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Beto Openly Supports Infanticide, Dems Want to Trash the constitution and Major Williams Joins Me!

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Hello Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends were around the country and even around the world. This is hopefully one of your favorite deplorable brothers right here. Checking in David, Jay Harris, jr saying hello on this amazing Thursday. Tgit. I say Tgi t even though Thursday doesn’t start with, we’ll start with a t, but you, you get what I mean? It’s better than saying Tgi fee, I guess, but I thank God for every single day that we’re alive and I thank God for every single day that Donald Trump is our president. Are you kidding me? Every day you got a good reason to wake up and shout a man and just remind yourself that Hillary is not our president. Folks, I’ve got an amazing show lined up for you today. I’ve got special guests, Major Williams that is running for mayor of Pasadena, California. Are you kidding me? This man needs our support.

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You’ve got to hear what he has to say, why he got into politics and what kind of changes he wants to make and bring to his area of southern California. We need a lot of change. We need maybe a lot of you folks to get up, get out and do and take action and do what you can in your city as well. We’ve all got a role to play. We all can do something. We all must do something. Hello over there. Use a Jima. Gwendolyn, Bonnie Hour. You, it looks like my mix. A little hot is my like a little hot. I’ll quiet down a little bit for you guys. Hello. Over there on Twitter and periscope and hello on Facebook. My amazing Facebook family. You guys are awesome. Love that. You guys are always here to chime in and say hello to me. So let’s get into some news before I bring up my special guests.

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Uh, we’ve, uh, we just continued to be Florida’s in the house. Hey, Ruth, Carolyn, Laura, Laurel and uh, and Renee Jones. Bless you ladies. So we’ve got some, uh, just the nonstop bias folks. The bias from the mainstream media just does not stop. Yeah, I shared yesterday the bias that we all have experienced and witnessed when it comes to the absolute pandemonium that the Left Street, the left leaning mainstream media has exhibited over the 49 Muslims that were murdered. And again, murder. Nobody ever, ever is okay obviously. But how come they’re not giving the same kind of attention to Christians? It makes you wonder folks. It really, really stinks. It does. I shared yesterday of a, of a Muslim that got on a bus and took over the kids, took off with these kids and then set the bus on fire. 14 of those kids were injured. I shared that in uh, uh, in, uh, India, 59% increase in attacks against Christians.

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And then just today I have to share this heartbreaking news and it just makes you wonder, it makes you sick. Why the mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about Christians being attacked or being slaughtered. Over 200 Christians have been slaughtered in Nigeria. Where is the main stream? Media is outrage. It doesn’t exist. Over the past few days, we posted several reports on the Christian genocide in Nigeria. The Christchurch, New Zealand shooting in the Muslim mosques was figured till figuratively trumpeted from the rooftops by the mainstream media outlets. Why the slaughter of Nigerian Christians is ignored. The latest update that came to our attention is that the murders are ongoing with no slowing down. The death toll as of last week’s massacre of Nigerian Christians by militant Muslims, uh, has risen to 200 according to report released Friday by open borders 200, four times as many. Yet why is the mainstream media ignore it?

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They’re silent about it. You know what, even if you’re not a Christian, it should really open your eyes to realize the absolute complete bias that exists in the mainstream media when they want to highlight certain issues and they don’t even talk about other issues. What if you wind up on the wrong side of the issues that the mainstream media wants to talk about? If you’re on the wrong side of those issues, you’re going to feel very [inaudible]. Uh, you’re going to feel like the injustice has been done to you and it’s gonna make you want to do something about it. So the fact that you may be, you know, you’re like, Hey, I’m with this bandwagon. If you at least see the bias, you could recognize what’s going on and it’s disgusting. It’s despicable and it should stop. It needs to stop. Um, El Paso, our border, it’s so porous that they are coming in by the thousands in five minutes, just five minutes.

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They apprehended 400. How did we even have enough border security and even catch 400 illegals? And if they caught 400, how many of them got around them and went in some other way? Guys are getting into our country because of the freebies that they get. I always am sharing this. I don’t understand why anybody would be against the wall, but the fact of the matter is this, they know that they get free stuff when they get into our country. And so they’re coming in and the Democrats know that they’ll vote for Democrats. So they want them in. That’s the only reason that they don’t want a wall. El Paso sector, border patrol apprehends 400 migrants and five stinken minutes. And did you hear about this on the mainstream media? We reported 60 76,000 entered through the southwest u s border in February the most in 12 years.

