Well, it’s about time. Protesters in Portland had pretty much taken over the ICE building in Portland, with the mayor and chief of police telling officers to stand down. Evidently the fact that Portland ordered them to remove the fence they put up to protect employees against the snowflake protesters didn’t sit too well with them and then decided if Portland wouldn’t act, they would. The protesters blocked the entrance and exits for vehicles. The feds warned them once – and then started putting them on the ground and arresting them. (I look for liberals to complain about this too but I’m sure the feds don’t care.)

From The Gateway Pundit

Federal Officers unleashed on anti-ICE protesters in Portland Wednesday and pepper sprayed the heck outta them.

Eight protesters were arrested at the ICE building in Southwest Portland, reported KOIN 6 News.

A spokesman for the division responsible for protecting the ICE building in SW Portland said protesters threw objects at federal officers after defying orders to stop blocking the driveway.

Anti-ICE protesters have been causing problems in Portland and across the nation for weeks now.

On Monday, three protesters in Portland were also arrested after assaulting officers.

I am attaching a couple of videos for your entertainment. They show the federal agents demonstrating to the entire country how you deal with protesters who go too far. You have the right to protest but not to block a federal building (which is a federal crime of some consequence as the eight who were arrested will soon find out). They can only hope that Mama keeps the basement clean and tidy and ready for them to move back in…



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