Senators Lee and Romney Try to Block Additional Funds for a Border Wall

This was to be expected from Mitt Romney, who is a RINO in sheep’s clothing, but not from Mike Lee, for whom until today, I had great respect. Emergency declarations to fund the wall is the only thing keeping Democrats from completely opening our borders. But, these two Senators want to pass a bill that would prevent Trump from using it again to increase the length of the wall. With the aid of other RINOs and NeverTrump Republicans, this bill could become law unless Mitch McConnell grows enough cojones to keep the bill from coming to a vote in the Senate.

From The Gateway Pundit

Republican Senators Mike Lee and Mitt Romney have co-sponsored legislation that will prevent President Trump in the future of diverting federal funds to border wall construction.

The two Republican senators name their bill the Article One Act and it will end all future emergency declarations made under the National Emergencies Act after 30 days unless Congress votes to extend them.

Existing laws allow the president of the United States to reprogram existing appropriations for certain purposes.

President Trump declared a national emergency Friday citing cartel violence, human trafficking and drug trafficking to access funds to build the border wall.

So where was the outrage after Obama Declared National Emergencies 13 Times Including Swine Flu, Iran and Flint Water Crisis?

KSL reported:

Utah GOP Sens. Mike Lee and Mitt Romney said the Air Force told them Wednesday that money appropriated by Congress for the Hill projects would instead be spent on the wall as a result of President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration in February. Both senators had urged the Defense Department to protect funding for the Utah projects.

“Congress has been ceding far too much power to the executive branch for decades and it is far past time for Congress to restore the proper balance of power between the three branches,” Lee said in a statement.

Pentagon officials on Tuesday said the Defense Department would redirect $3.6 billion from 127 existing military construction projects to build about 175 miles of wall on the southern border.

Lee said his proposed Article One Act would correct the imbalances caused by the National Emergencies Act.

The bill, co-sponsored by Romney, would automatically end all future emergency declarations made under the National Emergencies Act after 30 days unless Congress votes to extend them. Congress now can cancel an emergency declaration only by passing a resolution that withstands a presidential veto.

Romney said he is “disappointed” that despite the concerns he and Lee raised, the projects will be “delayed.”



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