Clapper Blames Obama! Jussie and Chicago and More!

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Hello friends and family from around the country and around the world. It is hopefully one of your favorite deplorables, brother brothers and oh my, oh my. How I missed you. I missed all of you. I miss coming to you guys bringing you the news like I like to bring it and I’m so thankful and appreciative for all of your support. I had an amazing week in New York last week with my bride. We are getting ready to celebrate 25 years folks, 25 years of marriage. That is commitment, especially on my wife’s part. You know, I can be a handful add times, boy, I can be a handful. So we are a, we got to enjoy a little bit of New York City. Got to go out there and spend some time with my friend Brandon struck of the walkaway campaign. Got to see some of you folks as well.

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Thank you so much for those of you that came out to support the walkaway, a documental that I got to be a part of and witness and see Harlem come out and actually get some, uh, get some education on the facts of the Democrat plantation and to see people waking up. Are you kidding me? It is absolutely amazing to see the response that was overwhelming from black Americans and say, you know what? I’m tired of what the Democrats have been doing, how they’ve been operating, the policies that haven’t done anything for them in their communities. They’re tired and they’re willing to look at why we suggest an alternative. And then that’s an easy intro into looking at the policies that have positively impacted not only black Americans, Hispanic Americans and women, but all Americans folks. Those are the policies of our great president, Donald J. Trump. It was absolutely amazing.

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So thank you guys over there on Youtube, on Facebook. I see you a thank you penny and Krystallynn and Molly and over there on youtube, my dms. Thank you so much for helping to keep it classically. I see. I so appreciate that. And if you guys were trending on Twitter, periscope. Thank you guys as well. I really do appreciate all of the support and you know you’ve got, if you’re not on my text list you got to, you got to message the name. David two five three four four five thank you over there knows little to I appreciate that. Text David to five three, four, four or five to be on my texting alert cause I’m going to tell you I’m going to be bringing you guys some information here in the coming weeks. Then if I didn’t have, if I did not have the motto that all things work together for good, if I didn’t believe that a all things work together for good.

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It’s, it’s truly scary. What is taking place on one of the three platforms that I’m on right now, FB, it’s really scary. Zuckerberg actually just came out and issued a statement. He was interviewed over in New Zealand and what he shared, I’ll be breaking it down to you guys in the coming videos coming days, but what he shared, he is putting himself in a position and all of that platform in a position to be able to completely dominate the narrative, control the news. And it would be, it would not be far fetched at all for you guys on Facebook to not see me here. I’m telling you the truth. It is that scary. So if you want to make sure that you can stay up to date with my news, uh, text David to five, three, four, four, five and you’ll be on my text blast. That way if I do happen to just poof, I’m gone one day, at least you’ll get an alert that let you know where you can catch me, where you can find me because I will still bring you the news.

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Obviously I’m still on Youtube and I’m bringing it to you on Twitter as well. But I’m just telling you folks, it is absolutely alarming. It’s very alarming. What is taking place and that this is happening. So let me jump into some news right now. Some of the top stories folks of today is the fact that James Clapper Obama’s former guy is coming out now completely exposing Obama for being the director, the head, if you would, the one initiated an instigating the entire Russia collusion hoax. Are you kidding me? A sitting president get ready to leave office, directs his, uh, heads of command to find any dirt whatsoever and go to work and try to find some collusion between the, the incoming president and Russia, the entire debacle, the entire two year witch hunt, which took 25 $30 million, how many thousands? Hundreds of thousands of man hours. And to find nothing, the American people should be so upset at anything that has to do with the word Democrat in it, period that they should never want to look at or listen to those shenanigans and those people that push that kind of garbage ever again.