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But at a point, the issue of the huge number of illegal illegals coming in across our southern border, the official tally for just a month of February, it was 76,000 it looks like it’s going to skyrocket over 100,000 but when you look at and you add up 400 caught in five minutes, folks, we can be literally, we can have numbers that are like 200 or even 300,000 in a month. They know that we want a wall. They know our president is pushing for a wall, so they know the time is short for them to get into our country and once they’re in it’s catch and release. Pretty much. It’s a give him a citation and it’s hope that they come back for a court date because we don’t have the facilities to be able to detain you and that’s a threat to our American way of life. That’s a threat to all of us.

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It’s a, it’s just a threat and it’s breaking the law. There is a way that you do things. How many of us American citizens can just break the live will and then just get released back out in the public and not ever have to show up for a court date. It’s Asinine. They know where we live, we’ve got addresses. They were in the system. These people aren’t in the system. They’ve got nothing to worry about and that’s why the Democrats want to continue to just allow them to get into our country. Something that I think that should have been all over the mainstream media. I know that there has been a slow indoctrination process trying to take place in our schools just like it’s taking place over in the UK. In other parts of the world. The school systems have adopted these teachings where they’re actually teaching our kids how to convert to Islam and even trying to get the kids to walk the parents through what it means to convert.

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They’re trying to convert a whole families through our educational system. Well, this father took it on head on and thank God he actually, one father takes on Sandy San Diego. It’s happened in San Diego. Father takes on San Diego schools over the care curriculum and wins after the 2016 election. San Diego Board of education, bit over forward literally to care and that began a shove Islam down the throats of the children. One father, Christopher Rick who told the board that he would not keep quiet like kind of like my book. I’m not going to stay silent. He would not keep quiet and they would have to drag him out of the meeting. He and some other parents sued the school district over that policy and they prevailed. Thank God the school has now agreed to rules that will, that will no longer favor Islam over other religions. Disappointing care. Who was hoping to roll out the same program nationally.

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It’s pretty disturbing that this is already trying to take hap take root in our country. But when you add to it that we’ve got people love that faith that are now in Congress and I guarantee in 2020, there’s probably going to be, there was over a hundred running for a political positions in 2016 and in 2018, the midterms, uh, in 2020, we’re probably going to have several hundred running it. The writing is on the wall. Folks, if they get in office, they get in positions of power, what they’re doing in the UK, what they’re doing in England, that what they’re doing over there, they will do here and we won’t really have too much to say about it. It’ll be, uh, it’ll kind of be a lost mute point at that point when talking about politicians that are running, I found this clip of Bedo, you know, it’s very interesting to me that every single Democrat presidential candidate, let’s throw in their hat in the ring to run our country.

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They’re not only for late term abortions, which again was the reason we’re the hugest reasons why I wanted to get this book in the Donald Trump’s hands into your hands and into anybody’s hands. That doesn’t think the way we do is because of the parts in here on why I’m so against abortion and why I’m prolife. Again, why couldn’t stay silent? David Harris Jr com click on book, but every single Democrat presidential candidate, therefore late term abortion and therefore infanticide, they, they don’t even want to allow a baby that has survived and attempted murderer, let’s call it what it is. Abortion is murder. So if they survive an abortion that’s attempted murder folks, and these candidates aren’t even willing to then allow that baby to have a right to life. It’s pretty disgusting. And this video comes from Baito or Rourke though I think he’s Hispanic, he says, but he’s dead. He’s Irish. He’s obviously got a whole hell of a lot of white privilege that he’s banking on trying to just get away with whatever he can. But this is from Baytos own mouth talking about whether or not a baby that survives an abortion should be allowed to give medical treatment.

Speaker 2: (10:28)
Thank you for being here. Uh, you gave me a good excuse to get out of school, not be doable. I wanted to ask you about a recent bill that just went through the Senate about two weeks ago and the bill was that if an abortion was performed on a viable fetus and the fetus survive the abortion, the doctor would then be compelled to give that living baby. The same care is any other pregnancy baby. They came out and put that baby through the care. Would you support this bill? That does not in any way limit abortion simply sees all right to keep babies alive that had been born alive. Thank you for the question. The way that I would approach your questionnaire and this issue generally is to trust women to make their own decisions about their own bodies.

