Sidney Powell says that as she investigates deeper and deeper she is finding evidence of possible racketeering and it may turn into a RICO case against Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems. That would be huge if it turns out to be real.

Right now, I would caution you all to wait until the evidence is revealed before making up your mind.

It is within the realm of believability. What we have seen so far has been pushed by Dominion and the lamestream media is that it is all human error and minor glitches. The team that investigated machines in Antrim County, Michigan. They found that the vote counts are not reliable and they claim it was human error but was really the machines that caused 3000 Trump votes being flipped to Joe Biden.

Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani has a lot of experience in prosecuting Mafia figures and white-collar criminals under the RICO statute. He sent people away for a very long time under the RICO Act. That very subject came up during the Arizona hearings by Representative Mark Finchem .

From The Gateway Pundit

If there was a RICO case against a group colluding against the United States of American would it stop with Dominion and Smartmatic?

Dilbert creator Scott Adams discussed this recently in a tweet:

This does not look good for Dominion, Smartmatic, China and those working with them within our borders.

RiCO charges have to be practically airtight. You cannot use the odds of probability to make your case. She may actually have some evidence she has been hiding until time to present it before the judge. In a criminal case, especially murder, you must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. It might be easier to prove a conspiracy to fix the presidential contest.


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