Yesterday, we all read about how violent the Trump supporters were. But today we need to question that narrative, the same as we have to do with everything else that comes from what used to be the media.

You heard that Trump supporters tried to break the windows at the Capitol Building. But as it turns out, that may not be true at all. It is not what5 the press reported.

As it turns out, there was a punk dressed in antifa garb with only a Trump sticker on the back of his hat.

He was trying to break out windows in the Capitol when he was stopped by a Trump supporter who moved him away from the window.

The antifa punk went back to work on the window using the antifa standard weapon, a baton.

Fortunately, this is on video but don’t hold your breath waiting for the press to correct their error. But, I’m not excusing the Trump supporters either because they did exactly what we are supposed to be against when they took over the Capitol. But, I have to wonder if it was the antifa punk trying to break the window that led the police to shoot and kill the female Trump supporter.

From The Gateway Pundit

Videos taken of Trump supporters gathered at the West Front of the Capitol during Wednesday’s protest show that they stopped a person whom they believed to be an Antifa thug who was trying to break windows in the Capitol.

In one of the videos, Trump supporters can be heard calling out, “Don’t break the window!” “No Antifa! No Antifa!” as several Trump supporters intervened and stopped the attack by someone dressed and acting like Antifa but with a Trump sticker on the back of their helmet.

A second video taken from a closer position shows the ‘Antifa’ thug again beating on the window with a baton, weakening the glass, as Trump supporters loudly boo and call out, “Antifa! Antifa!”. A Trump supporter wearing a red MAGA hat grabs the ‘Antifa’ thug and forcibly shoves the thug away from the window as the crowd cheers.


Steven Ahle

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  • Democrats planned to send their paid ANTIFA to disrupt the session Congress were in. Ted Cruz was getting ready to debate and eventually Vice President was going to conclude the session and debate. It appears that their drity plan worked.
    Trump supporters don’t climb walls, or break windows or break in buildings violently.

  • The minute I saw trouble starting outside the Capitol building yesterday, my first thought was FALSE FLAG! Today I feel even stronger about that, but I am greatly saddened with the death of Ashli Babbitt, a real patriot who got caught up in the activities that got her killed, murdered I should say.

    If there was a federal law enforcement unit we could trust, they would be able to get to the bottom of this treacherous attack.

    • “If there was a federal law enforcement unit we could trust, they would be able to get to the bottom of this treacherous attack.” Agreed! If we were able to uncover, just the identities, of these who led the assault, of those who removed the barriers, and of those who did the physical damage, THEN!!! we’d suddenly know an awful lot!

      • Just saw this on Twitter …

        Brad Heath
        Jan 7
        One of the guys charged during the Capitol siege just told the judge that he’s a federal employee.

  • My husband and son were there and son this first hand!! They said that Patriots repeatedly tried to stop Antifa thugs from causing trouble – but that doesn’t benefit the Mockingbird Media. Also the Capital Police were very aggressive to the point that it seemed they wanted something to go down.

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