On Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh had one of the most emotional shows of his long and illustrious career. He talked about his cancer and how he was not expected to live until Christmas.

He then went into a love fest for his many fans, causing many people to speculate that this was his last show, It is his last show of the year as he always takes a vacation covering Christmas and New Years.

If this the end of Rush’s hosting of his national radio show, who will replace him? No one. They can put someone else in his time slot, but you cannot replace the man who practically invented the talk radio or at least made it popular.

For years the Democrats have tried to come up with a liberal Rush Limbaugh but each and every one has failed miserably. Remember Air America?

Transcript via RushLimbaugh.com:

RUSH: A yearly tradition. We wrap up with Mannheim Steamroller and Silent Night, and my ongoing attempts to thank everybody in the audience — all of you — for everything you mean to me. That last call. That reminds me how much I love all of you, how much I so appreciate everything you’ve meant to me and my family.

You don’t have any idea how… I know so many people think this program has changed their lives for the better. You have no idea what you all have meant to me and my family. The day’s gonna come, folks, where I’m not gonna be able to do this. I don’t know when that is. I want to be able to do it for as long as I want to do it.

I want to, but the day will come where I’m not going to be able to, and I want you to understand that even when the day comes, I’d like to be here. ‘Cause I have this sense of needing to constantly show my appreciation for all that you have done and meant to me. So I hope you all have a great Christmas, a great new year, and I hope that the things that are in store for all of us in the coming year are certainly better than what we have endured in 2020.

I don’t know too many people who’ve enjoyed 2020. There are probably some sickos out there who have. But 2021 has to be better. We’re gonna try to make it that way here at the EIB Network. Again, folks, thank you so much. I wish there were a way to say it other than “thank you.” You’re just the best. My family is just the best. Thank you. Merry Christmas, everybody, from all of us to all of you. Make it happen!

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If thias is the end of Rush’s career, we will always have the memories of the many times he gave us hope when we were hopeless and the times he made the complex simple so that everyone with hyalf a brain can understand. That caveat eliminates the liberals.


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