US Was More Prepared for Pandemic Than Any Other Country, Johns Hopkins Study Found

In a study completed in 2019 by John Hopkins and representatives from 13 countries found that of the over 100 countries in the world, the United States ranked number one in preparedness.

That severely undercuts the narrative being bandied about by Democrats, including Joe Biden, who claims were caught totally off guard. That’s just one of many lies the Democrats have been crying about in an effort to bring the president down.

The Democrats aren’t worried though because their voters are none too bright and will accept anything they say without question. Besides no one in the lamestream press will report on this anyway.

They will continue this hoax all the way to election day just as they continue to make the false accusation that President Trump called the DTMNBN a hoax. He said the Democrats were perpetrating a hoax not that the disease was a hoax.

other popular Democratic lies include the cutting of the CDC budget which occurred when Obama was president and the removal of a CDC inspector in China as if China was going to lie to the rest of the world and tell the truth to the CDC rep. That’s ludicrous.

From Fox News

The United States was ranked the best-prepared country in the world to handle a pandemic in late 2019 by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (JHU) — an assessment seemingly at odds with claims by Democrats that the Trump administration left the country vulnerable to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The Global Health Security Index was was “developed with guidance from an international panel of experts from 13 countries, with research by the Economist Intelligence Unit,” The Washington Post reported last year. “More than 100 researchers spent a year collecting and validating publicly available data.”

At the same time, the paper noted that the U.S. score was still not perfect, and that “factors driving down the U.S. score include the risks of social unrest and terrorism, and low public confidence in government.”

President Trump’s campaign has argued in recent days that misinformation may be one of the leading causes of that lack of confidence. For example, Trump’s team has pointed to claims by presidential contender Joe Biden that “no one on the National Security Council staff was put in charge” of pandemic preparedness, based on a report that in May 2018, then-National Security Adviser John Bolton eliminated the NSC’s Office of Global Health Security and Biodefense in a reorganization effort.


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