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And the mainstream media there. What’s giving me an opportunity to be a voice for all of you? Because they’re complicit in it as well. Here we go with this man. They changed my ego. A little software change here. Messed me up. Let me see. I’ll, I’ll fix it. Don’t worry. I’ll fix it. So let me make sure I can fix it. Oh, is your love life. I love live. I’ll get it fixed. Hold on a second. James Clapper, folks. I shared the video earlier today. Hopefully you saw that. But let’s look at the article itself. James Clapper revealed on CNN. Barack Obama is the one that ordered the Trump, Russia spying operation. Folks. It doesn’t get more damning than that. Former director of national intelligence, James Clapper went on CNN, Anderson Cooper on Monday to talk about the Mueller report after it’s release on Sunday. Special Counsel, Robert Mueller and his team of partisan Democrat donors didn’t find any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia after a two year, which aren’t fake investigation. They also didn’t find any obstruction. We know that because Mueller is a final act of biased against Trump. Left it up to Attorney General William Bar. That means Mueller didn’t find any obstruction, but wanting to make it appear to the media and to the Democrat politicians that Trump’s DOJ. Uh, people let him off the hook. Well, I’ve got the video clip here. I’ll show you where this is. Clapper himself with his own words, sharing this story.

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Jim called me and I are part of the group that were tasked by President Obama to re put together all the reporting we had on the Russian interference,

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fallen into the next set of national intelligence. James Clapper at PSD. It’s me. It’s the Russia probe was initiated by none other than former president Barack Obama. In the recent CNN interview clap had a discussed the findings of special council Robert smalls who founds no collusion between the Russians and president Trump. Clap I suggest is he knew there was no collision. S L e s in March of 2017 but that’s didn’t stop them. I assume media from spinning false collusion that it’s hooves

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and I consistently said we didn’t have the evidence at the time contemporaneously and it was my great hope that the Mueller investigation would resolve that once from for all. And apparently it didn’t.

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Folks, this should upset every single American. This should make every single American second guessed and question what we’ve been hearing, not just from the mainstream media but from every Democrat politician. I stopped saying democratic a long time ago. Even in my book, I don’t call them democratic because they are nothing to do with democratic. They are Democrats there individuals that will use whatever means necessary to try to push their agenda and now we’ve got clapper coming out and now the latest is they’re attacking clapper. This is exactly what the liberal left does. As soon as you try to expose what’s going on, the corruption that’s taking place in their own party, they want to shun you. They want to label you, they want to vilify you. They want to do anything that they can to get people to not listen to what you have to say like it has no credibility.

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This man was the head of the National Intelligence Agency. Are you kidding me? He’s somebody that we should all be listening to and now Americans are hearing it and I believe it’s just like the book. For those of you that got my book, I’m so thankful for that. I put a whole chapter in here on Obama’s scandals. He continues to talk about, he’s the, the scandal free president. I got 18 in here is they, they are still being exposed today. If you haven’t gotten your copy, you can get it at David Harris Jr com and for those of you that did order it and you ordered it for me to sign, I’ve been gone. I’m going to sign those and they will ship out tomorrow. Thank you guys so much. Obama scandals continue to get exposed folks. And I don’t think we’ve seen or heard the last of it.

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I really truly believe that we’re going to continue to hear and see the exposing that’s coming out from those that were in the middle of it. Like James Clapper. You can’t get more credible than a man that was on the inside admitting that both him and [inaudible] were in on it. When Obama said go find the collusion and push that narrative. All of American should be upset. I’m thankful that, uh, I’m thankful that Lindsey Graham, we call them Lindsey Graham 2.0 I’m faithful, that Lindsey Graham is reviewing what our new attorney general bar is actually feeling towards not just this, but the entire Hillary of miss investigation as well. It was never investigated just like this with Obama. They were doing whatever they wanted to, to try to stifle the voices of those that we’re going to stop or put a stop or be a roadblock to their agenda of getting Hillary in office.

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And now we’ve got from ag Bar, we’ve got that. Uh, Lindsey Graham says Agee bar is angry over Hillary email investigation and he’s considering a special counsel. Senator Lindsey Graham says that ag bar is very angry over the fake Hillary email investigation and that he might appoint a special council. He better appointed a special counsel. We absolutely need to know what’s going on, what went on and why in the world, why in the world they did not investigate. He’s also upset with so many that were given immunity without even giving anything in return, which looks like a coverup. Since Hillary was never charged, it would not be double jeopardy and she could be convicted and sentenced for her crimes against the United States. Graham says it’s about time that someone investigated Hillary properly and also to look at the bias and corruption by the Doj and the FBI folks.

