If you were running for Senator in California, Illinois, or New York, supporting BLM might be an advantage. But in Iowa, it can be the kiss of death.

Theresa Greenfield is running for the Senate in Iowa. She was secretly recoded explaining how she is a strong supporter of the violent BLM movement. This could be the end of her campaign.

Greenfield has been running as a conservative Democrat, which is something you must do if you wish to win in Iowa. Many Democrats run as conservative but as soon as they get elected they turn full Nancy Pelosi. Mitt Romney for example. In 2018 that’s how the Democrats took over the House but once they were in office they begged Pelosi to allow them to do her bidding.

The undercover journalist got Greenfield’s husband to admit he and his wife are big BLM supporters and that she communicates with the group. The agent was then able to get Greenfield to admit to the same thing. The sting was operated by Accuracy in Media. Campaign staffer Brittan Ostby also confirmed Greenfield supported BLM.*

From Fox News

Black Lives Matter has pursued controversies in the past. Among them: Co-founder Patrisse Cullors described fellow organizers as “trained Marxists” in a newly surfaced 2015 video, and the group apparently deleted a page on its website that called for changes to “the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement” in favor of “extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”

Matthew Bruce, the leader of the organization in Iowa, has been arrested five times this summer, most recently for allegedly trying to blind police officers with lasers. Following that arrest, he has been accused of planning to shut down the highway and stage a fake hostage situation.

“Black Lives Matter in Iowa is a violent organization. Iowans don’t like it,” Accuracy in Media President Adam Guillette told Fox News. “Iowans deserve to know what politicians really think.”

In a recent poll, 58% of Iowans think the BLM riots have been harmful in raising awareness of racial issues. Greenfield says that our entire system is chock full of systemic racism, including the police but at the same time she claims the police aren’t racist. She agrees with BLM. You figure it out.


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