Some Iowa Democrats Reportedly Worry Presidential Candidates Are Too Old, Young Or Far Left

Some of the Democrats are worried about the slate of candidates the party has on display.

They say they are either too old, too young or too far left.

They are also worried because they are too old and far left and too young and far left.

There is not a single voice of reason out there (except possibly Tulsi Gabbard), but the Democrats hate her, so that won’t help her.

The New York Times has been conducting polls at various events in Iowa. and the results say that the voters don’t think they have a winning candidate among the few choices they have left.

They said that Biden is too old, and Buttigieg is too young and inexperienced and that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are too extreme to the left. I might add that both Bernie and Lizzie are as old as air also.

Democrat Lois Grier told the Times that in the end, it all comes down to who can beat Trump in November and not necessarily to the candidate you prefer. The Iowa caucus is mostly symbolic but in the scheme of Presidential politics, it is almost vital that you win there.

From The Daily Caller:

As state caucuses near, some Iowa Democrats are reportedly worried that although they have a lot of presidential candidates to choose from, none one of them has the right stuff to win the 2020 election.

Voters are concerned that the candidates are either too old, too inexperienced or too far left to get elected in a general election, The New York Times reported Monday.

The debate comes as Sanders is catching up to frontrunner Biden, but is in an increasingly acrimonious quarrel with Warren. The Warren campaign claimed Monday that Sanders had told Warren that he didn’t believe a woman could win the presidency. Sanders vehemently denied making the remark. 

Only 40% of Democrats likely to vote at state caucuses had made a decision about who to vote for, according to a Des Moines Register poll released earlier in January, and almost half of those said they would change their preference if provided the right reasons for doing so.


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