Glenn Beck Issues a Challenge to Ilhan Omar Over Her Accusation That He Lies About Her

Glenn Beck has issued a challenge to Ilhan Omar over her accusations that he has lied about her. Beck asked Omar to name the alleged lies, and of course all he heard was crickets. Beck went on a tweet storm and challenged Omar to prove any of the evidence gathered against her is a lie. He even said he would apologize to her if she did. He sent out tweets about all of the things he has been saying, but Omar has not answered a single one, not that anyone thought she would, least of all Beck.

From The Blaze

When former-Trump-supporter-turned-leftist David Weissman encouraged Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) to sue Glenn Beck for “incitement and libels,” the freshman congresswoman responded by accusing Glenn of saying “vile untrue things” in a tweet Friday night.

“[T]his idiot doesn’t have an inch of the love I have for our country!” she added.

“Congresswoman Omar. Please tell me how anything I said was ‘untrue’. We’d seriously all like to to know because, by and large, you’ve refused to respond or provide information to show how any of the collected evidence is false,” Glenn responded to Omar directly.

He followed up with a series of tweets in which he detailed much of the “collected evidence” against Omar and challenged her to respond to the allegations about campaign finance violations, her marriageimmigration, and tax fraud, as well as her alleged support for terrorist organizations and anti-Semitism.



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