Trans Activist Who Sued Salons For Not Waxing Genitals, Now Going After Gynecologists Who Won’t Treat Him

Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv is a biological male so he does not have female reproductive organs, but now she wants gynecologists who won’t treat her for something she doesn’t have.

Previously, she sued salons who refused to wax her cojones but failed miserably.

It seems to me that gynecologists have a much better case than the salons had.

She claims that she is “shocked.. and confused” why a gynecologist refused to treat the reproductive organs she does not have.

But, wouldn’t it be fraud if a doctor took money from her for treating something she can’t possibly use?

I wonder how long it will be before this transgender starts suing gynecologists.

Yaniv said:

“So a gynaecologist office that I got referred to literally told me today that ‘we don’t serve transgender patients.

And me, being me, I’m shocked.. and confused… and hurt. Are they allowed to do that, legally? Isn’t that against the college practices?”

“Gynaecologists form a part of the multidisciplinary team who engage with transgender and non‐binary patients, either as part of the transition stage performing surgery or managing pre‐ or post‐transition gynaecological problems.”

From The Gateway Pundit

Yaniv, a Canadian, previously sued female estheticians who refused to give him a Brazilian wax on his balls — he lost the lawsuits so now he’s onto the next attention seeking mission.

Yaniv, a biological male was also caught sending sexually explicit messages to underage teenagers and even expressed how he would assist 10-year-old girls who needed help with their menstrual cycles.

He also applied for a permit to throw a topless pool party for underage girls and said the parents would be barred from attending.


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