Better get ready for the riots.  The defense in the Derek Chauvin trial has testified that from the videos that are available, Chauvin had restrained George Floyd using his knee against Floyd’s back and shoulders.

It is a technique that is called a “prone hold” which is the proper method of restraining a suspect. If this is truly the case the jury will be between a rock and a hard place.

The jury knows that if they find Chauvin innocent it will set off riots.  But, on the other hand, they won’t want to send an innocent man to prison for a very long time. And if they do find Chauvin innocent, the jury should expect death threats and possible attacks by demented leftists.

They are probably praying that there is sufficient evidence to find him guilty of at least one of the charges.

Lt. Johnny Mercil, who was in charge of use-of-force training at the time of Floyd’s arrest. He testified that Chauvin did nothing illegal based on the videos currently available. That would seem to be an real blow to the prosecution.

Attorney Andrew Branca for Law of Self Defense, wrote:

It was at this point that Nelson showed Mercil a series of photographs captured from the body worn camera of Officer Lane, and showing Chauvin’s knee on Floyd from the angle down Floyd’s proned body.

Photo 1: (Nelson:) Where’s Chauvin’s leg in this image? On Floyd’s neck? Or on his shoulder blades and back. Mercil: Shoulder blades and back.

(Nelson:) And in photo 2? (Mercil) Same. (Nelson) Photo 3? (Mercil) Same. (Nelson) Photo 4? (Mercil) Same.

Branca said:

“In other words, the use of the restraint can be justified not only to compel compliance of the suspect in the first place, but to ensure that the suspect maintains compliance moving forward—especially given the experience and concern that unconscious suspects can revive and be even more violent than they were prior, even if that restraint is being held in place for as long as 10 minutes.”

“And that’s not just for the safety of the officer, but also for the officer’s partners, for bystanders, and even for the suspect himself.”



Steven Ahle

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  • if he had his knee on basck between shoulders he broke his back between neck and shoulds and by doing so caused his aurway to collapse from pressure
    look it up if you dont believe me thats why when you get stuck between two lrg rock you cant breathe

      • AMEN. I’ve read the coroner’s reports (multiple). After seeing the better photos of knee placement, I believe the medical examiner’s report which reported no neck, tracheal, spinal injuries. In photos, you could also see a small white tablet back on his tongue, while he was failing to do as instructed per police officers. They then got him on the pavement with the Officer’s knee on his shoulder/back. Once transported to hospital, he lived for additional 30 minutes before passing away. Blood and urine both tested Positive for Fentanyl and other drugs.

    • Elizabeth, I’m not sure if my comment got posted but I think you should probably focus on your spelling instead of trying to give your medical opinion.

  • Just allow the truth to come out. Without acting like foolish.. Or making an scenes, like rioting in the streets. As former transport officer, I seen what police officers and corrections officers. Go through every day of the week. So stop blaming white people and white police officers, for the behavior of others. Yes lm black American female who wants the truth. Not fake news.

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