The first thing you learn on the internet is that people brag about things they never did. So, even though Kiel Fauxton claims he worked for the DNC does not mean he did. And although he bragged about throwing out tens of thousands of votes for Trump does not mean he really did it.Of course it doesn’t mean he didn’t.

Fauxton bragged on his Facebook page that he threw out tens of thousands of votes for Trump and he also claimed that some of his co-workers did too. That would seem like a lot of votes thrown away. He may have embellished the numbers even if what he says has an ounce of truth in it.

One thing that is curious is that the number of votes recorded in Wayne County in 2016 was 179,841 votes more than was cast this year. That is odd since this year’s election had a really high turn out rate. In fact, I believe it is an all time record. And president Trump had 143,979 25.46% of the vote this year and 228,313; 29.29 percent in 2016.

Of course this proves nothing but thought I would mention it in case this guy’s story was true. I have my doubts about this but I have been wrong before and will be again. He got 4% less of the vote this time around and had he matched 2016 it would go a long way towards cutting Trump’s deficit. Nut until there is proof, nothing happened.

Fauxton objected to being called a self proclaimed Marxist. He said just calling him a Marxist is fine but self proclaimed is unnecessary.

From The Gateway Pundit

We cannot confirm the authenticity of his claim, but we can confirm that after Fauxton’s message started to circulate on Facebook, two of his three accounts went missing. The original message we got on Facebook when we clicked on his account said that the content isn’t available, but now two of his accounts, including the one where he bragged about stealing Trump ballots,  have disappeared. The account that lists Fauxton as a Cuban resident is still active.

Fortunately, before Facebook shut down two of his accounts, we were able to capture several screenshots. In the post below, Fauxton reposted a photo that was originally posted by “Mandy Leigh,” who said, “There’s something inherently funny about this picture of a bunch of college Republicans “protesting” to try to stop the ballot count. Fauxton, the guy who just bragged about throwing out tens of thousands of Trump ballots, mocked the group of young Republican kids, saying, “Detroit really showin up”

I can’t wait to see how this works out. Either way. Fauxton will pay a price for that posting whether he is lying or not. Lying about this does not look good on a resume.


Steven Ahle

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  • As much as a really want this to be true, I’m not too sure about the credibility of the claim. Why would he announce it? I understand that sometimes crazy zealots don’t care about going to jail, but this would undo what he did. I’m not optimistic that this is legit, but I hope I’m wrong.

    • I totally get what you’re saying and I’m inclined to agree, but we live in a world where people literally live stream themselves killing or raping people. There are a lot of idiots out there. Who knows… but funny enough, even if he is lying it could lead investigators to a whole new slew of suspects. LOL!!

  • Thank you for coming forward with the truth. Your illegal actions in dumping Republican- TRUMP ballots in garbage will eventually eat at your soul. Life will not sit well with the lies and actions within, for a great leader who turned AMERICA into the greatest strongest country in the world. The lies upon lies the Democrats have created for Trump since day one to now the election which the news media have announced is totally unconstitutional. The evilness caused by the left will all catch up with them eventually because God is still in control. I ♥️TRUMP

  • “And president Trump had 143,979 25.46% of the vote this year and 228,313; 29.29 percent in 2016.” This sentence is really confusing… please clarify this. 25% of what? Please use commas.

  • No matter whether he stole and destroyed ballots this punk belongs on a long term prison. Bend over little man! As far as why would a clown like this confess on the net…who cares? Twits like this punk are seldom known for intelligence and are desperate for, in this case, 3 minutes of fame and hopefully years of pain!!

  • When the left, for eight months, vehemently tries to tell you that the US Postal service is competent, despite decades of evidence to the contrary, you know something is fishy.

  • If he really did do this,,what’s to stop the Democrats from doing this all over the country.. President Trump didn’t just stand against Biden in this election he stood up against people who’s allegiance was for the Democrat Party,, Under Trump you were given the truth in what he wanted for the country and almost all his promises he made were carried out..I have my own conclusions of what happened.. This ”planned” virus was created by China with the Democrats in cahoots with them after they lost their impeachment sham think about it when Trump was exonerated hey presto this virus appeared from the same lab that O’bama gave $ 3.2 million to work on covid,, funny how the first city in China Wuhan came down with Covid was this a coincidence..? Then you have this Professor Fauci saying to expect an outbreak during Trump’s PRESIDENCY wow he was so right wasn’t he,, America’s economy was booming until this took effect.. They had from the end of March until this election to bring down President Trump and after attack after attack they took him out with voter fraud..

    • My friend, you are 1000% right, been saying the same thing since Feb. Americans must stick together and recount in every state under supervision. If changing how to vote 2 months before an election doesn’t tell you there is fraud going on then people HATE Trump more than love of country.

  • True or not, he should be arrested for investigation, including the names of the other alleged participants in this voter fraud scheme.

    If nothing else, it give more weight to a full recount &/or investigation, so any hopes for a Trump concession just got slimmer.

  • You are what is wrong other this country! You and everyone ho participated in this should go to prison for federal crimes!!

  • Its a fake/hacked account retards, “Fauxton” will not face any consequence because he either does not exist or did not say that. I give it 1 day to be debunked but you write this as news.

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