I’d be interested. Yeah. I’m interested. Do you want to take one?

Speaker 1: (15:07)
He’s talking to these people. She, she talked about what she deals with. Uh, I think that clip talked about the, uh, the, the low income housing that she lives in that’s ran by Democrats and it’s disgusting. There’s roaches, there’s rats. They don’t want to do anything unless somebody gets hurt. And he simply says, can we do better? Should we have a blind allegiance to a political party that has done nothing for the minority community yet continues to beg and demand, not even beg, demand loyalty from the, from the minority community across the country. They do it over and over and over again. Uh, if you just pray for us, we’re not asking you to come. We’re asking that the locals there would show up that that auditorium would be packed at that movie theater would be packed. It seats 275 people. He wants 275 locals in the area that are all democrats there to watch this documentary.

Speaker 1: (15:55)
Eyal and then myself, Dr. Martin Luther King’s God knees, and several other of us are going to be up on a panel afterwards to talk, to listen, to debate, and to answer questions as to why we think we shouldn’t have a blind allegiance to one political party. I know it’s going to be amazing. So please, please pray for us. All right. Now we’ve got why, why the mainstream media is silent. So the New Zealand attack happens. Murder is wrong, period. But why does the mainstream media gives so much attention? It makes such a huge deal out of 49 or 50 people that were murdered over there when it’s happening at a far faster pace against Christian Christians all around the country and the media is silent. This reports come out that murders against Christians in Pakistan has increased by, excuse me, in India, has increased by 57%. Just in this year alone, folks and the mainstream media is silent.

Speaker 1: (16:56)
They’re being persecuted for their faith. It’s happening all over the world. In India, 2019, the number of assaults are up by 57%, uh, over 2018 and the top one off, the numbers are actually much higher because many attacks go unreported because Christians are afraid of retribution for calling the police. Why is it the mainstream media is not talking about this? I shared another article today about an hour ago that absolutely blew up and I’m thankful for all of you that shared it here. We have a Muslin. Here’s the other thing about the mainstream media. They don’t even want to call it what it is. When you’ve got somebody that starts yelling, Allahu Akbar, when you’ve got somebody that’s a professed Muslim, when you’ve got somebody that’s doing it because of their faith, why not call it what it is? Why is the mainstream media afraid to do that? Why are they bowing to the ideology, but they’re not saying anything against Christians?

Speaker 1: (17:48)
I have a personal, a disrespect for that because it’s disrespecting me, but it’s really disrespecting all of America and it’s lying to the American people. This story was a Muslim that took over a school bus and then tried to set it on fire when there’s kids inside of it. Are you kidding me? Why isn’t this all over the sneaker news? Thank God that none of the children I believe we’re at were killed, but 14 of these children on the school bus were injured when this guy tried to, Cha did set it on fire. He’s set the school bus on fire. It was full of children. The mainstream media wants to remain silent. This happened in Italy. He was blaming, it’ll leave for African immigrants who drowned at sea. Uh, he started threatening the children with a knife. Where’s the gun control? And we’re not going to talk about it. It’s not, and it’s the wrong narrative. And it was a knife and police were told about the hijack or they ran him down and before they could get him out, he set the bus on fire. Folks, are you kidding me? Look at this bus.

Speaker 3: (18:49)

Speaker 1: (18:50)
Burned it to the ground. You know, if he could have,

Speaker 3: (18:55)

Speaker 1: (18:55)
I’m sure he would’ve been just fine with that bus being filled with kids. Absolutely disgusting. Absolutely disturbing. And the police come out and they say, well, you know, we’re just going to say it was just some guy. We’re not going to call it out for what it is. Despicable. Absolutely disgraceful. Look at that bus.

