State Department Employee in Japan Ignored President Trump’s Orders and Allowed Americans with Coronavirus to Fly Back to the US

Ian Brownlee, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Consular Affairs, in Japan has worked in the State Department for years, but he should work there no longer and should lose his pension and any other benefits to which he would have been entitled. Brownlee was ordered not to return those who had contracted the coronavirus by President Trump at the advice of the Center for Disease Control.

That’s when Brownlee decided he was president and not Trump, and he sent all thirteen back to the US on two separate planes. The CDC did not want them returned on the same plane with those not infected with the disease. Brownlee says it was safe because they were kept in an isolation area. The problem is no one knows if the isolation area will work in such a cramped space.

None of the healthy people were informed that those with coronavirus were on the same plane. Should any of them get sick and die, Brownlee should be indicted for 2nd-degree murder, manslaughter, or at the very least, reckless endangerment.

From The Gateway Pundit:

Brownlee rationalized his decision to override the President and the CDC and allow individuals sick with the coronavirus to return to the US:

‘It’s important to remember this was an emerging and unusual circumstance,’ said Ian Brownlee, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Consular Affairs.

‘We had 328 people on buses, a plan to execute and we received lab results on people who were otherwise asymptomatic, un-ill people on a bus on the way to the airport.

‘The people on the ground did exactly the right thing…in bringing them home.’

People who had tested positive were put into isolation units on board the two cargo planes, which then flew to Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland in Texas and Travis Air Base in California.

Although officials reassured the press that the sick passengers were thoroughly contained and every precaution had been taken to ensure the safety of the healthy people onboard, reports later emerged that people on the flights had no idea they were sharing yet another even more confined space with infected individuals.

When the planes landed at their respective destinations late Sunday night, six ‘high risk’ passengers from Lackland and seven from Travis were ushered onto an additional flight to Omaha Eppley Airfield in Nebraska.


  1. Brownlee’s apparently part of the Deep State that considers themselves above the law. He should be fired & relieved of his pension. He should definitely be held accountable if coronavirus illness befalls any of those that were transported at his direction.

    • Unfortunately, it clearly is the President vs the millions in the #deepstate and it’s just a game of whack-a-mole that one man has a tough time fitting all the whacks into his normal 25 hour days.

  2. can’t easily read your comments because the ads were interstitials Or links keep scrolling and expanding. Every time I scroll to the bottom of the page. Can’t easily edit this either, sorry for typos. This is in Chrome on an Android phone.

  3. they think there is some heavenly reward for there actions . BUT I know where there end is and it is not in heaven.


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