Last month, top liberal tech operative John Gouldman freely admitted that the liberal lies and rumors on the internet come from his family.

According to sources, he set up multiple sites and used them to spread rumors and innuendo he knew to be false.

Gouldman said:

For several years, I’ve been one of the biggest liberal ghost bloggers in the United States. Even more important than that, my family has been behind most of the ‘fake liberal news’ you see on Facebook, with my brother Daniel Gouldman encouraging our mother and father to invest in some of his media ventures.

Here is a partial list of sites he has said to have used to spread the liberal lies:

Resist Create used to be called US Uncut. This was formerly one of the most popular liberal sites on the internet until political activist Ryan Clayton teamed up with the Gouldmans. You might remember Ryan Clayton better as the man who threw Russian flags at Mitch McConnell and President Trump. I’m guessing borrowed them from the Hillary campaign.

Gouldman said:

Bipartisan Report is a venture my brother has with Justin Brotman, the son of recently deceased Costco co-founder Jeff Brotman.

My brother (known as Icarus Verum – his online identity) was also the money man behind the Occupy Democrats operation, personally owning 20% of the business. My brother setup all the business checking accounts at Bank of America, and made sure everyone got paid, including the Rivero brothers who founded it. If there was ever any administrative issue with Facebook, with Occupy Democrats writers or otherwise, my brother would handle it.

The Occupy Democrat brothers operate an extensive network that generates untold millions of video/page views everyday, much more than I can ever lay claim to personally. This has already been reported on to some degree actually (two of the articles I linked to above mention court feuds) – it’s just not talked about a lot in detail. What hasn’t been discussed as much is just how big their network really is, what was really going on behind the scenes, and how they game the Facebook system.

In 2016 Gouldman’s brother sponsored the Netroots convention. Netroots is the “largest annual conference for progressives.” 


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