Soros-linked, St. Louis Circuit Attorney, Kim Gardner and wo seems to be the best friend of the domestic terrorists who riot in St Louis, broke the law by taking trips paid for by Soros controlled groups without reporting them.

If you take a sponsored trip you must report where you went and who paid for it. Gardner failed to do that.

News 4 in St Louis is reporting that Kim Gardner has taken many lavish trips paid for by groups controlled by George Soros.

Sources have told News 4 that Gardner takes very frequent trips paid for in full or in part by  Fair and Just Prosecution, a Soros affiliated group without reporting them which is required.

She has been seen posing for pictures in Portugal, listening to conversations in New Haven, Connecticut, smiling with other prosecutors in Houston and linking arms in Selma, Alabama.

These are trips she took in 2018 and 2019 but did not report on her travel forms.

Gardner has dropped all charges against every rioter regardless of their crimes but is prosecuting the McCloskeys who have committed no crimes.

That action is protected not only by self-defense but also by the Missouri castle Doctrine that gives people the right to defend their lives, their property and their homes.

Fair and Just Prosecution says at their website:

A Time for Transformation

FJP is dedicated to shrinking the footprint of the justice system, ending mass incarceration, supporting community-led policing reform, and advancing policies that promote racial equity.

Learn more about our work in this critical moment by reading our Blueprint for Police Accountability and Reform and hear from the inspiring DAs we work with about their new vision for our justice system. To learn more about how FJP is supporting prosecutors in responding to COVID-19, read our statement signed by 35 elected prosecutors.

Reimagining Prosecution

FJP works to reimagine the role of the prosecutor, shrink the justice system, and build fairer and safer communities.

Learn more about our work by exploring our website, reviewing the “21 Principles for the 21st Century Prosecutor,” and reading about our work in this New York Times op-ed.

Gardner also allegedly framed former governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens.


Steven Ahle

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  • Catching criminals use to be enough to ensure they faced Justice. Gardener will squawk about racism or something…or just lie…and that will be that. She’ll be free to keep collecting her check and blatantly persecuting Americans. Democrats are literally untouchable. Add to her being a Democrat that she’s a radical, she’s black, she’s female. EVERY one of those demographics is a protected class in itself…let alone as a package. She’s got defacto immunity.

  • The smile of deception smiling for herself. Ambition is a personal trait, not for the public. She is not pretty inside. Her platform is the bones of a Holocaust.

  • This is a bit off subject. However, with the advances of technology, hopefully soon, science can prove the reality of the next dimension of our human life, the spiritual realm. When all humans “die” or merely transition, our physical body ceases. Our body houses our spiritual self for our time on earth, then upon what we term death, our eternal self moves on to this very real dimension. It is real, it is substantial, with flowers, mountains, waterfalls, animals, and every human who ever lived on earth. Here, all is clear, and our true self is revealed. No evil can hide. Whatever good or evil we have commited on earth, will be shown to us and others in our life review. Nothing can be hidden. If this truth can be shown and verified to humanity, the way we live our lives would be so different, whether in kindness, goodness, and love, or in rage, evil, and hate. If we 100% knew this fearful truth, we would make great effort to live a good and honorable life. There would be no desire to tear down, or destroy other people.

  • If Ms Kim Gardner broke the law, then she shud be charged. As an attorney she is well aware of the law and is just flouting it. if she is not charged then no use talking about it. It would appear that she is supporting soros’s biased agenda, and being covered up by the fake news media.