ZOA (Zionist Organization of America) is lashing out at Ilhan Omar for tweets they take as being anti-Semitic.  From Ilhan Omar? Say it ain’t so, Joe. She has a long history of anti-Semitism but this comes as the remembrance of the holocaust is going on. In addition of blasting Omar, ZOA head Morton Klein expressed his “deep concern” over an official HFA tweet that acknowledged that six million were killed but it did not mention they were Jews.

Klein, who was born in a displaced persons camp in Germany and is a child of holocaust survivors referred to the omission as both “incomprehensible and reprehensible.”  Klein went on to say that the Nazis killed six million Jews of which 2 million were children. The sting of Omar’s tweets is possibly hurting him much worse than the average Jew.

Klein also slammed Omar for a personal tweet of hers which he also deemed antisemitic.

In the tweet, Omar describes Israel as “a wealthy country that’s getting $3.8 billion a year from America. Yet their Ambassador has the audacity to complain about $150 million going to Palestinian refugees,” before adding, “Shameful.”

Klein wrote:

In her Yom HaShoa Day tweet, antisemitic BDS-promoter Omar wrongly referred to the Jewish State as “wealthy,” condemned the military assistance that enables Israel to defend herself from Arab/Muslim terrorists, and even condemned Israel for expressing concern that the Biden administration is renewing sending hundreds of millions of dollars to UNRWA (whom Omar misleadingly referred to as “Palestinian refugees”).

Israel-hater Omar ignored the fact that UNRWA, which will receive hundreds of millions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer funds, teaches Arab children to hate and commit violence against Jews and Israel, in their textbooks and schools. UNRWA also has operations with the murderous terrorist group Hamas.  

UNRWA is the United Nations organization that runs schools in Palestinian territory that teaches young children jihad.

They teach us that Jews are bad people”; “I am ready to stab a Jew and drive a car over them”: “I will run a car into the Jews”; “We have to constantly stab [the Jews], drive over them and shoot them”; “Stabbing and running over Jews brings dignity to the Palestinian people”; “I’m going to run [the Jews] over and stab them with knives”; “I am prepared to be a suicide bomber”; and “With Allah’s help, I will fight for ISIS.”



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