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Folks, let’s call it what it is. He is advocating for the murdering of innocent babies that already survived and attempted murder. He wants to try to kill him again. What kind of evil is this? What kind of absolute evil is this that we would allow politicians to run on? What do they think is taking place in our country? That they would run on such a stance and then they would get, they would get a clap. The people were applauding them. It’s, it makes no sense to me whatsoever what the heck is going on in our country other than the fact that it is a spiritual attack that this country has under. It is absolute evil that is driving these politicians to do this, to speak these ways and obviously it’s in the masses of people out there. It’s the least in small masses when they’ve got people that are in there clapping and cheering at the opportunity to murder babies.

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It’s absolutely disgusting. I’ll tell you one person that I’d love to see a continue to rise through the ranks in politics is my good friend, Major Williams major. I met for the first time in Washington DC. He flew out to meet with Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk and several other of us. Uh, we’ve done a few different events together. He was down at Brexit for in Los Angeles. He is running for the mayor of Pasadena, California and he wants to bring change and folks, I hope you will give this man your support. I’m going to have them on shows. I’m going to be sharing and talking about his campaign and I hope you’ll do the same thing and you’ll share and get the word out and help support this young man and his actions so they bring them up right now. There we go. Major. How are you doing today? My brother

Speaker 3: (13:07)
going on, man, thanks for having me on the show, David. This is awesome man.

Speaker 1: (13:10)
Absolutely major. Thank you so much for joining me today. You know what? You’re down in southern California. You’re in Pasadena. How long have you been down in southern California?

Speaker 3: (13:20)
Well, I’ve been down here for 19 years. I’m originally from Dallas, Texas. I came out here in 2001 and I’ve been living in Pasadena for the last eight years. I came out here and kicking and screaming, but ended up loving the city, loving the culture, loving the people. And of course stepping from behind the curtains down in the political, political Phil, I just want to give back and just add value. And that’s where we are today. Of course, be running for mayor of Pasadena and shaking the entire city. Oh yeah,

Speaker 1: (13:48)
absolutely would. I mean, especially in the fact that you are black, you’re black American and you’re a conservative, you support Donald Trump, uh, and you want to shake things up. Hopefully that’s exactly the kind of combination that’ll get a person to stop and think and say, wait a minute, what does this brother talking about? So tell us why did you decide to get into politics?

Speaker 3: (14:08)
So there’s two different variations from a political ad. You know, I use the analogy as it, I’m in the stands watching a basketball game or a game, you know, see fans are actually shouting, they’re upset and they’re angry, mostly liberals and they’re are saying what you should do or what you shouldn’t do. And, you know, I want to take myself out of the stands and made myself a player because what do you make the true impact and change all the field on the court where the action is. And, um, and, and on a side note, on a personal note, because I have three young sons, curly, and I just think it’s very important to have that kind of framing so my young boys can see leadership in the household because I didn’t have that. So to be able to step there and say, Hey, I’m a step from behind the curtains and I’m about to put myself out there to be criticized, uh, but go for it. Something that I love because they don’t want to seat her daddy’s Friday evening and I just build it up. This great momentum that we have here in this city. And they’re going to be able to just really understand the legacy of what it means to be a true person and also a been going after what you want and this bro.

Speaker 1: (15:13)
So you just said something that made me really think of something that I know we didn’t talk about this ahead of time. Um, but you said that you didn’t have the strong, it sounded like you said you didn’t have a strong father figure growing up. Was that right?

Speaker 4: (15:25)

Speaker 3: (15:25)
Absolutely. I grew up in a household, a single parent house. So, uh, with my mother, uh, three sisters, I did have a relationship with my dad. I met my dad one time and I met him. Uh, and how it made him. My mom dropped me off when it’s sports and, and gave me the peace sign and she took off. She didn’t pass and pigs I was going on and I was with this guy for two months, a whole summer. I spent two months with them. Uh, I couldn’t tell you anything about them. I never had the conversation with the, when I stayed with them. So I did have a father in my life. God, I had angels in my life, good, strong. Then that gave me direction throughout my teenage years and which led me to be able to become who I am today.

