Kristina Karamo,  Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, and Angelic Johnson went to Lansing, Michigan to file charges against corrupt Secretary of State,  Jocelyn Benson. Benson gave Rock the Vote a far-left group complete access to the state’s entire database on voters, including their addresses and phone numbers in defiance of the law.

Karamo posted her live video on our 100 Percent Fed Up Facebook page.  Karamo said that Tarver and Johnson are co-plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed on their behalf by the Amistad Project of the Thomas Moore Society. they are suing MI Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson for giving out the private information of MI residents.

The information that Rock the Vote received included social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and even eye color.

From The Gateway Pundit

After Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential election in 2016, Rock the Vote’s President, Carolyn DeWitt, issued a statement claiming that the U.S. is “moving steadily in a progressive direction.” DeWitt went on to blame the election results on “archaic and confusing election laws,” voter suppression, and “politics overall.”  In 2019, Rock the Vote circulated a petition in support of abolishing the Electoral College in favor of a popular vote system.

In 2009, Rock the Vote launched a multimedia campaign focused on supporting the Obama administration’s efforts to enact government-run health care, including a 30-second television ad with celebrities encouraging young people to “demand health care now.” The ad intended to educate young voters about health care reform. In conjunction with this ad, the campaign encouraged people to demanding health care reform by signing a “Yes We Care.”

Rock the Vote claims to be nonpartisan but a quick look at their board will expose that as a lie, right, Maury?

Co-Chair Amanda Brown Lierman is the managing director of Supermajority. Lierman is the former political and organizing director of the Democratic National Committee, the former Campaign Director of For Our Future (a left-of-center advocacy group that focuses on a variety of issues), and the For Our Future Action Fund, and the former Executive Director of the National Women’s Business Council. Lierman worked as an organizer for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2007, before working for the Obama transition team.

Chris Melody Fields Figueredo is the treasurer of the board. Figueredo is the executive director of the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center Foundation (the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center Foundation provides research and other support to left-of-center groups seeking to use state-level ballot referenda to change laws and constitutions), former associate director of voting rights at ReThink Media,(ReThink Media, founded in 2008, is a combination public relations firm, advocacy organization, and pass-through funding entity for left-of-center organizations), former manager of legal mobilization and strategic campaigns at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, and a former outreach director for Common Cause(Common Cause is a 501(c)(4) progressive advocacy group focusing on campaign finance law, so-called “fair redistricting,” and general liberal policy). Figueredo was formerly a campaign organizer and worked as the Iowa deputy political director for John Edwards’s 2008 presidential campaign, after serving as a field organizer for his 2004 presidential campaign.

DeRay McKesson is an activist and organizer. McKesson is a prominent voice in the Black Lives Matter Movement, the co-founder of Campaign Zero, (Campaign Zero was founded by DeRay Mckesson and Samuel Sinyangwe, two activists connected to Black Lives Matter, who have co-founded a dozen programs and organizations dedicated to opposing the police), and works on the planning team at (OurStates is a project of StayWoke, a left-of-center activism group born out of the Black Lives Matter movement). 

There are more members of the board but you have the idea without the complete list. Needless to say most of them are to the far left of Joseph Stalin.


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