The Daily Mail has confirmed that the Hunter Biden laptop is very real and legit. Not only that but they have also revealed some very serious emails sent by Hunter that details his dirty laundry. There are allegedly pictures of a nude female underage girl. He tells a friend that he is no longer allowed to have contact with the girl because he acted sexually towards her. But, it doesn’t say they actually had sex.

The Daily Mail goes on to say:

The bombshell cache of 103,000 text messages, 154,000 emails, more than 2,000 photos and dozens of videos are packed with revelations conveniently missing from the memoir, including:

  • How he begged his father to run for president in 2019 to salvage Hunter’s own reputation

  • How he repeatedly dodged police action against him, despite constantly dealing with drug pushers and prostitutes and having multiple run-ins with law enforcement

  • Hunter was guarded by a Secret Service agent while on a 2018 drug and prostitute binge in Hollywood, despite not being entitled to protection at the time and amid denials from the federal agency

  • Joe Biden was afraid his text conversations with Hunter were being hacked even as they discussed his White House bid

  • How Hunter’s laptop is brimming with evidence of apparent criminal activity by Hunter and his associates including drug trafficking and prostitution

    In the continuation to the text message, Hunter comes across as a victim where he never received enough recognition from the person he is discussing.

    The person claims Hunter got her hooked on drugs and then Hunter says: “She has told people that I was sexually inappropriate with xxxx and that’s why I wasn’t allowed in the house.”

    Hunter Biden Text -2

  • Next, Hunter comes across as borderline crazy. He claims this woman only wanted him for sex and yet she was sexually involved with escorts and her girlfriends. Hunter says this woman owes him over $400,000 and then declares this woman implied that Hunter and another certain person were sleeping together.Then Hunter says that the woman threw his gun away and the police, FBI and Secret Service got involved. The woman claimed she did this because she was afraid Hunter would harm himself or the kids!

Steven Ahle

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  • Was Hunter arrested for dropping a gun in the garbage for anyone to get? Then jo talks of gun control smh

  • Publicly available reporting shows that the greatest recorded election/voter fraud in the history of the United States was perpetrated by the Democrat party in league with global elitists and Chinese state hacker assistance.

    Furthermore, publicly available reporting shows that the uni-party and the deep-state coverup mountains of their own criminality (Hunter Biden’s too) while simultaneously microscopically attempting to put cases on patriots who support making their nations great places for everyday citizens with anything they can concoct even if it means manufacturing fake crimes and “process crimes” in nefarious politically biased investigative targeting.

    These are the times we live in right now.

  • I have seen the laptop info. Makes you sick and have no clue why this is being hidden. The showed mild pictures off of it on tv. Please let them show the rest and show Nancy’s please.. ppl need to know. I like the work you are doing. Thank you.

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