Rashida Tlaib is in trouble and we will know by tomorrow night just how much trouble she could be in. Tomorrow is primary day in Michigan and Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones is running against her. Jones has been trying to convince people that Tlaib is not serving her constituents. She is seeking rock star status for herself.

Tlaib has a huge money advantage but Jones is very popular with the people living in Detroit. She is the establishment favorite and she has made it a very tight race. If she pulls this off, half of the squad could be history. AOC and Ayanna Pressley are locked to win their seats back for another term. Ilhan Omar has been vastly outraised in the cash department and is in real danger of losing her seat.

Jones said:

“As Michigan’s 13th Congressional District Representative, Tlaib has worked hard to become an international rock star. Representative Tlaib has a huge war chest of nearly $2 million. The money in Rashida Tlaib’s war chest is mostly from people around the world.”

“This means Tlaib is beholding (sic) to her money people, & not focused on the citizens of the 13th Congressional District.”

She has also criticized Tlaib for calling President Trump a moth*^ f*^ker and booing Hillary Clinton at a Bernie Sanders campaign event. Jones has told the people of Detroit that if elected she would be much more professional and will concentrate on the people of the 13th congressional seat.


Jones is running on her record as an experienced representative,


Steven Ahle

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