Joe Biden and other Democrats claim that if it were BLM and not Trump supporters who rioted in Washington DC it would have been handled much differently.

They are right but not in the way they want you to believe. How many BLM protesters were shot to death by police in 2020? Not just in Washington but throughout the many many riots that occurred in 2020? None.

How many were shot to death in just a couple of hours of rioting by Trump supporters in DSC? One killed.

Unlike BLM riots in Washington, the police were not ordered to stand down and they are hunting down every last person who entered the Capitol and intend to throw them in prison. How many BLM members have gone to prison this year?

In fact, let’s look at the differences between a BLM riot and the one in Washington DC. BLM riots in 2010 cost insurers $2 billion dollars due to looting and the burning of buildings. But that does not include damages to buildings with no insurance or insurance that does not pay out for wars or riots.

Trump supporters did not loot or burn a single business and they did not shoot explosives at the police or blind officers with laser pointers.

They did not force their way into restaurants and intimidate diners. They did not tear down any statues. They did not attack those who disagree with them and send them to the hospital.

From PJ Media

This is in no way true. There were nationwide riots all summer long where police departments were told to stand down. This includes a days-long siege by BLM, antifa, and other left-wing groups on the White House grounds with the explicitly stated goal of removing the president.

Rioters attempted to burn down St. John’s Episcopal Church, set other fires, ripped up bricks, and hurled them at federal law enforcement officers. Approximately 150 federal officers, including 50 Secret Service agents, were injured, some severely, and the president was taken to a secure bunker for his safety.

Not a single rioter was shot. Attorney General Bill Barr came under onerous scrutiny from the Democrat cabal for using pepper spray to clear the square and move the perimeter an additional block away from the White House.

Capitol Police used tear gas inside and outside of the Capitol building on January 6. Physical force and other riot-control gear were used. An officer shot and killed Ashli Babbit, an Air Force veteran, who was unarmed and entering the building with other rioters. Clearing the Capitol took hours. Clearing Lafayette Park and the White House perimeter took days.


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