U.N. Chief Guterres Calls for One Supreme Body of ‘Global Governance’

Chief Antonio Guterres said that the world should have only one government.

And no doubt he expects the UN to be the head of that government… as the head of the UN, he would be in the driver’s seat.

“We need a networked multilateralism, bringing together the U.N. system, regional organizations, international financial institutions and others. And we need an inclusive multilateralism, drawing on the indispensable contributions of civil society, business, cities, regions and, in particular, with greater weight given to the voices of youth.”


This pronouncement comes just as the  UN celebrates the 75th anniversary of the origination of its charter. 

Personally, if the choice was mine, I would deport the UN as a bunch of undesirable aliens.

From Breitbart News

He claimed in the 21st century, governments are no longer the only political and power reality, adding “we need an effective multilateralism that can function as an instrument of global governance where it is needed.”

“The problem is that today’s multilateralism lacks scale, ambition and teeth. And some of the instruments that do have teeth, show little or no appetite to bite, as has recently been the case with the difficulties faced by the Security Council,” he said.

In response to questions as to exactly what the U.N. has achieved over three-quarters of a century, Guterres said  “at least the Third World War so many people have predicted was avoided.

“We had what many called the ‘long peace’ with many small conflicts, but conflicts in which the big powers did not get involved against each other.”


  1. Nothing enlightening there. We knew that Soros and his cronies have had this in mind, and have been working towards and financing this, for many years. We have quite a fight on our hands if we are to maintain our freedoms. Don’t sleep through this world take over.

  2. The long peace as they call it, has nothing at all to do with the UN, large scale war has been avoided through American strength.
    It’s not that America is invincible, it’s that an all out war would be so ruinous to our enemy.

  3. This is the same UN that has soldiers in Africa who lure children with edibles and then molest and rape them. It is common, but hey, to the UN black children don’t really matter! If they did, such evil would be stopped and the perpetrators prosecuted.

    • Not only that, they NEVER leave!!! Africans want them out! And they’ve doing the same in Haiti!!! The world doesn’t need the UN, the US certainly doesn’t! We pay more than anyone and don’t get respect! Let them pay for their own and move from the NY prime real estate and go to some 3rd world country that you already occupy!!! Imagine EU on global scale!

  4. Divided nations can be well governed, but to throw them all in one pot, is not only creating major problems, it is stupid. Global government is the government of the soon to be revealed anti-Christ, and only those who are willing to cast away their rights and their faith, will appreciate it. The rest will be forced to show allegiance or be put in retraining camps, like China has. The undereducated adults, who do not understand what glorious rights Americans actually have, will easily conform to communism/marxism. Why, because they were not taught about the kinds of government that lifts it’s citizens and supports their successes, like the US. I blame Obama for what happened to the education received during his terms in office. Cleaning up the mess his admin created must be completed so those growing up here will learn that we have it good. Only tyrants would want to push this nation into a global body. Other nations should refuse as well.

    • Exactly!!!
      As far as education of our children? We have a lost generation that is not prepared for adulthood, but thinks they’re more “woke” than anyone and doesn’t know what they’re talking about but too lazy, stupid and arrogant to crack a book or something and do research to get knowledge! All they know are the 3 word chants they say during marches!

  5. Amazing semblance to Emperor Palpatine asking for more powers. “Shared Sovereignty” appears to be the new communist politically correct phrase for giving part of your nation’s sovereignty to someone else….

    The UN and EU are now clearly proponents for militarized Global World Communism under their control.

    Stand up and say NO THANK YOU!


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