Tear Gas And Dumpster Fires: Antifa Militants Try to Take Over Another Portland Police Station (VIDEOS)

Just days after failing to overrun or burn the Central Precinct, Antifa domestic terrorists are now going after the North Precinct. Police broke that up quickly as the  “autonomous zone” was very close to Mayor Ted Wheeler’s apartment.

They did all of their standard practices such as setting dumpsters on fire, tagging the building with graffiti, and setting up barricades around the precinct building. The whole preceding started at 10:00 PM as the anarchists began to make their move to attack the police station and attempting to set up an “autonomous zone”.

By 11:00 they began moving in dumpsters and mother objects to barricade the station house. They tried to breach the building by ramming dumpsters into garage doors but unsuccessfully. They then began barricading the doors of the building to prevent anyone from getting out.


From The Gateway Pundit

By 2:14 a.m., demonstrators had set the north side of North Precinct on fire. To protect the life and safety of police personnel and community members inside the precinct, CS gas was used to disperse the crowd. Several demonstrators picked up the canisters of CS gas and threw it at the police.

Around 2:56 a.m., demonstrators began looting and setting fire to businesses in the area. Several business windows were broken and fires were set to property. By 3:30 a.m., a majority of the crowd had dispersed.

Numerous officers sustained minor injuries. One officer was taken to the hospital for a more serious injury. All officers are expected to make a full recovery.


  1. Antifa/BLM are not “anarchists” they are terrorists. We don’t negotiate with terrorists and you will 100% get NOTHING you want with this behavior. Full stop.


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