Signs of the Times..Trump is Hero in Israel

If you happen to be in Jerusalem and you wonder how they feel about our president, it won’t take you too long to find out. All along the streets of the city are signs that say “Trump is a Friend of Zion” and “Trump, make Israel great.” Israel is not only happy that Trump is moving the US embassy to Jerusalem but also for throwing out the John Kerry give away Iran deal. They also plan to name a main square after President Trump. Not only is President Trump’s stock in Israel going through the roof, but his actions has also pulled up the favorable ratings for Bibi Netanyahu and his Likud party which have now hit record highs. Maybe they’ll name the portable potties in Trump Square after Barack Obama.

From Breitbart News

But they also represent the specific institution that paid for the signs to occupy their present position near the Old City: the Friends of Zion Museum.

The museum opened in 2015 and “resents a technologically advanced, interactive experience that tells the story of the dream of restoration of the Jewish people to their historic homeland and the brave non-Jews who assisted them in realization of that dream,” according to its website.

It also “serves as a platform for fighting BDS and Anti-Semitism internationally.”

Breitbart editor Joel Pollak tweeted about people he met in Israel:


“He’s not a politician. He does what he says he will do,” an Israeli taxi driver told Breitbart News.

Israel has always been a good friend to the United States but the United States has not always been a good friend to Israel. Barack Obama, John Kerry and Jimmy Carter are prime examples of that.


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