Two Ohio high school football players suspended from their team after carrying flags onto the field have now been reinstated. The flags honored the first responders on the police force and in the fire department. The school suspended the boys, but after a massive backlash, the school decided to play CYA and reinstated the two football players.

The school systems in this country will never improve until every last liberal has been removed. The primary goals of the schools must be returned to education and away from political activism. I suspect that many third world countries have better school systems than some of our biggest cities enjoy. The focus there is on learning. Half our our teachers majored in self loathing.

Brady Williams carried a thin blue line flag and fellow senior Jarad Bentley carried a thin red line flag. Williams’ father is a police officer and Bentley’s father is a fireman. They carried the flags to honor the first responders from 9/11. The school did not see it that way. They said that honoring these heroes is political.  It is. But only because one party, the Republicans, don’t revile the men and women who risk their lives to serve.

They two boys had asked the school to allow them to carry the flags onto the field. Permission was quickly denied but the duo refused to back down and carried the flags anyway. For that, they were suspended.


“Little Miami Local Schools is saddened to see this story take such a negative turn,” the Cincinnati-area school said in a statement to FOX 19. “While we understand these students’ desire to show their support of our first responders, they did not obtain permission from district officials. Administrators must act when students break the rules.

Little Miami Superintendent Gregory Power initially told WKRC the flags could represent a political point of view, but the players’ brief suspension ended Tuesday following an investigation.

“The results show that there were no political motivations behind this display of support for first responders on 9/11, but there were stances of insubordination,” said Bobbie Grice, president of the local school board, FOX 19 reported.

The school district reportedly said the American flag and the Little Miami spirit flag will be the only ones that will come through the football tunnel in the future.

More than 19,000 people signed a petition. The petition called for the boys to be reinstated. Those 19,000 voices were heard and the school backed down, although not gracefully. But, at least the message got through. The boys can rejoin the team and their supporters won a well fought victory over political correctness.

They will not be allowed to carry the flags onto the field any more but they were only doing it for 9/11 and therefore they have already done it. What has this country come to when honoring our heroes is no longer acceptable. But would the same thing have happened if BLM carried a Joanne Chesimard flag onto the field? I don’t think so.

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A rally in support of the players was planned for the school’s game on Sept. 25. It’s unclear if that will still take place with the players reinstated.

“We plan to meet at a nearby, central location, with our flags flying to show support for these gentleman,” the Facebook event states. “If they are not allowed to honor the country’s hero’s, we will do it for them.”

The incident at Little Miami mirrors that of another Ohio high school. The thin blue line flag is now banned from Chardon High School after football players carried it onto the field before a game, McClatchy News reported.

The superintendent of the school district said it is banned because the flag could be seen as “racially motivated.”

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  • Outrageous that the school would suspend Patriots, the backlash must have been fast and furious for them to reverse decision. This is America people, if you vote Democrat you will lose the freedoms you have always taken for granted. VOTE TRUMP

  • Vote for a president who will actually lead the country not one who will be a puppet for the anti-police…anti-America libs…blame America first crowd.
    Trumpet 2020.