Speaker 1: (19:24)
It’s something that we, uh, start by that it’s something that we, uh, we need to be aware of. We need to share the real news because the mainstream media is not doing it. They’re not doing it. They’re not doing it well. They’re doing it wrong on purpose. I actually have an opportunity, I’m going to be on Fox business tonight actually right after I get off of this show. I got to get ready to be on Fox business news with Trish Reagan. Uh, there’s a sit in for Trish tonight, but I get to debate and talk about with a, with this guy, what’s his name? I don’t know. Chris did something that basically is going to debate me on why I, why I think Donald Trump is not a racist and why, uh, the why one of the top Democrats is actually comparing Donald Trump to Hitler. So we’re going to debate, we’re going to talk.

Speaker 1: (20:09)
It should be firing. It shouldn’t be really good. Catch that at Fox business news, I go on about five 20 my time. That’s eight 20 eastern, but a, I know I’m going to have some beautiful stuff to say about why I don’t think Donald Trump’s a racist and why I think the mainstream media are actually the enemy of the people. Uh, here we go. I didn’t think I had this cute up, but I do 12 point $8 billion available for the wall bill, the stick and Whoa folks, we need to build the wall. Department of Defense has come out, uh, the clarity that they’ve got at least 12 point $8 billion to build the wall. Uh, Trump declared last month a national, he said he only needs 3.6 billion to wall. The Pentagon’s list said it’s found possible funding sources and excess of the amount that it needs total. It’s about 12 point $8 billion.

Speaker 1: (20:57)
Cash that article, read it for yourself and share the heck out of it. There’s no reason for us to not have a wall. And then Glenn Beck again, I had the opportunity to be on Glen’s show last week, Tuesday, and he’s been out, he’s been on Hannity. Here’s what I don’t want to see. Here’s what I’d love to see more of. I don’t want to see us conservatives say, you know what, Glenn, you, you lost it. You came out against our president. You know what? You’re off. You’re off. That’s not how we should treat our own. That’s how liberal street there, but the other liberals actually make like they, they hold up for their own. They, they just deny everything and they, they don’t even accept anything. They do everything they can to cover the sins of their brothers and sisters. Really, we should be doing more of that, right?

Speaker 1: (21:38)
It’s like, hey, if a person is willing to accept are wrong, they’re willing to go on national TV and accept that and apologize for that and say, you know what? I have to admit I had the guy pegged Ron, we should give him Kudos because now going back his back, he, he, he’s declaring, he’s saying, you know what? Not only was I wrong, but Donald Trump has to win the presidency in 2020 and even if you win, do we still may have a problem if the deep state’s not exposed and taking care of, we are officially at the end of our country. If Trump loses 2020 thank you, Glenn Beck. Abscess stinking lutely he cannot lose. A few days ago, yes, I was on a Glenn Beck’s program. Got To talk to Glen About Asa, some pretty amazing things. Uh, but also, uh, about why I voted for Trump. Glenn was originally very outspoken against Donald Trump.

Speaker 1: (22:24)
We know this, but he’s changed his tune a as a part of nearly a 10 minute interview. Beck explain how he believes various radical groups are plotting together to destabilize the West warning that the plan is already in motion. I said what was coming and the last few steps where that the radical, the anarchists and the Islamic and the Socialists would all gather together. They would not, they would not be working together planning together, but they would see an opportunity and they would all come together and work to destabilize Europe and America back toward has told us former colleague. And that is exactly what has happened folks. Thank you for Glenn back. Stepping up and being honest about what’s taking place. And a, we need a whole heck of a lot more than that. I’ve got this to show you. I love this. Our President Donald Trump. Here’s our Trump moment. Our President Donald Trump. I truly believe that he loves America and he loves our military. He’s done more to help clean up the VA and make sure that they’re taking care of our heroes than any past president I can think of. It was a mess. It’s been a mess for decades. It took Donald Trump to get an office and say, we’re going to start fixing stuff and cleaning house. He posted this and I just got to share you. Maybe you’ve seen it, but check this out. Beautiful.

