Katie Hobbs, the SOS of Arizona, who has ties to George Soros and Hillary Clinton is fighting as hard as she can to make sure the vote in Arizona is not counted fairly.

She has even slipped ringers into the counting room. I have a feeling that even with all of George Soros’ money, her political career is over, but she has a bright future at CNN, where she will be lead propagandist, replacing Jim Acosta.

From The Gateway Pundit

At this critical moment in Arizona and United States’ history, a Soros/Clinton puppet who was supported in her Arizona Secretary of State (SoS) election back in 2018 by both Soros’s secretive, progressive billionaires’ club, the Democracy Alliance, and the massive Clinton nonprofit empire, Onward Together, can hold Maricopa County, the AZ Senate and the country hostage.

Katie Hobbs ran for Arizona SoS in 2018, her first run, and won. She was explicitly promoted by iVOTE, yet another Soros-founded nonprofit conglomerate that was specifically set up to endorse and elect progressive, Democrat Secretaries of State.

From The Gateway Pundit

GOP Chair Kelli Ward shared that Hobbs supports BLM on her Twitter profile.  Sure enough, there is a blue checked profile with Hobbs’ name that supports BLM.  This account says it’s not an official account but the blue check says otherwise.

As we reported previously, Hobbs is going crazy trying to stop this audit in Phoenix and yet her job should be to welcome audits of the electoral process so any recommendations on improvements can be implemented.  Instead, she is freaking. 

On April 1, Hobbs sent a letter to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) just before these five Supervisors had scheduled a 10:00 AM, secret, closed-door, emergency meeting, which is absolutely in violation of open meetings laws.

In her letter, she twisted the intent of the Senate, which is to remain hands-off during the audit, as “abdicating any responsibility or engagement in the audit process,” and “dangerous and irresponsible.

She utterly trashed the Senate’s lead firm, Cyber Ninjas as well as Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, and made this pronouncement, “Even if some previously harbored hope that this audit would build voter confidence, it should be clear now that the Senate has chosen another path. They’ve prioritized conspiracy over confidence.


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  • You know in the Az State we still can Hang people for stealing a horse, I think this falls for Traitors, Terrorists, of the Grate State Of Az, This Woman is a Nazi/Brown Shirt For the Communist/Socialist DEM Party.

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