I for one, as a Black American, and a very proud American, am honored that we have Donald J Trump as our president. I believe he has done more for the Black community, the Hispanic community, women, and America as a whole, than our last four presidents combined.

I Believe the Democrats, the political elites like Nancy Pelosi, are scared… They see the writing on the wall. They all said it would be an absolute disaster if America elected Donald J Trump as our president, and he continues to prove them wrong on every front.

They all said that we would be in a nuclear war situation with North Korea, they were wrong. They said the stock market would crash, they were wrong. Even Obama said the jobs were not going to come back to America, he was wrong. Jobs are flooding back to our country, corporations are accelerating the hiring of new people because of the tax reform bill that was put in place by the Trump administration. Black unemployment is at an all-time historic low for our country. Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time historic low for our country. Unemployment for women as an all time low for our country. So all the Democrat elites can do, is continue to try to drive division in the American community by using race. Hasn’t this arguement been defeateed by now?

From Breitbart

Pelosi said, “We’re going backward, and the president with all of his statements is the master of the dog whistle. Everything he has done, whether it’s taking babies out of the arms of their moms, whether it’s issues that relate to health care in our country, access to services and the rest is  — his whole thing is ‘Make America White Again.’ That’s his thing. He can say a nice thing today in a tweet, but the fact is his actions speak louder than his words.”

You are wrong Nancy Pelosi. The Obama administration separated more parents from their children than Donald Trump has even come close to. And Obama is the one that actually put them in cages.

Obamacare was a total and complete disaster for hard-working, taxpaying Americans. Do you even pay attention to the people? I remember seeing thousands of posts flooding social media from hard-working Americans that were so upset that Obama told them all, “if they liked their healthcare professional, they could keep them”. That turned out to be false. My own family members, myself included, lost access to the healthcare plans that we had relied upon for years. Our healthcare rates did not stay the same as Obama said they would, they doubled, tripled and for some, even quadrupled. Some of us could not even afford to continue to pay for healthcare, which put American families in danger.

Socialized healthcare is socialism. Socialism has devastated Venezuela, you should do your research. Socialism has never worked in any country that has ever tried it. And if you don’t do your research, just please stop talking. And if you do keep talking, just please keep pointing out the fact that you are a Democrat.

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