Texas Democratic mayoral candidate was arrested Wednesday night for applying for and receiving 84 mail-in ballots in Carrollton, Texas. There was suspicion that voter fraud was taking place when a mailbox allegedly for a nursing home received a quantity of mail-in ballots. Investigators went to the home but found that the residents had not requested the ballots.

Police then began watching the mailbox and waited for the mail to be picked up. They then got a search warrant for the home of Zul Mohamed, who’s running to become the mayor of Carrollton. Carrollton is about an hour north of Dallas. This is one of many voter fraud schemes discovered this year and every perp was a Democrat.

Once inside his house, they found 25 ballots, some of which were already opened. Voter fraud is a major concern in the 2020 elections. Trump could win but end up losing because of phony ballots. Every day it seems we find more proof of voter fraud.

Attorney General Ken Paxton said:

“Mail ballots are inherently insecure and vulnerable to fraud, and I am committed to safeguarding the integrity of our elections. My office is prepared to assist any Texas county in combating this form of fraud.”

Mohamed has been charged with 25 counts of knowingly possessing a ballot with intent to defraud, a second-degree felony, and 84 counts of providing false info on a voting application, a third-degree felony. If convicted Mohamed is facing a possible 20-year sentence. This is Texas and not New York, so the possibility of a long prison sentence is a reality and not a wish.

From Fox News

The sheriff’s office said that on Sept. 23, investigators became aware someone had requested absentee ballots be sent to a P.O. Box in Lewisville, Texas, which allegedly belonged to a nursing home facility. But when investigators contacted Carrollton residents whose ballots had been requested, those individuals said they had not applied for the ballots.

On Wednesday, the box of requested ballots was picked up at the facility; when police searched Mohamed’s house, they allegedly found the box containing the registered ballots, with several already open.

“Voter fraud is a serious and widespread issue and cannot be tolerated,” Denton County Sheriff Tracey Murphree said in a statement. “The fact an actual candidate for public office would engage in these activities is appalling. We will continue to aggressively investigate allegations of voter fraud.”

This has been a common theme this year. Four Democrats were arrested in Paterson, NJ after their mail-in balloting fraud was discovered. 19% of all ballots were tossed because they were fraudulent.

In Michigan 10,000 ballots were deemed fraudulent. Of those requested mail in ballots, 846 were for the dead.

In Texas, Joe Biden’s political director Dallas Jones has been snared in a mail-in ballot harvesting scheme. Two Democratic elected officials are also allegedly involved.

Democrat Jena Griswold is the current Secretary of State in Colorado has sent postcards to illegal aliens and the dead, inviting them to vote.

In Texas, four people, Shannon Brown, Marlena Jackson, Charlie Burns, and DeWayne Ward were arrested for illegal ballot harvesting of mail-in ballots.

In Iowa, a judge invalidated 50,000 mail-in ballots because the Democrat in charge was previously ordered not to send out filled in ballots but it was done anyway.

Democrats plan on cheating in a big way in November in my opinion. So go vote for Trump and take 30 or 40 of your closest friends.


Steven Ahle

Steven is a syndicated columnist for DavidJHarrisJr.com, The Range and other news websites. He is also an author, whose books can be found on Amazon.com. All enjoy a 5 star rating. They are A Walk Through the Willows, Melissa's Song, The Tangled Web, Innocent, The Calculating Corpse and It's All About me.

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  • This, as with all elections is so important that I will vote in person. I want no one tampering with my right, it is that important to me. If it’s not important enough to you, just don’t bother, you will not be missed at the polls. Nobody will know whether you were there or not, and no one else will care.

  • He is not a Democrat. In Texas, mayoral races are nonpartisan so it does not matter.

    If people want to insist on tying him to a party, he has voted in a Republican primary, has been listed as a Republican but has also been affiliated with the Tea Party.

    He not a Democrat.

  • NOTE: PPP went to Catholics, Jews, Methodist, Lutherans, Baptist: did you Small Business? They are non profits whom import 3,000 yrs of conqueringbeheaders one sperm donor 7 allged wives vs USA’s culture, cutoms, langauge , Rule of Law and what remains of MORALES>.. All ahve time…to united with over 45 Cells..that was FBI report 5 years ago.. NOW double.. North enter auto registration: YOU can VOte, You have rights, RUN for OFFICE.. (((all vs INFIDELS. We had three family members 3 different sates DEAD murdered FOREIGN MED FRAUD SERIAL KILLERS all select their own/language to read reports: they injected then experimented knowing what they did…we were not ADVISED nor gave consent. learned after MURDERED> Dept of State letsthem in..like they did Chinese WUHAN VIRUS..Sponsors them..and their own Nationals whom have entered who knows how.. EU is overrun..that is 3,000 yrs..GOAL..

  • All the blame in these posts goes to the Democratic Party. Explain to me then why the Republican Party keeps sending my parents who have been dead for over 2 years requests for money and postcards encouraging them to request mail in ballots. Mass mailings mean nothing for finding fraud. It is up to the local polling places to assure all ballots received are valid and come from registered living citizens. For large cities that is a big task and they need to have appropriate staffing to handle it.

    • Because your parent’s executor never bothered to inform the Republican party that THEY WERE DEAD. I STILL get shit from organizations that my father supported because I haven’t told them he’s fkn DEAD!
      He’s been gone for 13 years now.
      Oops, MY BAD.

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