The Trump legal team is filing a lawsuit in Nevada over the vote. Currently, he is behind by less than 34,00 votes. But his legal team claims they have found 40,000 people who voted twice.

If they can prove this to be true, Trump needs to be declared the winner of the state. Or they could just not certify the election and withhold their electoral votes.

If enough states either flip or just not select a winner, it would benefit Trump. If no winner reaches 270 electoral votes, it goes to the House of Representatives.

But the race is not decided by who holds the majority in the House. Each state, regardless of size or population, gets one vote based on a majority vote from the delegation of that state. Republicans control 26 of those votes, so he wins.

Trump attorney Jesse R. Binnall, speaking to Fox Business on Dec. 2, that there are a lot of ballots that need to be thrown out. That suggests the total number illegal or improper votes will be higher than just the 40,000 who voted twice.

But, remember 40,000 people may not have voted twice. Someone else could have used their name in order to vote probably via the mail in ballots. If that is the case, the FBI needs to find the person or persons responsible. And they should get a prolonged vacation courtesy of the federal government.

From The Epoch Times

“We have instances, for instance, of 40,000-plus people who have voted twice in the election,” Binnall said.

He didn’t provide a source for his claim, such as an affidavit or a whistleblower, but later said lawyers will present evidence to the court. It isn’t clear where the bulk of the alleged fraudulent ballots were cast in the state.

Binnall, who helped defend retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, also said that some people who were recorded as having voted via mail never received ballots and told Trump’s team that they didn’t vote.

Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske’s office didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Cegavske has released few public statements since the Nov. 3 election.

This not the first go round for the trump team. Earlier they claimed they found a number of ballots mailed from out of state but they dropped it when they realized they were military families and students in college. Both are eligible to vote.


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