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There’s a new sheriff in town with bar and now that this corruption, a row fake Russian collusion story is exposed for exactly what it is. We really hope that there’s a whole lot more that starts to come out to light, including Hillary and what she, we know. We all know, we hope. What other American I, I’m, I’m going to leave the rest of it for Jesse, but what other American, just like Jesse getting off, what other American could do? What Hillary did delete 33,000 emails, many of which were proven to be classified, having a private email in her, in her basement and then BleachBit all the information and then get away with it. One other American could do that. When they have that level of classification, no American could do that, but that American did it. It just really upsets me. It really, I, I, you know me, I tried to keep it classy, but if there’s ever a time where I wish I could, uh, I could just be a little freer.

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You know what I’m talking about? It makes you want to cuss and makes you want to shout. It makes you say, what the hell is going on and what’s been going on in our government that allowed this to take place. That is exactly the swamp that Donald J. Trump has been talking about draining and it’s the swamp that we believe that he actually is draining and it’s just getting started. We’ll hit Donald Trump’s attorney. Rudy Giuliani has come out and said that he absolutely believes that in McCabe and or should be in jail. He spoke this on Judy. Thank God judge Judy’s back. I’m so appreciative for that. For the last two years. Plus all we’ve heard from the mouths of the talking heads and the mainstream media is one lie after another about dirt on president Trump covering everything from soup to nuts in his pro. It is restaurants and everything else.

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Trying to find something, anything that would get him out of the White House and perhaps somehow get a more qualified democrat or at least a good solid, solid establishment rhino in his place. The big ace in the hole they thought is the, in the supposed collusion Russia. That all fell apart days ago with a really release of the Mueller report. Now, former city mayor, uh, and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani joined judge Pirro on Saturday and gave his thoughts. Rudy told Judge Judy that McCabe and or should be in jail. He said, what they did here, I believe over the next six months, we’re going to uncover evidence that what they did here was criminal. This whole thing of collusion isn’t true. Read the whole article for yourself. Share it, but Americans, again, you’re not getting this for most of the mainstream media. You’re not getting this from ABC, NBC, MSNBC, you’re, you’re getting at least from Fox and you’re getting it right here, but Americans need to understand what is taking place.

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We even have an NSA whistleblower that’s also come out to absolutely agree that the entire Pfizer warrant that was issued was issued likely just to spy on Donald Trump, which is not, that’s not what they’re used for. Nsa Whistleblower says page Pfizer warrant likely implemented to spy on Trump. William Benny, a high placed NSA official turned whistleblower, says that the Pfizer warrant on page was likely used as an excuse to spy on the president and his campaign. He noted that the warrant provided a two step jump, which means that it allowed for the monitoring of Carter page has calls and would cover anyone that he communicated with and also anyone the second party talk to. So it’s highly likely that they were able to spine not only on Trump, but also on the RNC. If he has rights, we may not even touch the surface of this scandal yet.

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James Clapper told CNN that Obama ordered the spying folks. At least we can be thankful that this is coming out. You know, so many times I see so many of your comments and it’s like, but when, but when, but when I’m tired of hearing about it, I’m tired. I want to see action. Trust me, I am with you. We all want to see action. We demand action. But again, I am thankful that I am not the president. I’m thankful that I believe that the president understands what he’s doing. He’s not in a hurry. He’s going to be here for six more years. I highly believe that he’s going to be here, but I really hope that he takes this last two years of his first term and he ramps it up, takes the gloves off, and literally goes after every single person that we know to be a part of the corrupt, dirty swamp goes after him and six the people on them that need to be gotten because it’s a, it’s sickening.

