Back on November 30th of last year Jan Bryant who has a long resume in and experience in project management testified before the Arizona legislature on what she witness in the Maricopa County counting room. She said that no Maricopa official had access to the machines from Dominion and that Dominion Voting employees had total control. That was bad enough but she also witnessed Dominion employees with laptops inside the counting area.

But, one other thing she said happened was that the votes were sent out to a private company for counting and they would send what they said was the tabulation of the votes daily to Maricopa County. What could possibly go wrong with that, besides everything? That means there is no valid chain of custody for those votes, meaning they should not be counted. meanwhile, Dominion refuses to hand over subpoenaed information to the auditors.

From The Gateway Pundit

By the way, in general, most frauds that include IT-related processes have at least one IT person involved in the fraud.

In his interview with OAN Ken Bennett said Dominion is refusing to comply with the State Senate’s subpoena and is hiding the second password for their machines.

Dominion was in charge of the Maricopa County election. And now they are refusing to cooperated with a subpoena.

From The Gateway Pundit

Jan also testified under oath that county staff, not even IT staff were allowed access to the voting machines and that she witnessed Dominon employees with a laptop computer in the counting room.

Jan worked 6 days at MCTEC, has an MBA, and project management background in technology.

Later during questioning by Republican Rep. Mark Finchem, Jan Bryant told the Arizona lawmakers that there were daily election ballot deliveries to MCTEC by Runbeck Election Services. According to witness testimony (transcribed below), these deliveries happened in 2020 from Nov. 3rd to at least the 10th.

Repeated explanations by supervisors at that time was that “Runbeck has high speed scanners”.

According to Jan Bryant, she was told the ballots were scanned offsite by Runbeck and then delivered to the Maricopa County Election Center.


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  • This is BS! And they say there was no fraud or tampering?!? Something needs to be done about this. If Dominion won’t turn over supeoned evidence then what does that tell you? Guilty as charged!

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