Speaker 1: (16:05)
You know, that’s the number one issue I think that’s plaguing our country is fatherlessness in the home. I was just at a, I even hear my church talking about it. One of my pastors, Chris Valton, he was breaking down statistics on, uh, inmates. There’s different studies, but both of the ones that he looked at it and, and all of them, all of them can concur that it’s anywhere from a 75 to 90% of male infant inmates in prison didn’t grow up with a father. So for, for us to hear that you didn’t grow up with a father, it sounds like you had some strong father figure types in your life, which obviously helped guided you and now you’re a father. And how many kids do you have?

Speaker 3: (16:46)
I have three. As of two weeks ago, I have a two week, a two week old, which I’m very excited about. How three.

Speaker 1: (16:53)
Oh, how many, how many boys are in there?

Speaker 3: (16:56)
I have all boys. So how Paolo has, oh boys, thank goodness.

Speaker 1: (17:02)
That’s awesome. Hey, girls are amazing too. I have all girls, but so now you are breaking the mold. You didn’t have a father. You are now a father. You’re a conservative, you support our president, you’re black and you’re being a good father and you’re getting into politics. What is there not to love about this guy? Everybody absolutely love what he has to share. So what are your plans or try to help bring change to Pasadena. And I could see you gripe going right through Pasadena. And then hopefully one day either being in the Senate or just being the governor of this state. Lord knows we need a good level headed, uh, governor running this, the guy running the state. What is a, what change do you wanted to bring to Pasadena?

Speaker 3: (17:44)
So, so my ideal in my platform as a very different from a typical politician, one of the main areas of my concern and now use as a priority on my platform is just informing people about residential prosperity. Uh, never have I seen a candidate, especially locally that focuses on your pocket. So it’s in my residential prosperity. One of the things as an example, it’s called the Pasadena Pasadena’s some fun is something that I have created. It’s an ideal that I’m working on with several people. I’m going to propose a model of it to a church here locally in Pasadena, which focuses on crowdfunding in communities. So in order to combat homelessness to come back affordable housing and rent control, I’m coming up with solutions in between that to help us make extra and to make mortar, uh, versus you know, the same thing. Rhetoric that other politicians say.

Speaker 3: (18:36)
We’re going to create a program that’s going to give you training why four chapters going to be obsolete in five years due to AI. So I’m trying to approach it from a, is this bringing new ideals to the platform and to the world of politics and gender? Well, I think one of those ideas you have as a community walk that’s coming up, right? Why don’t you tell us all about that so that the community work is going to be great here. Recently I went on a random community, my eight year old son, I got all of my materials, materials and not all of them, but we got like a thousand door knockers and, and me and my eight year old son just grabbed the camera. We went out to the community and we went to like 200 doors. I spoke to by many different residents and we just, we just shared the word, share the word and just hearing people’s plights.

Speaker 3: (19:20)
But more importantly, what are the main things I do when I’m out in the community to ask people what do they love about Pasadena? Ironically or typically when you hear that you have a foundation of love and once you have a foundation of love and understanding of why you love this city, then we can truly tackle the, the issues and the tough questions and tough obstacles that we have here in the city. So it was great. So the next one is in April we’ll have a ton of volunteers. Um, and it’s going to be great. I’m looking forward to April when? April what? What is the date in April you are working on the actual date? I’m going to have it on my social media so hopefully everyone’s going to give him the following. Me On social media. I am the candidates that you can actually text, so if you need updates on anything, I give out my number everywhere on every platform though different than writing down.

Speaker 3: (20:04)
So six, two, six, three, seven, five [inaudible] six two six, six two, three, three, seven, five, three. Everyone here locally texted me all the time. I get 170 text messages in a day and they’re asking me random questions, silly questions, but I’m the first politician here locally in the city to ever have that kind of accessibility sensibility to them. And one of the main reasons is because I tell them, I say, Hey, my text campaigns tells you this. If you get five or more people, family members or friends together, I would come to where you are. I don’t care if it’s a cafe or park or your house. I am going to show up and I’m going to share it and allow you to get me your questions so you can really understand it and to see who I am in real time. And I think that’s, and this that’s missing. Love it.