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It’s disgusting. It needs to stop. Little little tidbit here folks. I’m traveling this week again on Thursday I’ll be flying in Missouri and then Friday I’m taping for Jim Baker show. Next week I’m going to be in DC. If you have not already gotten your tickets, I would love to hang out with you. Mingle with you. We’re going to have a blast. I am the keynote speaker for deplorables, a tour Alexander Davis has putting something on. I’m going to tell you folks, you get your tickets at deplorables for Donald J. Trump right up here in the heading. Deplorables for Donald J. Trump. Get your tickets. You’re going to want to be a part of this. I’m speaking Tonia la Alan Bates is speaking. Dylan Wheeler, Lauren width. It’s going to be an absolute amazing time. I love to see you in Washington DC. Get your tickets now. It’s at the Trump hotel in Washington DC. If you haven’t been to the Trump hotel, you’re missing out just on that in and of itself is not easy to get a room booked, especially a banquet room booked at the Trump hotel.

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But a Alexandra has pulled it off and we’ve been talking behind the scenes as far as what we think and what we want to see these tours, these events go to. And I’m telling you, you’re gonna want to be a part of it from the very beginning. If you have the opportunity to please come see me in DC next week. So onto the Joe Biden folks, you know, it’s a, it’s one thing after another with this guy and a good friend of mine actually that, uh, I’ve been talking with for over the last year. I’ve gotten to know him pretty well. He actually shared some information with me this morning that I’ve got to read. I’ve got to get his book. Uh, I got to bring his book in here and I’m going to look through it. I’m going to read it to you. But there is implication in there from somebody that knew his second wife that there were some very, very scandalous, dirty, violent stuff that went on and it fits the narrative that is coming out about this man right now.

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So Biden is his accuser has come out to absolutely just throw the Democrats under the bus as a whole and says that Democrats pressure you not to squeal on dem perverts folks. You know you got to call a kettle what it is you, you gotta you gotta call if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck talks like a duck. Vanessa Taylor says the reason that there are not more people like her complaining about sexual abuse in the Democrat Party press is that the Democrat Party pressures you to keep your mouth shut. That is odd is that the Democrats that lecture us all the time of this kind of thing, Taylor admits that she is a Bernie supporter and then her decision to come forward is political, but nonetheless the accusation is true. She says that she felt pressure never to bring up Biden in the past according to tailor. The Democrats are more obsessed over gaining power than they are concerned with women. If you haven’t seen this article and share this article and listen to what she has to say, let’s listen to a little bit right now,

Speaker 4: (17:07)
Asians about what happened with any presidential campaign before you wrote that piece. Uh, for the cut. No, you haven’t talked to anybody. Um, no. Vice President Biden is widely expected to announce a run for president in the coming weeks. You say that that is why you decided to speak out. Now. Do you think that this is disqualifying for him?

Speaker 5: (17:28)
For me it’s disqualifying. I think it’s up to everybody else to make that decision considering again, the entire scope of his background, of, um, the positions that he’s taken. For me, it’s, this isn’t the only problematic thing. I think that his response to the way in which he handled the Anita Anita Hill, um, hearing was completely also inappropriate and lacked empathy and frankly lacked accountability. You know, saying that he wishes that there was something more he could have done, I think is just, it’s just, again, it’s just a complete lack of accountability. You were the chair, you were the chair of that hearing and you could have done anything you wanted. So you know, there and in addition to, you know, previous anti abortion positions that he’s taken, etc. I find a lot of his background problematic. But that’s for me personally. So and, and what I think is also important in part of the reason why I felt a little bit less pressure in terms of speaking out is that we are often pressured to keep our mouth shuts about anything.

