It was a night like any other night in Portland. Antifa roamed the streets freely and cowardly Mayor Ted Wheeler, let them. But on this night things could have gotten deadly as antifa tried to murder the federal officers guarding the building belonging to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They barricaded the doors, broke out 2nd floor windows and set the building on fire, trapping the agents inside.

The mainstream media will never cover this but this was an attempt at mass murder. Will the FBI pursue these would be murderers as eagerly as they pursued people who entered the capitol without any acts of vandalism? Forget it. FBI Director Chris Wray is not a law enforcement officer, he is a charter member of the Deep State. And as long as Joe Biden is president you can forget about the FBI and DOJ.

“They then set it on fire while federal officers were inside,” independent journalist Andy Ngo tweeted. “Antifa also obscured the security cameras before launching the arson attack.”

Another video taken from above shows the scale of the fire as ICE officers respond from a rear exit of the facility.

From The Blaze

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in Portland was vandalized and set on fire late Saturday night. Videos show federal agents reacting by firing crowd control munitions at the crowd of black bloc rioters in Oregon’s most populated city.

Shortly before midnight, nearly 100 black bloc demonstrators gathered at the ICE building in Portland for a planned protest, according to independent journalist Grace Morgan.

The ICE building was vandalized with graffiti, including “DHS murders.” Agitators barricaded the front door of the building with a chain link fence.

Someone put a traffic cone on the security camera to prevent the rioters from being identified. Fireworks were launched at the ICE building.

“An #antifa gives the #BLM fist salute while the crowd cheers on the burning of the @ICEgov Portland facility last night,” Ngo wrote on Twitter. “Officers were trapped inside when antifa set the building on fire.”

The mob chanted, “Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground!”




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