On January 6th, 2021 Mike Pence’s political career came to an end because he refused to make sure the presidential election was or was not rigged, whatever the case might be. But according to Peter Navarro, an advisor to President Trump, Pence was aided by his Chief of Staff, Marc Short.

Navarro did not have a single kind word to describe the VP’s Chief of Staff.

Navarro said that Short is incompetent, a failure, and basically not a good guy. Sounds like he is describing a Democrat or an establishment Republican.

In order for the Republican party to survive, we must weed out the establishment Republicans. They have interchangeable parts with the liberals and they believe in going along to get along.

President Trump’s confidant Peter Navarro was on the War Room with Steve Bannon and he shared the following about VP Pence’s Chief of Staff:

You start with Marc Short is a tool of the Koch Brothers. Who are the Koch brothers? They’re worth $50 billion. David died last year but the network lives.  The Koch brothers are the biggest anti-MAGA movement in the whole entire Republican Party. 

They were dedicated, both in 2016 and 2020, to wipe out President Trump because they love the tax breaks, they love the deregulation, but what they don’t love is everthing for the deplorables, the fair trade, the secure borders and defense spending.

The last thing the Koch brothers want is to pay another dime to the deplorables of this country.

Now, Marc Short in 2016 pitched an idea to the Koch brothers where he was going to wipe out the Donald on Super Tuesday.  He worked for Rubio and he came into that White House, he was incompetent. 

He failed as a legislative director, he failed running the task force for the Vice President, but he did tremendous damage because what he would always do is block whatever MAGA things that wanted to get done.  He really was responsible for some of the failures of that task force to move.

I had to push that task force with memo after memo to get him off his butt and he’s not a good guy.

What Marc Short is about is getting Pence to be President of the United States or if he can’t do that to at least be rich.  So that’s his mission…but Mike Pence basically left the Presidential race on January 6th

…What he did that day on the advice of Marc Short was to cut and run from the President of the United States and from the Constitution because you know what was going to happen on that day, Steve.  It wasn’t violence it was the Green Bay Packers sweep where we were going to pull six different states and pull those out and force under the Constituion for those votes to be looked at and counted.

And Marc Short, Marc Short was the guy who prevented that and there were people who were trying to get to the Vice President in the last 10 days before that date and Marc Short put a wall about.



Steven Ahle

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  • This debacle should never have 1) happened or 2) got that far, period.
    If the Republican Party had a loyalist Party Chair, instead of Rona McDaniel, a niece to Leading never-Trumper, “Establishment RINO” Mitt Romney, who FAILED to have the proper personnel in place prior to, during, and AFTER, November 3rd, and who willingly FAILED to CHALLENGE the corruption in at least SIX CONTESTED STATES, then what VP Pense’s chief of staff did or didn’t do would be moot!

  • I was always a Mike Pence defender and supporter…until Jan. 6, 2021. I was shocked and dismayed at what I believe was either cowardice or a self-serving hope to further his political dreams. I have never been more disappointed in a person I had been convinced was an honest, honorable supporter of the American people and a follower of Jesus Christ. I forgive him for his betrayal and misjudgment, but I will not forget it.

  • So he needs prison too! Arrest the entire bunch of these criminals! Federal charges or military tribunals for attacks on our entire country via fraud on elections! This is serious crimes! Very very disturbed people did this fraud! They are now thinking they are all powerful!! This is false! No powers just evil cowards and weak minds!

  • Mike Pence was right that his position was only symbolic, he was wrong about what it symbolized, it symbolized the Executive Branch, EG the Commander in Chief, President Trump. His only real mission was to do the will of the President, because every word, every position, every power was put in place by the Founders for such a time as this. Freedom is ours, if we can keep it. As Jefferson said, “from time to time the tree of liberty must be fertilized…..”

  • Pence was right about his position being symbolic.
    Pence was wrong about what it symbolized.
    Our Forefathers put every word, every period, every power
    to help us keep our freedom, and zealotry for the cause of freedom is not a vice.
    The position symbolized the Administration branch of Government, he sat to symbolize the President himself, and failing the President made him an imposter. But as Pastor McGee once said “every man is entitled to 1 mistake” but to gain that entitlement, one must humble themself. ‘Nuff Said

  • I have never heard of this guy, Marc Short, but if Navarro is correct about him, it sure explains a lot about Pence’s actions or inactions. What a shame that Mike didn’t have the balls to do the right thing. Too bad for him, as his political career is over!

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