The Democrats want to depose of President Trump under the dubious guise of inciting a riot. But, if that was truly what they firmly believed, then besides impeaching Trump, should they not also impeach Kamala Harris?

After all, in 2020, Harris proclaimed that the rioters were American heroes and that they should continue their actions no matter what.

In accusing the president of creating a riot, no businesses were looted or burned to the ground. There were not massive assaults but you did have all of those things in the riots that Harris promoted. Not only Harris but Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

Or is it that they believe the actions found in the riots led by antifa and BLM is holy and just?

On the other hand, while Pelosi and Harris were urging rioters to continue to commit their crimes, President Trump told his supporters to go home. Some even contended if it were Blacks rather than whites, they would be shot down.

That is a lie.

During the leftist riots in DC, no Blacks were shot. But an unarmed Trump supporter was shot and killed by police.

From The Gateway Pundit

The fake news media continues to gaslight America.
Unfortunately, too many Americans are willing to buy their propaganda and outright BS.

President Trump told the violent protesters in the US Capitol on Wednesday to “go home.”

Four Trump supporters were killed when protesters stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday.
One unarmed woman and veteran was shot in the neck and killed by Capitol police.

During the height of the Black Lives Matter riots in 2020 Kamala Harris egged on the violent mobs.
Of course, the media said nothing to Kamala.
It’s OK for leftists to promote violence.

Kamala Harris: They’re not gonna stop. They’re not gonna stop. This is a movement. Everyone beware! They’re not gonna let up and they should not let up.


Steven Ahle

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