TEXAS: 300 Illegal Aliens Including 9-Months-Pregnant Woman Cross US Border in Six Hours (VIDEOS)

A reporter in Texas documented 300 illegal aliens crossing into Texas from the Rio Grande, including a 9-month-pregnant woman admittedly intending to drop another anchor baby on the taxpayers’ backs. This was in just one six-hour period. If you like unlimited illegal migration, make sure you thank a Democrat today, then open your wallet and let the bucks flow to the government-sponsored freebies programs. You only need to act this way unless you are the world’s richest man, in which case, your Amazon pays no taxes on $11 billion in profits. In 2020 we need to get rid of the RINOs and the Democrats so we can take back our country again. That will drive these people to legally requesting admittance into the country, which is as it should be.

From The Gateway Pundit

A Texas reporter in the Rio Grande Valley recorded 300 illegal aliens cross the border and turn themselves in to Border Patrol agents in a 6-hour period.

One of the illegal aliens who crossed the border is a 9-months-pregnant woman who admitted she will be giving birth in a week.


KGBT CHS4 reporter Sydney Hernandez told Breitbart News on Thursday that she witnessed hundreds of migrants flood over in a few hours:

She said she witnessed 20 in the first group, 38 in the second, “then 40, then 50, then about 150.” During the six-hour stretch, the counted about 298 migrants who illegally crossed the border from Mexico.

Watch the 9 PM update:


At 10:55 PM, a new group of 50+ people showed up and one of the illegals was a 9-months-pregnant woman and she told the border patrol agent that she’s going to be delivering her (anchor) baby in about a week or two.


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