Ties Between Donald Trump and Russia's Alpha Bank Were Manufactured by Hillary Supporter

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You may recall that before the 2016 presidential election, Hillary came forward and claimed that Donald Trump had close ties to the Russian Alpha bank. Not long after that, the same accusation appeared in the Steele Dossier. The FBI investigated the link between Trump and Alpha Bank and found it to be false. Alpha Bank, then did an internal investigation and found the alleged communications were manufactured by servers other than Alpha’s and Trump’s. They now are blaming Indiana professor Jean Camp and that she manufactured the searches from outside servers by searching “trump alpha.” Alpha Bank has sent camp an order to retain all records pertaining to the episode, which is the first step in filing a lawsuit.
From the Gateway Pundit

Alfa Bank then blamed Jean Camp & Associates for artificially setting up a false Trump-Alfa Bank narrative and threatened a lawsuit:

In May of this year [2017], the bank tapped Kirkland & Ellis LLP, a white-shoe American law firm, to write a letter to L. Jean Camp, an esteemed Indiana University computer scientist and researcher — and a vocal supporter of the claims made by Tea Leaves. This initial letter, first reported by CNN, claimed that the Camp investigation into the covert server chatter had “encouraged inquiries into supposed links to the Trump organization” and that her “activities continue to this day to promote an unwarranted investigation into Alfa Bank’s ‘communication’ with the Trump Organization.” The letter added that “Alfa Bank is exploring all available options to protect itself … [including] litigation and causes of action under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act,” further demanding that Camp “preserve all records” pertaining to the Tea Leaves research. Such a preservation request is often the precursor to a lawsuit. There would be more letters.

Alfa Bank contacted Professor Camp and demanded she hand over her emails related to the Trump – Alfa bank connection, but she would not.  The bank’s position is that the professor is an employee of a public entity (Indiana University) but still Camp’s attorney’s have refused to comply.  Alfa would like to know who all was involved in her sending requests to the bank’s and Trump’s servers and with reporting the incident as a fact that Trump and Alfa bank had a secret back channel to each other.
Camp is an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton and made several small donations to her campaign. It is also likely that she is the source for the connection between Trump and Alpha that appears in the Hillary dossier.
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