Speaker 3: (23:57)

Speaker 1: (24:30)
Seeing that embrace from a little boy seen his daddy again. I’m not sure how long he hadn’t seen his dad, but seeing that embrace, it brings tears to your eyes. I did mind the first time I watched it and it still tries to choke me up even when I watch it again. Uh, and for our president, Donald Trump, to share that he has a heartbeat with the American people. I truly know. I know without a shadow of a doubt that he loves America. He loves our military and I’m so thankful that we’ve got a president that loves our country, loves our military and is doing what he said he was gonna do. And he’s not afraid to call it what it is. I call things what they are. I got to show you this clip as well. I love it with Donald Trump calls out. I wish I could do that.

Speaker 1: (25:11)
I was given some instructions for about, for Fox business tonight as far as no name calling and be and be nice. What’d he say? I don’t have that. I don’t have the email up. Be No name calling. Uh, no. Cutting him off and basically what it said. So I have to be the one that’s cordial cause how many, you know, I bet you and guarantee you this guy is going to cut me off. He’s going to talk right over me and I’m going to have to sit there and smile, but I will just like the Covington kid. I’ll sit there and smile. I’ll let him look like the Jack, but then he wants to be, if he goes there again, I don’t know. I think you will, but I think it’s going to be fired. That’s Fox News about five 20 the Pacific time I’ll be going on. But I love seeing Donald Trump call things. What they are just like this. On the campaign trail, you called yourself a nationalist. Some people saw that as emboldening white nationalists. Now people are also saying you set the price that you’re racist. There’s some people that say that now the Republican Party is seen as supporting white nationalists.

Speaker 4: (26:04)
What do you make of that? I don’t believe I just, well, I don’t know. Why do I have my highest poll numbers ever with African Americans? Why do I have among the highest poll numbers with African Americans? I mean, why do I have my highest volumes? That’s such a racist question. Honestly. I mean, I know you have it written down and you’re going to tell me, let me say it’s a racist question and Mr President, I love it. You know what the word is? I love our country. I do. You call, you have nationalists, you have globalists. I also loved the world and I don’t mind helping the world, but we have to straighten out our country first. We have a lot of problems. Excuse me, but to say that would, you said it’s so insulting to, it’s a very

Speaker 1: (26:44)
terrible thing. Racist. It comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Really. It’s come a lot more from blacks and Hispanics, especially towards me. Then it has anywhere else my entire life. I tell Ya, I talk about that in my book. If you haven’t gotten my book yet, I know you’re gonna enjoy it. I’m in the studio right now recording the audio book for this. It’s going to be fire. I’m adding some cliff notes. I’m adding some stuff that’s not in the book. That kind of some behind the scenes stories of how some of this came together. I’m really excited, but you can go to David Harris Jr com and click on my store. Click on book to get that and DC. How many of you have been to Washington DC and been to Trump international hotel? I am going to be there April 13th if you would like to come and say hello to me, we’re going to have fun.

Speaker 1: (27:33)
There’s going to be lots of going on. The lot of surprise stuff taking place. Uh, April 13th, I’m going to be in Washington DC at the Trump hotel. You can go right up here to deplorables, the number for Donald Trump, Donald j deplorables for Donald j It’s going to be a celebration. Uh, it’s going to be absolutely amazing. I got my, uh, my good friend Dylan Wheeler of educating liberals. It’s going to be there. This brother break some things down really beautifully. It’s going to be absolutely amazing. So deplorables, a number for Donald J to check it out and to get your tickets and we can hang out together in Washington DC on the 13th at Donald Trump’s hotel. I got to tell you, the food there is amazing. I’m going to have that steak again like I had last time. It was awesome. Folks, thank you so much for your support.

Speaker 1: (28:19)
Thank you for coming by. Spending some time with me. Thank you. P Hefner, Charles Davis, candy. Thank you, Bruce, over on Facebook, Diana, Matt, and Kathleen and thank you over on periscope for all you guys watching over there as well. I appreciate you. I love you all. I’ll see you tomorrow at four o’clock tomorrow. I’ve got amazing guest. A major is running for mayor of Pasadena. You want to hear how this young man that plans to change Pasadena and hopefully that’ll cause a ripple effect across the rest of the country. He’ll be on my show tomorrow. You guys have a great rest of your night. God bless you. Bye Bye.

