Trump Is Converting GOP to Populist, Pro-Employee Party

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President Trump has made a lot of changes since he’s been in office, supreme of which has to be the judiciary. He has been filling the courts with conservative judges. Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein tried to bully President Trump into naming another flaming liberal to the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals, but they were no match for him. The other thing he has done is to transform the Republican party into the party of the workers, even as the Democrats abandon them for big business. That is what led to his overwhelming victory in 2016 and shows no sign of letting up in 2020.

From Breitbart News

President Donald Trump is converting the former “country club” GOP to the party of blue-collar Americans, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Trump accelerated the movement of working-class voters into the Republican Party, creating a GOP that now represents more middle- and lower-income Americans … He has reframed much of the Republican agenda to appeal to these voters, particularly on trade, immigration and foreign affairs, in many cases upending 40 years of GOP policy.

In turn, the Democrats are increasingly the party of America’s wealthiest cities, post-industrial business leaders, and the “woke” professional class.

This political transformation, however, means that U.S. college graduates have few friends in Washington, D.C., to protect their economic interests in a shifting economy.

The WSJ provides the data:

The Republican Party now represents more middle- and lower-income Americans than it did a decade ago. When all the U.S. House districts are ranked by median income, the GOP now represents 58% of the lower-income half of that spectrum, up from 39% of lower-income districts a decade ago. And it represents 34% of the higher-income half, down from 43% a decade ago.


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