This is What Happens When College Liberal Forgets Talking Points [VIDEO]

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She is what my father used to refer to as an “educated idiot.” That’s a college student who doesn’t know their a** from their elbow. (Which can be interesting an hour after a big meal) They have the ability to memorize lines but totally lack the ability to think for themselves, just like Hollywood actors and actresses. That’s what happened when an educated Trump fan met an air headed liberal college student who desperately struggle with the difference between legal and illegal immigrants.

It started with “Liberal Derangement Syndrome” when a college liberal saw someone wearing a MAGA hat. You see, for some strange reason, liberals equate a great America with racism. But that’s not true. At night everyone locks up their house. Why? Because they love the people inside the house, not because they hate the ones on the outside. But college liberals following the DNC talking points make no distinction between legal and illegal immigrants. Immigration does make this country stronger. Legal immigration anyway. These are people who play by the rules and respect our laws unlike illegal immigrants.

From The Conservative Tribune

But as the conversation made clear, the young woman didn’t understand the essential difference between immigrants who arrive in accordance with the law, and those who show the law utter disregard.

The dialogue is instructive, even if the educated Trump supporter’s words aren’t registering on a mind spoiled by a lifetime of indoctrination in liberal beliefs.

“You’re not allowed to share hate language in a university” setting, the budding young fascist scolded, apparently mistaking the red and white headgear of Trump supporters for the white hoods of the Ku Klux Klan.

“Make America Great Again means make America all for white people,” the woman went on. “No immigrants no people of different sexual orientation no people ….”

During the discussion over the difference between legal and illegal immigration, you see the liberal’s blank stare as she tries to grapple with the concept that the DNC talking points failed to address.


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