Speaker 1: (20:50)
And that’s so opposite from what we get from Democrat. They don’t. They want as far as this digital way as possible. I love how you say that you’re leading with love. It’s like what do you love? Again, that’s the other opposite with most politicians. It’s like, what do you hate? What needs to be changed? Well, let’s start on a common ground first. Let’s find out what you love. Let’s figure out how to make those things better and let us focus on the other, the other issues as well. Well, I know you’re in a, you’re starting, you’re launching your campaign. I know that you’re looking to raise a little bit of money, not a ton, but I’d love to share your link if I can. I’m going to put his link on this show afterward done where you can donate to his campaign and help this young man grow. And do some amazing things for southern California and I believe eventually one day California will be blessed by this man’s actions. So Major. Thank you so much my brother for coming on the show today. And where can everybody follow you? What’s your main social media platform? Is it Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook? Which one is it?

Speaker 3: (21:49)
Uh, Instagram and Twitter

Speaker 1: (21:52)
major. Four Major. The number for mayor. And that’s on Instagram and Twitter?

Speaker 3: (21:58)
Yeah, it’s just, it’s just a EPO. Ours. So major for mirror.

Speaker 1: (22:02)
Okay. Not the, not the number four major for mayor. Major for mayor on Instagram and Twitter.

Speaker 4: (22:09)

Speaker 1: (22:10)
Perfect. Major. Thank you so much for joining me today. What’s that?

Speaker 3: (22:16)
And you said also the in the bio’s of the social media to phone number. Is there too in case they do want to reach out to me directly have any questions this as well.

Speaker 1: (22:22)
Perfect. Yes. All right, Major. Thank you so much. I know I’ll have you on again. I’d love to stay connected with you on in your campaign trail. What’s what’s happening. And I know I’ll be down there in June in southern California, I believe to help you a at a dinner, a function to just raise awareness to your campaign and uh, bring a spotlight. I’ll add anything that I can to you brother. I love you. I love your message and you’re doing amazing work, so thank you so much for your service and that will all be praying for you.

Speaker 3: (22:52)
Thank you. I appreciate you. Thank you. God bless.

Speaker 1: (22:54)
All right. Thank you so much. Major. God bless brother.

Speaker 1: (22:57)
So folks, that is the kind of individual that we need. We need more people like that, that are willing to get up and get out, get out of the, get, get out of this, the private sector and get into politics and help us because we as a country, we need some stick and help folks. So I will post his link. Uh, you know me and, and this is another good opportunity. If you see there’s a whole bunch of fake Facebook pages popping up with my name on it. It’s not me. This is my only page on Facebook. I have a personal page. Uh, but it, the pictures are different if you, I’m not sending out any friend request and I don’t ever ask you for money through Facebook messenger or anything else. So if you get that, just report it because it’s not me. But I will put the link for major and his campaign on my page and I’d invite you to do what you can.

Speaker 1: (23:44)
A dollar five, $10. He’s only looking for about 10,000 bucks. So you have a thousand of you gave a $10. There you go. He got it. If a 10,000 you’d give a dollar. There you go. He got what? He’s, what he needs, but how much, how well do we understand and know that it takes money to do what you need to do to get things done in the world of politics. So I’m so excited for a major and here’s the alternative folks. Here’s what else is out there that’s trying to knock on the door of the presidency of the United States or that’s leading the charge with the Democrats Rep Rashida to lead is now tearing the Democrats apart. She is upset with these democrats and them not wanting the the green new deal. She basically is saying, you know what? Screw you. We were going to get them to green, new deal.

Speaker 1: (24:31)
Anyway, literally progressive’s are moving forward with the green new deal without Pelosi’s support folks. It’s a, it’s pretty upbeat. It’s a beautiful thing to me to see the Democrats eat themselves alive. She confirmed her full support for AOC is green new deal this week, pledging to move forward on legislation that will inevitably destroy the American economy despite the fact even Polosi opposes it. What she says to me, you have to represent your district. She says this to every new member said to leave. She never asked me to back down on any other issue. Once the green new deal is fully explained to the people, we believe that there will be certain overwhelming majority of them would will start to question why they voted for this scatter brained woman. If you haven’t seen that whole article, folks, it’s hilarious. See the whole thing for yourself and share it.

