A BLM protest in New York City turned violent and two police officers and a journalist were injured by the rioters.

While Democrats condemn Trump supporters because seven police officers were injured, are totally ignoring the fact that antifa and BLM riots sanctioned by the Democrats have injured over 700 police officers, including several that could be blind for life after riots aimed laser pointers at their eyes.

The January 6th rioters did not loot or burn a single business whereas antifa and BLM have caused over $2 billion in insurance claims and that doesn’t count the damage to businesses that were not covered.

Kamala Harris contributed to a fund that helped bail rioters out of jail that allowed them to continue to riot.

Harris also touted the group and asked people to donate to them in order to bail criminals out of jail. 13 Biden campaign staffers also contributed.

Law Enforcement Today reports that “according to police, the protest was ‘peaceful at first.’ However, it turned violent once they reached 6th Avenue and West 54th Street, where they clashed with the police.

Two officers have injured as well as a journalist covering the riot.

From The Gateway Pundit

The far-left activists did not just target police, they also attacked New York Daily News photographer Sam Costanza after someone recognized him from a protest at a police station last year and believed that he was a police officer.

“In the mistaken belief that Costanza was a police officer, the protester pointed Constanza out to his violent counterparts, who jumped him,” Law Enforcement Today’s report continues. “Costanza believes he was attacked by 10-15 people, who assaulted him with fists and other weapons. He said he also believed those violent protesters broke his nose, but he declined medical attention at the scene.”

One of the militants, Angel Rivera, was arrested after assaulting two police officers. He kicked one in the foot and bit another on his leg.

It is amazing how much the Democrats are playing up a three hour riot while ignoring the summer long riots by their allies antifa and BLM. Hypocrist nis the call sign of the far loeft.




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