Speaker 5: (18:31)
We as as you know, party loyalists as party stalwarts as um, our foot soldiers for the party. We are expected to quote unquote keep our dirty laundry, um, to ourselves. And it’s always in service to the party. And, and in this case, and there are so many more incredible candidates that are just as likely and, and I believe are competent and amazing and can beat Donald Trump. And so I did feel like a little, I felt a little less pressure in terms of feeling like I could speak out because we have options, we have options and I don’t feel pressured to, to stay quiet. And just take one for the team. The way in which we’re always asked to do and never speak out about the things that we believe are wrong. The,

Speaker 1: (19:23)
I forgot to let that whole segment play because it’s worth listening to. She’s coming out absolutely exposing the Democrats. Where’s the uproar? It was just, it was only an accusation against Cavenaugh and on tire. Me Too. Movement. All of the Feminazi women out there, all of the liberal left. We’re out there chanting and trying to do everything they can. They could to stop Cavenaugh from being nominated as an extension, a supreme court justice. What about Biden? This guy’s running for president. How many videos have we seen and do we have to see of him touching and groping? Uh, just all this, all the inappropriate touching of not just little girls, but women just like that, that say it was very inappropriate. And then the Democrats told me to shut up and not say anything. Well, I’m glad that she didn’t stay silent. I’m glad that she stood up and actually did something about it.

Speaker 1: (20:15)
It’s about Dang time folks. We got Jessie smaller. I was on Fox business news on Friday night. I’m, I’m thankful for that opportunity. Uh, they actually want to have me on there more regularly, so that’s awesome. Thank you guys for your support. I shared my take on Jesse and his opposed to the possibility of winning an NAACP image award and after I did the taping I said, you know, if I could do that taping over, I think I want to rip them a little bit more. What does the Naacp have doing if there is no slap in the face for harder in black community and to America as a whole? Then trying to put somebody on a pedestal that has been exposed for lying, creating a hoax, a false narrative to create dissension and more division in America. Wow. In the world. Would you even consider him for an award?

Speaker 1: (21:02)
I’m so thankful that he did not get the award. He lost the award to Chris Rock actually threw him under the bus as well. But you know what, whatever with Chris rocket is what it is with him, but at least thankfully Jesse Small at did not get the Naacp award. I don’t even want to talk too much further on that. It’s, he’s actually now trying to, other than the fact that he’s out there now trying to blame Donald Trump, he’s talked about actually bringing a lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department. Are you kidding me? You want to sue the Chicago Police Department for looking into your fake phony hoax, the or where you were trying to just gain money and divide the country even more? You know there’s, there’s a video, let me show you. I’m going to show you this video. I really just want to replay this. Slap him getting slapped and beginning over and over and over again. But this brother right here actually on CNN puts it about, it’s clear as any American should ever need to hear it when he’s talking about Jesse.

Speaker 6: (21:58)
It was the most amazing scene. I’ve done this whole series, but I’m telling you this, you think you talking to tonight, Chicago police say detectives have spotted potential persons of interest in the alleged assault of empire. Actor Jesse Small. Let this after pouring through hundreds of hours of surveillance video and go to the facts and you say, could it have happened and then you get to the fact that it’s two in the morning and then you get to the fact it’s 20 degrees below zero and then you get to the fact that it’s 40 minutes after the fact that you report it and then you get to the fact that you still have the noose around your neck and then you get to the fact that you still have your subway sandwich and then you get to the fact that you had cell phone records and you were supposed to turn them off of what you redact to them beforehand and then you get to the fact that I happened to be on the phone with my manager at the time and so therefore people were skeptical as to the story. We want to keep it real with talking about Chicago. There’s plenty of places that 12 detectives could have been investigating as opposed to executing search warrants. And then factually they, even the police now have the receipt for the new stats around his neck. I think it’s a problematic case,

Speaker 1: (23:02)
fact after fact after fact. The fact of the matter is Jesse is a fraud. He’s a liar and he continues to try to push that lie on the American people just to save face. And it’s disgusting. It’s absolutely disgraceful. It’s disgusting. Now we’ve got a Jesse Jackson that’s trying to stick up for Fox, the Da that dropped the charges, we’ll call it calling it what it is. Good old race baiting Jesse Jackson here to save poor little old black lady from getting absolutely just uh, everything that she should get for, for breaking the law, for dropping a case that she should never have dropped. Where’s real justice that I really have no idea. It just doesn’t make any sense other than the fact that they are exposing their hypocrisy for exactly what it is. Jesse Jackson planning a rally to support Kim Foxx after criticism for dropping charges against smaller, you know, it doesn’t take two pennies to rub together to, to hear Jesse Jesse call, call out and say, you know what, I can help.