Speaker 1: (25:21)
The green do deal is a disaster. Let’s get rid of cars. Let’s get rid of up airplanes. We’ve got to stop the cow farts and every heater and cooler and every business across the country needs to be replaced, even if it’s doing just fine and just let the taxpayers deal with all of it. Yeah, that sounds like a great deal. No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t sound like a great deal at all. And uh, here’s a Democrat presidential hopeful that a, well actually these, these presidential hopefuls, they actually want to, uh, they would have to change for constitutional amendments, uh, in order to get these things, uh, and in order to get these things passed, Democrat hopefuls awful offer four plans that would require constitutional amendments. Uh, the Democrats running for president are making four promises they cannot possibly deliver on, which is good for them because they can’t be held accountable since they require constitutional amendments.

Speaker 1: (26:15)
They’re lowering the voting age to 16. They want to introduce term limits to supreme court justices. They want to dissolve the electoral college and adopting a national popular popular vote and reintroducing equal rights amendments. The house could pass all four bills, but it’s unlikely the Senate would, the reintroduction of these equal rights amendment is purely political and we’d be used as an issue election issue in 2020, you know, lowering the voting age to 16. I think I talked about this before, what was paid O’Rourke to at 16, he was making a poetry about running over kids and doing some other pretty evil and disgusting stuff. Now that’s pretty, that’s pretty, I was even doing that at 16, but I still had, didn’t have my head in any politics. Nobody knows what’s going on in 16. You’re barely, most kids don’t know what’s going to 16.

Speaker 1: (27:03)
Uh, every once in a while I’ll see a young, a young individual teenager that actually has her head on straight and has, they’re headed to politics and that’s great. When they’re that point and they’re at that level when they’re 18, let them vote. But don’t let them vote any sooner than that. They’re still learning how to drive cars and they don’t do that very well either. That’s why insurance for a brand new 16 year old drivers always through the roof. You parents out there and know exactly what I’m talking about. So again, the Democrats are offering nothing as far as bringing anything good to our country. All they’re trying to do is hold onto their jobs. Folks, it’s not going to last very long before America wakes up. And I know that we’re going to have a heck of a time talking about all this and more in Washington DC next month.

Speaker 1: (27:47)
If you haven’t got your ticket yet, I’m going to be in Washington DC next month, April 13th. I’m going to be there with Alexandra Davis. Let me show you this. Alexandra Davis, the guy is amazing. He absolutely is brilliant. He’s been super successful in business. He’s, he’s come out openly supporting Donald Trump and he wants to throw some weight behind helping America celebrate and also get educated on, oh, how we can continue to move the needle from the Democrats over to the conservative side. So deplorables for Donald J. Trump is where you can get your tickets. Uh, we’re, we’re hoping, you know, I remember one time I was at, I was at the Trump hotel and Donald Trump came walking in. It was absolutely amazing. Uh, it was absolutely amazing. So April 13th, five o’clock, Washington, D c You get your tickets there. I’ll be speaking, we got Dylan Wheeler from educating liberals that we’ll be speaking.

Speaker 1: (28:37)
We’re going to have fun. We’re going to take pictures where there’s going to be drinks. You guys know I don’t drink alcohol, but there’s going to be some alcoholic beverages there. Obviously as a part of your ticket, you’re going to have a blast together. We’re going to celebrate and we’re going to kick this off and let this be something that can continue to take place all throughout 2020 as we celebrate Donald Trump and even Donald Trump’s victory, we’re declaring it already. He’s going to win in 2020. I really think even just the fact that this race is taking place in 2020 what is 2020 represent normally perfect vision. I really am praying. I’m speaking. I’m declaring that America is going to have such clear vision of the division of the war that’s taking place in our country from the socialists, the communists. They’d love to take our country down a road from which we’d never recover, and those that actually love this country, love the freedoms and love the constitution and want to keep us the free country that we are.

Speaker 1: (29:35)
I believe that 2020 and the election of Donald Trump is going to help to perpetuate clearer vision for America as a whole. I believe a lot of Democrats are going to wake up and they’re walking away. They already are. In fact, tomorrow I’m going to have my good friend Brandon struck of the walkaway campaign on with me to talk about what we’re going to be doing in Harlem next week. I’ve got a clip. I got one more little clip. You got to see this. This is how you hit the streets and bring people into the meeting that do not support our president, that really don’t even support conservatives that think Donald Trump is a racist. They were throwing stuff at him and he asked the right questions. You got to wait and watch the end of this is about a minute and a half of watching this video and check out my brother Brandon bringing truth to the people on the streets of Harlem.

