Oregon U.S. Attorney Billy Williams, a Trump-appointee who prosecuted more Antifa suspects than any other has been told to resign or get fired.

Biden is protecting antifa exactly the same way he defends his country, China.

You would think Williams was investigating Hunter or something.  That should be a load off antifa’s minds. I’m sure Sleepy Joe will appoint riot friendly prosecutors.

Biden must protect his base.

Williams, 64, was officially appointed to his job by Donald Trump in 2017 and he has been a stalwart in the search for justice, which of course is the last thing Democrats and Biden want.

Last week, he reported that antifa had done $2.3 million in damages just to federal buildings. The damage to non-federal buildings was much greater but Williams did more to prosecute them rioters than the local and state prosecutors.

Williams’ office had filed the most domestic terrorism cases out of any U.S. attorney’s office in the country in 2020. Most of them involving the federal courthouse inside the Mark Hatfield Building.

Nightly, the rioters attacked officers with laser pointers, rocks, bottles firecrackers, and Molotov cocktails.

In all riots in Portland lasted well over 100 consecutive days. Mayors and Governors of liberal cities were happy to allow them rioting to go on endlessly so they could blame it on Trump.

From Fox News

Although the riots stemmed out of protests against the Trump administration, police brutality and racial injustice, they continued even after President Biden took office on Jan. 20. Antifa marchers blasted the new president and new anti-Biden graffiti emerged.

Other recent cases led by his office included the prosecution of a man who sent threatening cards and white powder to former co-workers and a fraud case against a former Nike marketing manager.

He’s not the only Trump-appointed federal prosecutor that the Biden administration has asked to step down, although a bipartisan group of senators had initially supported Williams for the job.

The Justice Department on Tuesday asked most U.S. attorneys appointed by Trump to resign – although the prosecutor overseeing a federal tax probe involving the president’s son, Hunter Biden, will remain on the job at the request of acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson.



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