Speaker 1: (24:05)
And uh, he’s probably, he was probably actually in on the entire thing. I’m not going to give him any more of my time. That whole thing is just those that have been in power and positions of power. You know, and I remember this, I remember Jesse Jackson actually used to push and fight for civil rights at one time. He actually did believe, I, I believe he did believe in civil rights for all Americans and he actually did push for the betterment of black Americans in this country at a time when we definitely desperately, desperately needed it. Now is not the time we need it now as the time we need black individuals along with all other Americans to stand up and stand for what’s right, to stand for our freedoms and to call out corruption no matter what color it comes in or exposes itself to be in, call it out at every turn.

Speaker 1: (24:49)
Why is it that so many prominent blacks become Democrats? Give a little money in their pocket and then all of a sudden they want to try to be the champion for only other Black Democrats? It’s hypocrisy at its absolute worst. It’s a, it is what we call the Democrat plantation and it is something that absolutely needs to change and needs to stop. This right here, this, this video is of a gentleman that fled socialism and I believe that socialism and the Democrat party that we already have AOC that’s championing the Socialists, Democrats of America trying to say that Socialist Democrats are different than just socialism. No, no, no. The Nazis were Socialist Party a socialism is exactly what it is. It doesn’t matter if you drape it in the, in the word Democrat or you painted up with a nice, it’s fine smelling perfume and putting makeup on it. It’s still socialism. It’s still a piece of crap in my opinion. It’s never worked in any country. That’s fact, that’s ever tried it. And Venezuela is the latest actually prove that it doesn’t work. This gentleman fled a socialist country, came to America and has a few words to say, I won’t play the whole thing, but the first minute of it is pretty powerful when he’s speaking to some Democrats that are trying to push socialist ideologies and policies, uh, as it comes to gun control in our country and people we need to wake up.

Speaker 7: (26:11)
I want to know what is behind it. Do you know what is behind and the problem that we have in this contract with Marsha, some Marsha said, there’s no calming mark. Sisson is here.

Speaker 8: (26:26)

Speaker 7: (26:27)
Marsha, this is, has been in this country for quite a while.

Speaker 8: (26:31)

Speaker 7: (26:31)
Handy politicians allow that because they are ignorant. Well that part of the plot don’t sell me this and very powerful man, pre-IPO cell Mavis, 50 something years ago I didn’t buy it. They put this dog and pony show saying, hey, we’re going to protect you.

Speaker 8: (26:54)

Speaker 7: (26:55)
no, the one they did, I wasn’t a slave at country. They destroy the country and the same way that there’s going to three, it’s going to be destroyed and we continue in this time. You can’t tell me anything you want.

Speaker 8: (27:07)

Speaker 1: (27:07)
folks, it is already here and it’s here in the form of Democrat policies. It’s here in the same form of Democrat policies that would love us to open our borders and allow every illegal to just walk into our country unabated. UNCHECK, uncheck. Medically, we don’t know what they’re dealing with medically. We don’t know if they’ve got diseases. We don’t know if they’re battling any sicknesses. We don’t know if they’re going to immediately immediately need treatments. It’s going to overwhelm our hospitals. There’s already signs of of certain illnesses and viruses and diseases that are making a rise in our country that we have stomped out a long time ago like polio. There are issues that the American people should not have to deal with and would not have to deal with if we actually had boarders in place and we have laws which we already do have laws to protect the American citizens that were followed and not trying to be trampled on by Democrats.