Speaker 5: (30:21)
Thank you. Do you want to take one? I just know like I feel when you’re under the poverty line you feel like Democrat is for you and it’s really nice. Yeah. And then when you’re above the line, people want to be Republican and you know, it’s just like uh, uh, off and on switch with everything. I think that’s a great point. Everything is just an illusion out head to um, distract everything because why would you give billions of eight bays of Dallas, of eight other countries when you have means of homeless people in your own country? Like fix home first before you go outside and check on your neighbors. That’s a conservative policy. When, when you’re, when you have money, you want to become a real clamp, the kid, because you feel like other people should be working just as hard as you would to get where you at. But when you’re a Democrat, you feel like, well, everything should just be given to me and that’s not true. We should be working for stuff. You know what I’m saying?

Speaker 6: (31:15)
I actually love this guy. Uh, do you think Donald Trump is a racist? Yes. Yes, absolutely. Oh yes.

Speaker 5: (31:24)
Not that just, he’s just a racist. It’s about that he did one thing that no president ever did and it’s like, well, other than Nixon, it’s like he feel the hatred throughout the country.

Speaker 6: (31:35)
I, um, I also used to think that I voted for Hillary Clinton because I thought that Donald Trump was a racist and I thought he was a homophobe. I’m gay. And I thought he was homophobic and I was really scared when he got elected president because I believe the media that kept pushing that narrative and I’ve completely changed my mind now I don’t think he’s a racist. I don’t think he’s a homophobe. What I would love is if you guys came and we had, we just all had a discussion. Would you be open for that? I would, yeah.

Speaker 5: (32:00)
Yeah. We could do this. Might give me a movie scene.

Speaker 1: (32:08)
I love how he brings it to the streets that is taking place in a Harlem. If you are in that area or you know people in that area, share the flyer. Don’t Miss Tomorrow when I’ve got Brandon struck on this show with me. Please praise at that place is packed. We want a full house. We want people there that don’t agree with us. We want people there that don’t believe the way that we do. We want people there that want to listen and are open to hearing why they should change. That’s what it’s all about. So I’ll see you next week and Harlem and get your tickets for DC. I want to see you there. It’s going to be absolutely amazing. You’ll be sorry you missed it. If you don’t get your tickets, so get your tickets and I will see you guys tomorrow at four o’clock with my good friend Brandon struck. God blessed him. Buhbye.

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Daily Show – Feb 4th, 2019 Episode

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Social and Political

[VIDEO] Stacey Abrams Slam: The Georgia Fetal Heartbeat Bill Is ‘Evil’

We here on this page are very strongly pro-life, and I think it’s safe to say that preserving the lives of unborn children and abolishing the practice of abortion is at the very top of our priorities. We strongly believe that a new life begins at the instant of conception, and that to deliberately take steps to kill that unborn infant is without a doubt, infanticide.

Failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has other ideas, and she aired some of those opinions with Joy Reid on MSNBC’s AM Joy.

From Breitbart:

Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” 2018 Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said the Georgia “fetal heartbeat” bill that would ban abortion as soon as a doctor can detect a fetal heartbeat was “evil.”

While discussing a potential filming boycott in Georgia if the bill becomes law, Abrams said, “We have to be a state that is not only friendly to businesses we have to be friendly to the women who work in businesses. You should not have to worry about your ability to controlling your bodily autonomy because the governor has pushed such an abominable and evil bill that is so restrictive. It’s not only bad for morality and our humanity, it’s bad for business.”

Source: Breitbart News

Stacey sounds to me like someone who should go to see the movie Unplanned. It might serve to open her eyes to the reality of abortion’s horrors. Protecting the lives of our unborn should be at the top of the priority list. It’s not about a business decision, and it’s certainly not about the woman’s rights exclusively.

When that child was conceived, from that moment on it is a completely separate individual person with totally unique characteristics shared with no other person on the planet. Killing babies willy-nilly as we have been puts us on a destructive path that ultimately will result in our demise.



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My book is here!  And I personally handed a copy to our President at the White House!!! I hope you enjoy it !

