US Marshals rescued twenty-five children missing from Ohio. They are between the ages of 13  through 18 and were found as far away as Florida. They were used as prostitutes, but for some, it was better than where they had been living. One agent said that some of them had been working as prostitutes but were pimped out by their mother or father.

In a separate operation, undercover cops pretended to be young children. They would hit up what they believed to be children and proposition them for sex. When the men showed up they thought they were meeting up with a child but were arrested instead. They arrested 27 men. The entire operation took twenty days.

Most of the children were found in the Cleveland area, but one was found in Miami, Florida. The children were being pimped out to pedophiles and such for money. There is possibly no more heinous a crime than that. Preying on children is inexcusable. But, many in the liberal community have tried to make it look normal over the past several years. They want to ingrain it into our society.

This was predicted at the time that gay marriage was legalized and many thought it was opening Pandora’s Box. I guess they were right. Liberals are able to normalize bad behavior because they are patient. They gain little by little until a majority accepts it, but they still may not approve.

U.S. Marshal Pete Elliott told WOIO:

“These are kids that have been abused, neglected. Some involved in human trafficking,” U.S. Marshal Pete Elliott told WOIO. “Sometimes the situations they—they go to, believe it or not, may be better than the situations they left from. We’ve had some cases where the mother and or father, or both, may have been prostituting their own child.”

“We’re trying to do our part. A number of these children have gone to the hospital after we’ve recovered them to get checked out, so again this is something we take very seriously. I’ll tell you this, it will be something we’ll be doing every year. This is our first time we have done this, it’s been uncharted territory for us, but we’ve had great success.”

The US Marshals received support from the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force, Cleveland Division of Police, the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department, the East Cleveland Police Department, and the Newburgh Heights Police Department. I applaud their work.

Operation Safety New will continue for a couple of more weeks. Information about the whereabouts of missing children can be provided at the U.S. Marshals tip line at 1-866-492-6833.

Earlier in the week, US Marshals reported on another sting operation. They rescued 26 missing children and safely located 13 more. That operation was dubbed “Operation Not Forgotten.” Their ages ranged fro 3 to 17. 15 of the 39 children were being trafficked for sex. They were located in Georgia and Florida.

The 27 men arrested in the sting near Cleveland, Ohio ranged in ages from 21 to 61. They were led to believe they were going to hook up with children. Instead, they were arrested and booked.

An incredible 800,000 children go missing each year, but are never found. That makes these numbers seem like a drop in the bucket, but every single child counts. If we can save only one child, we should do it.

From Beautiful People Magazine

Thousands of people go missing in the United States each year and many are never heard from again. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States. Sounds a little bit too much? Think of it this way to realize the whole situation – that’s roughly 2,000 per day!

Yes, pedophiles are taking away our children. They are being sold on their rich black market. Powerful people worldwide are buying them as they would buy groceries or anything normal. How awful is that? It makes me sick when I just think of it…

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  • Can we please have the date of this article? That is generally the first question people ask me when I share. Thank you.

  • How does this have anything to do with gay marriage? How can you associate couples who are gay and want the same rights as straight couples with these sick pedophiles?

    • when a gay couple has sex together and creates a life, they can have the same rights protecting their child.

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