Police Source: Woman Who Framed Former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens Guilty of Perjury, Bribed With Cash Payment

The woman who conspired with Soros backed St Louis DA Kim Gardner in order to frame then-Governor Eric Greitens is guilty of perjury and was bribed with cash to testify falsely.

You may remember the case in which Katrina “Kitty” Sneed accused Greitens of taking naked pictures of her in order to blackmail her.

Police checked every one of his devices and found not a single picture of Sneed.

Sneed testified that no one else has ever taken an x rated picture of her.

But when police checked her phone and her husband’s phone, they found an assortment of pictures including some showing actual sex acts.

It was also determined that she had many other affairs she lied about as well.

She testified that she had met secretly in a hotel room with Gardner for a couple of hours.

In addition Scott Faughn, a convicted felon, publisher of the Missouri Times testified that he delivered $120,000 in cash to Philip Sneed’s attorney, Albert Watkins. Watkins confirmed the delivery of cash to his office.

Greitens said:

“It feels great now that the truth has come out. I’m glad to have been exonerated. The future is very bright and I’m very optimistic and really hopeful.”

“One of the things that you learn going through SEAL team training is that great hardship can actually produce great strength. And while this was painful, it certainly led to a lot of wisdom. While there was a lot of suffering it also led to a lot of strength. I am incredibly thankful for the prayers and support of so many people who stood with me through all of this.”

“It’s clear that a Soros prosecutor and establishment insiders were desperate to overturn the 2016 election and this is just one more alleged example of the kind of perjury, evidence tampering and lies that they engaged in. We knew that national liberals and insiders were coming after us. Now it’s good that the whole world is beginning to see the truth.”


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