BOOK – Why I Couldn't Stay Silent

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Gaza Children Trained as Terrorists

Gaza, a strip of land on the beautiful Mediterranean, was once considered southern Israel. It is now Palestinian Arab controlled and run by a designated terrorist organization. Arab children as young as five years old are trained in terror.  They are taught their life goal is to “kill the Jews.”

In this article, I will share with you the history of how we got to this point and the dangers Israel faces today.

Thanks to “Israel Unwired” for the below video.


A Year of Terror

Since 2018 the governing body of the Gaza strip, Hamas, has directed its citizens to riot at the Israel border fence. Tires are burned to create a thick black smokescreen. The smoke ensures the Israeli army can not see who is throwing bombs at them, or at whom they are returning fire.

30,000 Palestinians attempted to breach security fence at Gaza/Israel border. Women and children used as Human Shields.






Thousands of Gaza citizens are sent to to the Israel border to riot. The Hamas terrorists throw stones and explosives at Israeli soldiers on the other side.

The masses try to breach the border fence. When Israel responds to prevent the breaking the barrier or are forced to fire as grenades and explosives are hurled at them, citizens can be wounded or killed.

This week, the sixth Gaza citizen killed amid the riots was a 13-year-old boy.

Unfortunately, allowing women and children harmed in the riots is a goal of Hamas. They know the world will attack Israel politically if Hamas can get children to be the casualty.

The world media and the UN will condemn Israel for the killing of a child. The anti-Israel UN will not look at the truth. They will not recognize that Hamas purposefully sends children out to attack the Israel Defense Forces with the expectation that a child may die. Hamas knows that this will bring vilification upon Israel.

Women and children used as human shields is a war crime, yet Hamas is not held accountable on the world stage.

The United States Congress recognizes this war crime perpetrated by Hamas. 

On December 21, 2018, the “Sanctioning the Use of Civilians as Defenseless Shields Act” became law. It recognizes the terror organizations Hamas and Hezbollah use of civilians for human shields and imposes sanctions on any member of the groups including not allowing them to enter the United States.

The Truth About Gaza

In 2001 there were 40 bombings in Israel, killing 63 and injuring hundreds more. Hamas, based in the Gaza Strip, claimed responsibility for most of them.

The over 80 car bombs and bus bombs were finally stopped by a security border between Gaza and Israel.  Israel completely withdrew every Jewish family and resident from the area. The Palestinians were given the land.

Israel withdrew from Gaza, only to have terror continue – 

In 2005, in a “Land for Peace” deal, Israel GAVE the Palestinians 100% control of Gaza.

Israel forcibly removed every Jewish family from their homes in Gaza, literally pulling them out of their generational homes against their will.

Neighbors that lived side by side for generations were separated and scattered to far ends of Israel, destroying their lives. The Israeli government did this to their Jewish people to give Palestinians a strip of land they could call their own. The Palestinians could now govern themselves. Israel did this to try to get peace.

The Palestinians in Gaza were now self-governed. In 2006 they elected the terrorist organization Hamas as their governing body, rather than the Palestinian Authority which governs Judea and Samaria, also known as the “West Bank.”

Israel left an infrastructure of buildings and greenhouses in Gaza to give the Palestinian people a start at building a viable food source and productive environment for their community. Gaza could have been, should have been, developed into a thriving resort by the sea.

Instead, the Palestinians of Gaza elected a terrorist organization bent on eliminating Israel as their leaders. They then proceeded to send thousands of rockets and terrorists into Israel. They forced Israel to build a security fence to stop unbridled terrorism.

By giving the land, giving the Palestinians a chance to build a peaceful society side by side with Israel, Israel got in return a terrorist neighborhood bent on bombing and killing them.

When the terrorism got stronger, Israel had to retaliate to protect her citizens. The United Nations and the anti-Israel forces screamed: “look at Israel, they are killing the Palestinians.”

The below map shows Gaza today in the Southwest corner of Israel, alongside the Mediterranean Sea, also bordering Egypt. The ranges of rockets currently located in Gaza, operated by Hamas displays the danger Israel faces.


My book is here! And I personally handed a copy to our President at the White House!!! I hope you enjoy it !

BOOK – Why I Couldn't Stay Silent

Thank you for writing the foreword for it!!!

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