Police have arrested the man they believe shot up Kent Moore Cabinets in Bryan, Texas Thursday afternoon. 27-year-old Larry Bollin, who was employed there has been taken into custody as the man police believe was the shooter in the incident. Bollin is believed to have shot six people, killing one.

He is being charged with murder with more charges sure to come. A state trooper was also shot as they tried to apprehend the subject.

Bollin was an employee at Kent Moore Cabinets and a witness claims that he had gotten into a fight with a fellow co-worker just before he started firing his gun. They say he was very strategic in who he shot, indicating that he had a specific motive and was not just wildly firing on anyone in his path.

Police have not released much information yet, no doubt they want to know everything about the attack before making an announcement.


Police confirm one person was killed and five others were shot Thursday afternoon at Kent Moore Cabinets in Bryan. A Texas Department of Public Safety trooper was also shot in Grimes County in connection to the Bryan business shooting. Police and DPS officials say Bollin was taken into custody in Bedias, but could not rule out whether another suspect was involved.

At a 6 p.m. press conference Bryan Police Chief Eric Buske said they do not have a motive for the suspect in the shooting.

The DPS trooper who was shot in Grimes County while pursuing the suspect was taken by medical helicopter to St. Joseph Health Regional Hospital in Bryan. The trooper was in surgery according to Buske. At last update, the trooper was in serious but stable condition.

Bollin is being held on a one million dollar bond awaiting trial for murder.

Police are expected to have a press conference once they have all of the details sorted out.


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