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A Year of Terror

Since 2018 the governing body of the Gaza strip, Hamas, has directed its citizens to riot at the Israel border fence. Tires are burned to create a thick black smokescreen. The smoke ensures the Israeli army can not see who is throwing bombs at them, or at whom they are returning fire.

30,000 Palestinians attempted to breach security fence at Gaza/Israel border. Women and children used as Human Shields.






Thousands of Gaza citizens are sent to to the Israel border to riot. The Hamas terrorists throw stones and explosives at Israeli soldiers on the other side.

The masses try to breach the border fence. When Israel responds to prevent the breaking the barrier or are forced to fire as grenades and explosives are hurled at them, citizens can be wounded or killed.

This week, the sixth Gaza citizen killed amid the riots was a 13-year-old boy.

Unfortunately, allowing women and children harmed in the riots is a goal of Hamas. They know the world will attack Israel politically if Hamas can get children to be the casualty.

The world media and the UN will condemn Israel for the killing of a child. The anti-Israel UN will not look at the truth. They will not recognize that Hamas purposefully sends children out to attack the Israel Defense Forces with the expectation that a child may die. Hamas knows that this will bring vilification upon Israel.

Women and children used as human shields is a war crime, yet Hamas is not held accountable on the world stage.

The United States Congress recognizes this war crime perpetrated by Hamas. 

On December 21, 2018, the “Sanctioning the Use of Civilians as Defenseless Shields Act” became law. It recognizes the terror organizations Hamas and Hezbollah use of civilians for human shields and imposes sanctions on any member of the groups including not allowing them to enter the United States.

The Truth About Gaza

In 2001 there were 40 bombings in Israel, killing 63 and injuring hundreds more. Hamas, based in the Gaza Strip, claimed responsibility for most of them.

The over 80 car bombs and bus bombs were finally stopped by a security border between Gaza and Israel.  Israel completely withdrew every Jewish family and resident from the area. The Palestinians were given the land.

Israel withdrew from Gaza, only to have terror continue – 

In 2005, in a “Land for Peace” deal, Israel GAVE the Palestinians 100% control of Gaza.

Israel forcibly removed every Jewish family from their homes in Gaza, literally pulling them out of their generational homes against their will.

Neighbors that lived side by side for generations were separated and scattered to far ends of Israel, destroying their lives. The Israeli government did this to their Jewish people to give Palestinians a strip of land they could call their own. The Palestinians could now govern themselves. Israel did this to try to get peace.

The Palestinians in Gaza were now self-governed. In 2006 they elected the terrorist organization Hamas as their governing body, rather than the Palestinian Authority which governs Judea and Samaria, also known as the “West Bank.”

Israel left an infrastructure of buildings and greenhouses in Gaza to give the Palestinian people a start at building a viable food source and productive environment for their community. Gaza could have been, should have been, developed into a thriving resort by the sea.

Instead, the Palestinians of Gaza elected a terrorist organization bent on eliminating Israel as their leaders. They then proceeded to send thousands of rockets and terrorists into Israel. They forced Israel to build a security fence to stop unbridled terrorism.

By giving the land, giving the Palestinians a chance to build a peaceful society side by side with Israel, Israel got in return a terrorist neighborhood bent on bombing and killing them.

When the terrorism got stronger, Israel had to retaliate to protect her citizens. The United Nations and the anti-Israel forces screamed: “look at Israel, they are killing the Palestinians.”

The below map shows Gaza today in the Southwest corner of Israel, alongside the Mediterranean Sea, also bordering Egypt. The ranges of rockets currently located in Gaza, operated by Hamas displays the danger Israel faces.


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