Speaker 1: (28:00)
Well the latest numbers are the caravan that’s coming to our country has over 20,000 making its way from Honduras that is heading to our borders. I actually just got a call from a friend of mine. This is not verified, not checked yet, but I do believe in trust. My friend, he’s a very, very good friend of mine. He’s a very prominent figure. He shared something with me off the record that a friend of his that’s been deployed over in Iraq, uh, Iraq, Afghanistan area. Again, I’m going off of a phone call, but I’m going to check into it more, was supposed to be taking a leave and flying back home and apparently the military airplanes have all been dispatched to South America. All of the military aircraft have been dispatched to South America. Again, this is coming from a friend of mine. Uh, I’m going to have my researchers look into this and vet this more, but the, normally there’s military aircraft that are the airlines that are there to, to take military personnel back to the United States once they have a leave and they have all been dispatched to South America.

Speaker 1: (29:01)
What the heck is going on in South America? What could be brewing folks, you know, these invasions, we call them a caravans, their invasions that are trying to get into our country. There’s, there’s been known isis fighters stopped from intuit, are entering our country. There’s been ms 13 gang members that had been stopped entering our country. And for that matter there’s been ms 13 gang members and probably isis fighters that they’ve got in. I mean, it’s not far fetched to think that if some had been stopped, some would probably got in do the math. And yet we continue to have Democrats push for open borders. I’m pretty sure every Democrat presidential nomination nominee right now, candidate for becoming the next president. And uh, and our next presidential election is pushing for open borders. And we have to deal with the fact that there are thousands, literally over 6,000 a day that are being apprehended at our border.

Speaker 1: (29:53)
Nutaliay reports more than 12,000 illegal apprehended in just two days. Folks, just two days, 76,000 migrants enter through the southwest us port a border in February the most in 12 years, which dealt on the number of illegals tally during February. Projections for March, uh, another was headlined DHS to released 1800 illegals on the border. These are just samples of dozens, if not hundreds of thousands more like them. The bad news is it looks like the numbers projected and those reports are falling short. El Paso, Texas, El Paso Times reports that in the past two mornings, border officers took in more than 12,000 migrants into custody along the US border. A high number is four to 6,000 is a crisis level. 12,000 is unprecedented. On Monday, we saw the highest total of apprehensions and encounters in years where there were 4,000 in a single day. Folks. This is exactly why our president, Donald Trump declared a national emergency and for the Democrats to think and consider that it’s anything other than an emergency for us, for the American people is treasonous.

Speaker 1: (31:04)
It is them choosing illegals and their wellbeing over the safety and the security of American citizens, and I really hope that this gets to you. I really do. If anybody’s watching out there that doesn’t already understand why we support our president, that’s trying to keep us safe. How about we look at this? This is just another one example of another illegal alien that absolutely has ruined, devastated a family. I’ve got two daughters I can’t even think or fathom. I don’t even want to, if one of them was to deal with something like this, this illegal alien, raped a 12 year old girl in Georgia. How many more do we have to hear and see? Just share the article. I’m not even gonna read it. I don’t know if I could hold it together. It really gets upsetting. It really gets so frustrating to think that we have laws in place. The border wall wasn’t Donald Trump’s idea. He’s trying to finish the job that was already started by presidents before him and the job of a border wall and stronger border security is to keep filth like that from getting into our country and wreaking havoc.

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Absolutely. Just demolishing, destroying a family.

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Speaker 1: (32:17)
Whether it’s Molly Tibbits and the ones that had been murdered or somebody that has to go through and endure something like that, the entire family

Speaker 1: (32:25)
is destroyed in the process years it takes, if ever, for the victim to actually recover. And that’s again, if they weren’t actually murdered. This is what our president, Donald J. Trump is trying to do for us, the American people, while he’s doing everything else, while he’s making the economy boom. While there’s more jobs than ever, which AOC is, tries to say, oh, unemployment’s low because everybody has two jobs. Get the heck Outta here. Wake up America. We finally have a commander in chief that cares about this country and is doing everything he can to continue to keep us safe and to make our country more prosperous than it’s ever been. Well on a good note, you know, I like to try to end on good at positive notes. On a good note folks, there’s a movie that’s come out that I hope you all get to go watch. I hope you go watch it this week.

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The movie’s called an unplanned. My church actually had a large part to do with it. My church is actually a, they’ve got a production team. They’re trying to get more into movies. I’m not sure the extent of it, but I know one of the directors, uh, is here in my hometown and he was actually talking to my daughter about the movie a few years ago. It’s been in the works, but this movie, unplanned, absolutely is changing people’s hearts and minds. I got to read a testimonial that was, I was put on a variety, I believe, magazine, Vanity Fair Variety, this variety magazine where a woman actually said, you know what, I’m, she is what she said, I’m paraphrasing. She said she felt so confident in her pro choice, uh, point of view that she didn’t think there was any way, some movie, let alone some Christian movie, which it’s not being pushed out there as a Christian film, but she said, I didn’t think there was any way some movie or Christian movie could sway my opinion because she felt that confident in how she fit and how she believed.

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Guess what? The movie changed her mind. Are you kidding me? Isn’t this what we want? We want people to wake up. We want people to walk away from everything that has to do with a Democrat plantation. And a huge part of it is all of these Hollywood elite actors, all these Democrat politicians that are pushing for not only late term abortion but also infanticide. Well listen, Mulatto is one of the ones that’s out there trying to talk crap and getting Hollywood actors and actresses to sign off on it. We’ll the unplanned actress slapped down Alyssa Milano and puts her in her place. You got to read and share that folks. You got to Ashley Bradshaw or responded to a letter written by abortion advocate Alyssa Milano, that threatens that boycott Georgia over their unwillingness to allow infanticide, which is the fantasy of liberals in Hollywood. Gone are the days when people worshiped Hollywood, God, Hollywood’s Gods and goddesses.

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Those were the days of Errol Flynn, James Cagney Cagney Elizabeth Taylor clot at Colbert, some of them, which before my time, uh, and many other fine actors and actresses, Malano represents the dregs of Hollywood. She and her fellow Hollywood liberals have no impact in the lives of everyday Americans and they have no influence in their lives or on their votes. Responding to deadline on deadline. Bratcher who portrays prolife advocate? Abby Johnson. The film says she is a proud Jorgen and that she’s incredibly proud of her home state for taking a stand and the fight for life immense. That black, the backlash and dubious threats. Folks, I also know that unplanned, their Twitter account was suspended over the weekend. It came back later in the day. But how in the world does a movie that releases on Friday actually get their, their, their Twitter account suspended? That’s the mess. That’s the war. That’s the fight that we in from so many different fronts.

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That’s why it’s so important that we stick together, that we band together, that we share what we can together because we are all in this together. Some of us may have a larger mouthpiece than others and a larger platform than others, but we all have a choice and we all can take a stand and it’s up to us to do it together. So go see the movie unplanned. Take some friends, invite some liberals, invite some friends or family that you know may not agree with you and say, Hey, let’s, you know, if you’re, if you’re really strong in your beliefs then it’s not going to change it one bit, but let’s at least go check this movie out and then you can take, you can tell them there, have the opportunity to break it down and tear it apart after the show and then hopefully and prayerfully believe that God will do a work in them when they watched that movie.

Speaker 1: (36:45)
Thank you guys so much. That is my Monday show. Tomorrow. I’m going to have Angela King. This is Dr. Martin Luther King’s grand niece. I’m going to have her on the show tomorrow. I just got to meet her in New York. She is amazing. She’s got some words to share and she is excited about what she sees and she’s also just newly within the last seven or eight months, left the Democrat plantation and come out very openly against why the Democrat policies are not good for not only black America, but why they’re not good for America as a whole. So this woman needs our support. So tomorrow, make sure you catch the show with me. Angela King is my special guests, and again, get your tickets for DC. If you haven’t already got my book and get that at David Harris Jr. Com. Thank you for watching. Please share this if it blessed you and have yourself an amazing rest of your day. I will see you guys tomorrow. Bye Bye.


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